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"This past weekend, Midtown's Academic Decathlon team defeated the country's best to win the national championship. Later that day, they also defeated death. No one was seriously injured, thanks to the Spider-Man. Thank you, Spider-Man. Up next, the Spider-Man mania is sweeping through the school! How can you show your spider spirit?"
―Jason Ionello[src]

Jason Ionello is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology.[1]


"Students, don't forget about your Homecoming tickets. Do you have a date for Homecoming?"
"Thanks, Jason, but I already have a date."
―Jason Ionello and Betty Brant[src]

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  • In the comics, Jason Ionello was a practical joker and part of Flash Thompson's gang. He was particularly close to Sally Avril and much like her idolized Spider-Man, but looked down on Peter Parker. After accidentally getting involved in a crash that ended Sally's life, Jason became withdrawn and suicidal until he was convinced to blame someone else by the Vulture.


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