Jesse Fletcher was forced to work for Cybertek after someone close to him was kidnapped.


"So, what, are you really into this sort of thing? What brings you to the company?"
"Uh...the incentives program."
"Yeah...No one's turned that down yet."
Kyle Zeller and Jesse Fletcher[src]

On his first day at Cybertek, he was given a tour of the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility by Kyle Zeller and was told he would be handling a Centipede Soldier. When Zeller asked him why he joined Cybertek, he told him it was because of the incentive program.

Simultaneously, Coulson's Team was entering the Barbershop Headquarters in Cuba where Kaminsky and Centipede Soldiers were. Fletcher witnessed as Zeller told the handlers to have their soldiers battle Coulson's team.

Since Fletcher was there because of the incentive program (in which a family member was kidnapped to ensure cooperation), it is most likely that his loved one was freed also when Skye freed the hostages.[1]