"Are you proposing to sell us this super soldier of yours?"
―Jacobs to Ian Quinn[src]

General Jacobs was a high ranking officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was killed by John Garrett while on a tour of a Cybertek facility.


Jacobs joined the United States Marine Corps, having a long military career and rose to the rank of a Four-Star General.

In 2014, after the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., General Jacobs and his Navy colleague Admiral Jolnes had a meeting in Washington, D.C. with the representative of the Cybertek Corporation, Ian Quinn. At the meeting, Quinn proposed to sell one thousand Super Soldiers to the United States Armed Forces, and invited him and Jolnes to visit the brand new Cybertek Manufacturing Facility in New Mexico.[1]

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Jacobs is killed by John Garrett

General Jacobs went on the tour with Admiral Jolnes and five other representatives of the United States Armed Forces. During the tour, gunfire was heard but Quinn assured everyone that it was a drill. Grant Ward and John Garrett arrived and Garrett began an argument with Jacobs.

Jacobs was killed by Garrett after he ripped out one of Jacobs' ribs and stabbed him with it.[2]





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