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Jackie Albini was a police officer based in New York City who was murdered by Diamondback to frame Luke Cage.


Framed Murder

Albini, a veteran within the New York City Police Department, was making his morning walk through Harlem, greeting the people he knew. While buying socks for his wife from a streetmerchant he was being approached by a man dressed like Luke Cage. When noticing someone was standing behind him Albini turned around, and asked the man if he could help him. Instead of an answer to the question the man told Albini that he is Luke Cage, before he punched Albini in the stomach with his Judas Gauntlet. This caused Albini to fly 20 feet through the air, landing on a pile of carton boxes. Albini died on impact. His murderer walked away, shouting that he is Luke Cage.[1]



  • Wife
  • Two Sons