"You gonna have enough this month for Mr. Morris?"
"He will get his rent on time."
Matt and Jack Murdock[src]

Jack Murdock's House was the place where Jack and Matt Murdock used to live.


Dirty Money

Matt Murdock watched on television one of his father's boxing matches against an oponent named Price. The commentators explained how Jack Murdock had dominated the fight but Price was able to overcome him. It appeared as if Murdock was not even defending himself, until the ref stopped the fight and Murdock lost the match. Matt turned off the television and went to the kitchen and waited for his father to return home, falling asleep over the kitchen table.

Jack returned home, waking Matt up as he closed the door, who ran to embrace him. Jack asked his son to be careful and to not get blood on his shirt. Matt advsed his father about what he should have done during the match, not knowing that he lost on purpose.

Matt asked an obvious question about his father's injuries, and Jack jokingly answered that it certainly did not tickle, right before asking his son to get the first aid kit to treat his injuries.

While preparing for cleaning the wounds, Matt told his father that Price was a bum, but his father seriously told him that everyone who stepped into a ring deserved respect. Matt clarified that he was sorry that his father lost, and Jack asked him to be careful while cleaning the wounds.

Jack realized the injury would need stitches, so he asked Matt to get the Scotch, prompting his son to take a sip in order to stop his hands from shaking like the last time he had to apply stitches. Matt tasted the drink, and said it felt like it was burning through his throat.

Now ready, Matt began to sew up the wound and his father asked if he watched the fight, given that Matt should have been doing his homework. Matt intended to finish it the following day before school, but his father insisted that he should finish it that night.

Matt asked his father if he would have enough money for their landlord, Morris, so Jack showed him an envelope filled with money. Matt was surprised that his father got all that money for losing. Jack explained that sometimes, even when getting knocked down, he could still win.

Father and son uttered a quote in unison, "It ain't how you hit the mat, It's how you get up". Jack then told his son to return to his homework, who wanted to keep the bottle, and Jack was left alone in the kitchen, looking at the money and thinking about what he had to do to obtain it.[1]

Time to Work

Jack Murdock returned to his house following a boxing match, and found his son Matt asleep over the table, as he had fallen asleep while waiting for his return.

Jack got Matt up and prompted him to finish his homework. Matt told his father that he was tired, but Jack answered that he should study in order to not be like his father, as Jack never studied and his life was very tough. Jack inadvertedly told Matt to look where not having studied got him.

Jack quickly realized his words were not adequate, given his son had been recently blinded in an accident. Jack grabbed Matt's hand and made him touch his beaten face, asking him to get to work.[2]

Being Murdocks

Matt Murdock read in Braille a fragment of Thurgood Marshall's acceptance speech for the Liberty Bell Award as part of his homework. His father, Jack Murdock was impressed of hearing it, as either Matt was actually reading the speech, or simply making it up was an impressive feat. Matt explained that it was from Thurgood Marshall, though his father believed that Marshall was the starting centerfielder for the Mets.

Jack opened a package that contained the robe and gear he was going to wear for his boxing match with Carl Creel. Matt asked how it looked like, and Jack only described by saying it was really red. Matt asked for permission to touch it, and his father extended the robe so that Matt could touch the letters embroided with his nickname, "Battlin' Jack Murdock".

Matt, impressed by the robe, told his father that the good thing about red was that the opponent could not tell how much he was bleeding, but Jack told him that he was not planning to get hit. Matt told him they were Murdocks, and they got hit a lot, but they always get up from it.[1]

Boxing Match

Matt Murdock heard his father's Jack's most important boxing match on television, against famous boxer Carl Creel. Matt heard how the commentators explained that "Battlin' Jack Murdock" had managed to corner Creel and land one punch after another until he was eventually knocked out.

Matt cheered his father, feeling very proud upon hearing that his father had been declared winner. Matt went to the kitchen to wait for his father as he usually did, but he fell asleep before he could arrive.[1]

Assassination of Jack Murdock

Matt Murdock woke up in the kitchen's table, where he usually waited for his father Jack to return from his boxing matches. The sound of what seemed to be a gunshot startled Matt, and he left the house to look for his father.

In the vicinities, he found two police officers cordoning off an area where a man had been killed. Officer Ray Peters tried to prevent Matt from entering, but his colleague realized Matt was blind, and let them enter upon hearing Matt that the man that had just been killed may be his father.

Matt approached the corpse, and began to call for his father, touching his face to make sure it was him, and continuing to call for his father despite obtaining no response.[1]

Following his father's death, Matt had to leave the house, and was taken to the Saint Agnes Orphanage.[3]