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"The big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that. Clients hire me to find dirt. And I find it, which shouldn't surprise them, but it does."
―Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones is a private investigator from New York City. After she was orphaned at a young age, Jones was taken in by Dorothy Walker, and developed a sisterly bond with her daughter, Trish. During adolescence, Jones discovered she possessed superhuman strength and used her ability in adulthood to fight crime as a superhero. However, a fateful encounter with Kilgrave, a vicious man with mind controlling powers, tarnished her superhero career and she spent a torturous tenure as Kilgrave's slave before finally breaking free of his control. The experience left Jones suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting her to hang up her secret identity and open her own detective agency.

Trying to remain an average person and keep a low profile, she would take on minor cases for cash, while caught in a spiral of despair and destructive behavior. However, the return of Kilgrave forced her to put aside her traumas and stop him. Jones had multiple grueling encounters with Kilgrave, but with the help of Trish, Jeri Hogarth, and fellow superhuman Luke Cage, Jones finally killed the maniac, conquering her demons and prompting her to continue her superhero career.


Early Life

The only daughter of Brian and Alisa Jones, Jessica Jones grew up as a antisocial young woman, often spending most of her time alone in her room and getting annoyed at overly nosy neighbors like Elizabeth De Luca. Although he would often annoy her, Jessica was incredibly protective of her younger brother Phillip, whom she described as a great kid. Tragically, Jessica became an orphan when she lost her parents and brother in a car accident.[1]

S01e11 33

Jones learns her family are all dead

While recovering in the hospital where she had fallen into a coma, Jessica was adopted by a talent agent Dorothy Walker as a publicity stunt to promote her daughter Patsy's television show. As Jessica began to wake up from her coma while lying in bed, she overheard the Walkers discussing the death of her parents. This being the first time Jessica had learned of their death, she began crying as the Walkers realized their mistake.[2]

Living with the Walkers

Jessica Discovery

Jones discovers her new incredible powers

As they prepared to leave Jones' family home where she had grown up, Dorothy Walker refused to allow her to search for her journal which she had lost. Much to Jones' annoyance, Walker proved to be very forceful and would often push Jones to say please and thank you to the point of rude judgement. As Jones sat in the car, she noticed that Trish Walker had bruises on her neck which were likely inflicted by her mother.[3]

Young Trish & Jess

Jones speaks to Trish Walker in private

While living in the Walker Residence, Jones would often overhear the Walkers having huge arguments about the daughter's television show. During one of these arguments, Jones locked herself in the bathroom and accidentally broke a large marble sink. Shocked by her own strength, Jones discovered she could also lift the heavy sink above her head with one hand. She was caught by Trish Walker, who was shocked at her incredible strength, but the pair agreed to keep each others' secrets from the world.

However when Jones witnessed Dorothy Walker forcing her daughter to vomit in the toilet in order to lose weight, Jones lost her temper. She grabbed her adopted mother and, with an incredible feat of power, threw her across the room to protect her new sister. Dorothy fled while Jones helped Trish back to her feet and the pair struck up a friendship which would last for decades. Although Trish would often push Jones to use her gifts for good, Jones preferred to keep them a secret.[2]

Crappy Jobs

JJ 105

Jessica Jones at work.

"This job was sucking my brains out through the air vent."
"You're bored because you're overqualified for all these crappy jobs."
"Yet I'm uniquely unqualified for anything else."
―Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Jessica Jones was working at an office job for a few weeks and despised it. When her boss continued to discredit her and make sexist remarks, Jones used her detective skills to blackmail her fraud-committing boss into giving her six months severance and a glowing recommendation. As she was leaving, the boss insulted her parents, so with a single push, she knocked over the many filing cabinets and left.

Later at the bar, Trish Walker tried to convince her to use her gifts to become a real super hero, but Jones remained reluctant. As they were speaking a man came over and tried to flirt with Walker, noting he remembered her as a child star. When the man made crude sexist jokes, Jones challenged him to a strength competition, agreeing if she won he would buy their drinks and if he won she would have sex with him. Jones won the challenge and got the money, using it to buy shots for everyone in the bar.

Back at Walker's apartment, Jones continued to be pushed about the idea of her becoming a super-hero, with Walker even having mock up costumes made and pitching the moniker "Jewel" as her superhero name; however, Jones only mocked the idea more and refused to get involved. In the back of Jones' mind, she did consider the idea and decided to help people whenever she could.

