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"Can you regulate?"
"Yes, I can regulate."
"Are you sure about that?"
Eric Savin and Jack Taggart[src]

Jack Taggart was a former soldier of the United States Army who was addicted to Extremis.


Taggart met with Eric Savin outside the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Savin gave him a case containing the Extremis dose. When Happy Hogan intervened, Taggart injected himself with a high dose of Extremis, causing him to self-destruct as a result and causing massive damage to the surrounding area and severely injuring Hogan.[1]





  • In the comics, Jack Taggart is an African American man who wears a high-powered armor. He is known as Firepower.
  • Firepower, armor and all, appeared in the PSP and Wii versions of the non–canon video game Iron Man 2 well before this version of the character was even conceived. He is not confirmed to be Taggart but was quite similar to the comic version.[2]


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