"We have watched and listened from the mountains. We have watched with disgust as your technological advancements have been overseen by a child who scoffs at tradition."

The Jabari Tribe, also referred to as the J'Abari or the Mountain Tribe, is a tribe consisting of Wakandans who shunned the use of vibranium and removed themselves from mainstream society. Adhering to traditional customs, which include worshiping the gorilla god Hanuman[1], the Jabari are staunch opponents of T'Challa's modernized rule and the Black Panther mantle.[2]


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Early History

Millennia ago, the people who would later become known as the Jabari went to war with four other tribes over a meteorite made of an alien metal. When the warrior-shaman Bashenga brought an end to the conflict and united the tribes as the first King of Wakanda and the first "Black Panther".

While the other four tribes pledged their loyalty to Bashenga, the Jabari rejected the use of vibranium and went into seclusion, building a city in the mountains out of wood sacred to the ape god Hanuman.[3]

Challenging the Crown

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Saving T'Challa's life

As the repayment for sparing M'Baku's life during ceremonial combat, the Jabari fisherman taken the severely wounded T'Challa and covered in snow to stabilize his failing vital sign.

Battle of Mount Bashenga

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"Witness the might of the Jabari... first-hand!"
―M'Baku to the Border Tribe[src]

After T'Challa recovered and announced his intention to take back the throne from Erik Killmonger, T'Challa's mother Ramonda was permitted to stay in Jabari Land for her safety, however M'Baku refused to help T'Challa, pointing out that no Wakandan king had even come to Jabari Land in centuries.

Eventually, however, realizing the fate of Wakanda is on the line, M'Baku decided to organize the Jabari warriors and head to Mount Bashenga, aiding the Dora Milaje where M'Baku lifts one of the Border Tribe foot soldiers and throw it into the force field.

Following their victory over Killmonger's forces, M'Baku joined the Tribal Council, finally giving the Jabari a voice in governing Wakanda.[3]

Battle of Wakanda

The Jabari joined with the force of Wakandans that formed to battle Thanos and fought in the Battle of Wakanda, being led by M'Baku.

Cultural Traits

Jabari's traditional colors are brown and white. Their culture is based on woodworking and agriculture, that they crafted for thousands of years.[4]Unlike all the other Wakandan tribes which incorporate advanced Vibranium-based technology into everyday life, the Jabari outright reject the use of Vibranium altogether, adhering staunchly to ancient, more primitive way of living.



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