The Sandwich Saved Me

Jones after saving a little girl

Jones got another job, working at a cheap sandwich shop where she was forced to wear a large sandwich costume and hand out fliers. Clearly hating the job, Jones put little effort into her work. However, while on the street, Jones witnessed a young girl run into the road and into the path of a taxi; Jones ran out and used her strength to stop the taxi and save the girl. Hearing the girl's gratitude and knowing she had made a difference had a big impact of Jones' mentality towards becoming a hero.[4]

Under Kilgrave's Influence

"If you don't listen to me what is the point in having ears? Answer me!"
"To listen to someone else."
"You never appreciate anything I do for you. If you can't listen to me you don't need ears. Cut them off."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]

While walking home one day, Jones came across Malcolm Ducasse being mugged, so she quickly overpowered the thugs and saved him. This action was spotted by Kilgrave, who clapped enthusiastically. Jones immediately fell under Kilgrave's mind control powers, answering his questions about her powers and revealing her real name. Kilgrave complimented her on her beauty before ordering her to join him for dinner.[4]

Kilgraved Jessica

Jones being controlled by Kilgrave

Over the next few months Kilgrave kept Jones as his prisoner, he constantly used his powers to force her to spend time with him and have sex with him, which she knew was rape despite Kilgrave believing it was a real relationship. When Trish Walker would call Jones to ensure that she was alright, Kilgrave ensured that Jones explain that everything was fine. Kilgrave would treat her to dinner and use his vast wealth to stay in a five star hotel; however it would constantly be his powers keeping her there, not Jones' own free will.[5]

It quickly became clear that Kilgrave's powers would only last twelve hours until he would need to give a new order. One day no order was given and Jones became free of him for a few seconds. She considered jumping off the balcony and escaping, but before she could, Kilgrave ordered her to step down, putting her under his control again. When he questioned why she initially had not listened to him he decided to punish her by ordering her to cut off her own ear. When she began to obey, Kilgrave changed his mind and hugged her.[6]

Breaking Free

Kilgrave began aware that Reva Connors was previously in possession of a hard-drive which he wished to gain ownership of for unknown reasons. With Jones by his side, Kilgrave put Connors under his power and discovered she had buried the hard-drive under concrete. Kilgrave ordered Jones to uncover it and after hours of digging, leading to her hands bleeding, Jones found the hard-drive and gave it to Kilgrave.

Jessica breaking from Kilgrave's control

Jessica resisting Kilgrave's commands.

Satisfied that he had gotten what he desired, Kilgrave and the women stepped outside the warehouse and Kilgrave ordered Jones to kill Connors. Jones mustered all her strength and punched Connors in the chest, stopping her heart.[7] However, the trauma of committing murder horrified Jones so much that she walked away from Kilgrave, ignoring his commands. As Kilgrave screamed at Jones to come back to him, a bus crashed and hit Kilgrave, seemingly killing him and breaking his control over Jones.[8]

Jones received a death certificate which confirmed Kilgrave had been killed in the crash and returned to Trish Walker for comfort. However the prolonged experience of being under Kilgrave's control left Jones suffering from PTSD and she gave up all hope of becoming a hero. Jones moved from Walker's apartment and found her own flat, deciding to use her gifts to open Alias Investigations and earn a living following men having affairs, becoming addicted to alcohol and avoiding human contact as much as possible.[5]

Alias Investigations

Working for Jeri Hogarth

During her time as private investigator Jones started to work on jobs for Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz. So far Jones had finished eight jobs that no one could deliver on. The way she handled these jobs got several people to complain about her to Hogarth, who ignored them and kept Jones her methodes a secret. When Jeri Hogarth asked her to become the private investigator for their law office Jones, who prefered to work as a freelancer, declined.

Jones was hired by a man to stalk his wife to see if she was cheating on him. She stalked the woman and found her having sex with another man. When Jones showed her client the photos at her office, he began to get angry that his own wife was cheating on him with his brother. When he began to get violently aggressive, Jones tossed him through the door, breaking it and its window, still demanding her payment.[5]

Visiting Turk Barrett

Jones and Berrett

Jessica Jones interrogating Turk Barrett.

