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Janet Stein is the wife of Victor Stein and the mother of Chase Stein.


Early Life

Meeting Victor Stein


Janet meets Victor Stein at Culver.

"Imagine being given extra time to consider, or reconsider what you're doing, the choices that you make. We could head off wars, avoid accidents. I could not wear pink taffeta to my senior prom."
―Janet Stein[src]

Janet went to Culver University and met Victor Stein in class, the two discussed the idea of time travel as Victor expressed it as time of beauty. Janet became smitten with Victor and the two married and moved to Los Angeles where the latter founded Nemo, a manufacturing company and became one of the many wealthy people in California.[1]

Birth of Chase


Janet sees Victor hold Chase for the first time.

"He's ... he's..."
―Victor Stein and Janet Stein[src]

Janet gave birth to Chase Stein in 2000, and watched her husband be given Chase for the first time. Victor briefly spoke with the nurse and returned to Janet. Victor, who was lost of words, stated "he's" before Janet finished with everything. Agreeing, Victor told Janet that he understood what everyone meant when a child is the only thing that matters.[1]

Joining PRIDE

Janet and Victor joined PRIDE, a group who sacrificed individuals ceremonially for their benefactor, Jonah. To hide their true agenda, the group made PRIDE to be Los Angeles-charity based organization. In addition, their leader Leslie Dean used the Church of Gibborim to find individuals and sacrifice them to Jonah.[2]

Victor's Abuse

As years passed, Janet's husband, Victor, became abusive as he was focused on his work and was fueled by his ego. Janet and Chase suffered from the abuse, as the latter would come to resent him as he got older. Janet would lean to Robert Minoru, a fellow member of PRIDE for comfort, leading to the two to have an affair.[3]

Rite of Blood

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