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Isabel Alvarez is the owner of Isabel's Diner, a small coffeehouse in Puente Antiguo, a town in New Mexico.


Thor comes to Earth

Having lived all her life in town, Isabel is known by everyone and knows everyone. Her diner was often frequented by Jane Foster, Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis, who, after his banishment to Earth, brought in Thor. Isabel served the group, and was quite surprised when Thor smashed the cup on the floor in order to manifest his satisfaction for the coffee he enjoyed.

Isabel's coffeeroom was later blown to pieces by the Destroyer, but she saved herself thanks to the aid of the Warriors Three and Thor.[1]



Behind the Scenes

  • All the scenes involving Isabel Alvarez were cut from the final release of the movie, so her character can be seen only in the trailer and in the background of some scenes actually released.


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