"What happened to you Turk?"
"D-Devil, the Devil in Hell's Kitchen, he's everywhere."
―Jessica Jones and Turk Barrett[src]

Jessica Jones was hired by a former lover of Turk Barrett to locate him and force him to give money in order to raise the child he had had with her. When Barrett was attempting to get money from an old client, he was immediately ambushed by Daredevil. The brawl resulted in Barrett being brought to the hospital, where Jones found him. Once she had established what had happened, Jones took Barrett's wallet to give to her client and disconnected his IV before leaving.[9]

A Loosened Pole

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Jessica Jones 15

Jones speaks to Jeri Hogarth

The next day Jones walked to the offices of Jeri Hogarth. Jones asked Hogarth for a case, with Hogarth pointing that she already hired a company private investigator. Hogarth called Jones out on her many flaws, only for Jones to point out that she had solved every single case that none of the other private eyes could. Hogarth gave Jones the assignment of serving a subpoena to a Gregory Spheeris: an owner of numerous gentlemen clubs. One of Spheeeris dancers apparently injured herself on a loosened pole. When Jones suspected she had an ulterior motive Hogarth admitted several of her other clients were interested in taking Spheeris property.

At her home Jones contacted Spheeris secretary Magda Simms under the guise of Karen Accord, one of Simms her old friends. Simms revealed to Jones the location that Spheeris was meeting an associate. Jones later tried to get some rest but found herself unable to sleep. She took her camera and began spying on a man named Luke Cage. Jones spied on Cage and a woman he was with and watched as he and the woman went up to his apartment to have sex. When she dosed off she began to have a nightmare about Kilgrave. She then proceeded to use the coping mechanism her therapist taught her. She then eventually retired for the night and went to bed.[5]

Hope Shlottman's Case

The next day Jones awoke hearing noise from her kitchen. Jones went to the kitchen only to find her high neighbor Malcolm Ducasse there eating her peanut butter. As Jones went to escort him out she was confronted by a couple, Bob and Barbara Shlottman who were looking for their apparently missing daughter Hope. Barbara proceeded to explain how Hope was originally attending New York University on a athletic scholarship when she suddenly decided to "take a break", move out of her apartment and quit the track team. When the police said there was nothing they could do someone recommended Jones.

Hope Shlottman's Apartment

Jones interviews Mei and Raj

Jones proceeded to accept their case. Later when they left Jones researched the Shlottmans to check there legitimacy. After confirming it she researched Hope and her numerous track accomplishments and noticed a friend in one of her pictures. Jessica tracked down the old roommate, who was furious at Shlottman for leaving and had since replaced her with a new roommate called Raj who insisted on filming everything. Mei revealed to Jessica that Shlottman was with a new boyfriend she met.[5]

Serving Spheeris

Later Jones tracked down Spheeris. She originally tried to talk to him by asking for directions but when he rudely dismissed her and attempted to drive off Jones resorted to picking up the car. Realizing she was another person with powers Spheeris became afraid and threatened to tell the world about her abilities. However Jones only pointed out that she was not really hiding and noted that no one would believe him before threatening to kill him with her "laser eyes". Spheeris proceeded to sign the subpoena.

Back at her apartment Jones fell asleep at her desk when she suddenly had another nightmare about Kilgrave. Mentally and emotionally unhinged she then received a phone call from Jeri Hogarth who briefly chastised her about threatening Gregory Spheeris with her " laser eyes" only with Jones pointing out that Spheeris was so idiotic he would believed anything he said. Hogarth accepted this giving Jones what she considered a compliment before hanging up.[5]

Meeting Luke Cage

Jessica Jones 3

Jones meets Luke Cage

Jones went to Luke's where she was confronted by Luke Cage himself who noticed that she came around often but never stepped inside. He then told her it was "ladies night" in which woman get to drink for free. Jones noticed that this was false only for Cage to say that it was now, noting that Jones' attractiveness and loneliness attracted customers. Jones went inside and drank until the bar was almost closed. She and Cage then proceeded to talk about their respective jobs with Cage noticing that she seemed to be flirting with him.


Jones after having sex with Luke Cage

The two eventually ended up having sex in Cage's bed. When it seemed that Cage was about to harm Jones he advised they take it slow. When they were done Jones went to the bathroom where she noticed a picture of Reva Connors. Unsettled Jones decided to leave; apologizing to Cage.[5]

Rescue of Hope Shlottman

Tracking Credit Card Purchaces

The next morning, Jones was awakened by Barbara Shlottman who asked about her progress on Hope's case. Jones told her Hope made some recent purchases on her credit card which Barbara claimed that she only gave to Hope to use only if there was an emergency. Jones went to the places that Hope had used her credit card until she arrived at the same restaurant Kilgrave once took her. Horrified by the fact that he might be back, Jones questioned the manager and showed her a picture of Hope; the man recognized her and began to recount how her companion asked for a specific table and a specific dish which were all things Kilgrave ordered when he took Jones there.[5]

Running From her Fears

Terrified by the fact that Kilgrave was back, Jones ran to her apartment and contacted Jeri Hogarth to ask for immediate payment, only for Jeri Hogarth to remind her that the money will take a few days to transfer to her account. Jones then went to Trish Walker; the two argued about Jones leaving her without calling to let her know she was alright. Jones then told Walker that Kilgrave was back. While Walker attempted to convince her to track down Kilgrave and save Shlottman, Jones was too afraid of the thought that Kilgrave might control her again. Walker gave up and went to go give Jones the money.

On the cab ride home, Jones had a change of heart and decided to go to the hotel that Kilgrave had taken her before. At the Plaza Hotel, she found Shlottman laying on a bed. Shlottman had been ordered by Kilgrave not to move and had been stuck in the bed for hours. With some difficulty, Jones managed to get Hope out the room. She then contacted her parents and told them to meet her at the Alias Investigations Office.[5]

A not-so-Happy Reunion

At the apartment, Jones comforted Shlottman and told her to tell herself that it was not her fault. Bob and Barbara Shlottman arrived and embraced their daughter, thanking Jones. Jones told them to get Hope as far away from New York City as possible. Jones then ordered a ticket on the next plane out of New York. As she left her apartment with her bags packed, she saw the Shlottmans in the elevator; however as the door closed, Jones noticed Hope pull out a gun.

JJ 101 End

Jones sees Hope Shlottman kill her parents

Jones rushed to stop her but was too late. As she rushed down the stairs to the open elevator door she found Bob and Barbara dead with Hope looking at Jones and telling her to smile before snapping back to her senses to realize what she had done. Breaking down and crying, Jones left and called a taxi but soon realized that she had two choices: keep running or stay and fight Kilgrave. Jones chose the latter and returned to her apartment determined to stop Kilgrave from ruining anymore lives.[5]

Finding Kilgrave

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JJ 102

Oscar Clemons questions Jones

Jones was questioned by detective Oscar Clemons about Hope Shlottman murdering her parents. He then proceeded to ask her if she thought Shlottman was in her right mind when she murdered her parents and proceeded to ask how Shlottman obtained the gun. When Jones pointed out that someone could have possibly gave it to her the dectective pulled out pictures of Luke Cage that she had taken. An angered Jones pointed out that the police went through her items without a warrant only for Clemons to point out that it was part of the crime scene. Jones claimed that the pictures were not part of the Shlottman case and that her clients would be displeased as they expected discretion and claimed that all of her legal work was up to date and that he could not charge her with anything. Jones then proceeded to leave the police station.

Jones later went to Luke's but saw that the police were already there showing him the pictures and questioning him. When they left Jones went inside. Luke proceeded to tell her the bar was closed and told her to explain why she took the pictures. Jones proceeded to tell him that she was hired by Gina’s husband. Cage did not believe her claims he didn't get involved with married women, only for Jones to reveal that she takes her ring off before seeing him and that he could look the marriage certificate up himself. Cage then proceeded to tell her to stay away from him.

Jj102 3520

Jones considers how Kilgrave survived

Jones went back to her apartment and proceeded to take a shower. While showering she wonders how Kilgrave survived. To find answers Jones started by going to Shlottman who was currently being held in custody. Jones proceeded to try and question her about the whereabouts of Kilgrave but Shlottman was seemingly despondent. Hope then asked her if she was a good jumper, noting that Kilgrave made her jump for hours on end but claimed that she was never as good as her. Shlottman proceeded to change the subject to her 12-year-old brother who was now effectively an orphan and all alone.

JJ 102 2

Jones speaks to Hope Shlottman

Jones told her that it was not her fault only for Shlottman claim that she’s right and that it was Jones fault for not making sure he was dead. Surmising that Kilgrave was mad and that his overall plan was to make her suffer Jones asks how she can find him. Shlottman then proceeded to become extremely disheveled claiming that Kilgrave will control her to if she found him. However Jones promised that she won’t let that happen. Shlottman then proceeded to suggest that Jones kill herself only for Jones to point out that she is the only one who could prove her innocence. As she left Jones proceeded to watch as Shlottman was forced to take medication.

Deciding to take another approach, Jones went Jeri Hogarth's office to try and convince her to take Shlottman’s case. Jones proceeded to tell her that Shlottman wasn’t in control of her actions only for Hogarth to compare it to drunk driving. Jones again asserted that Shlottman wasn't responsible but Hogarth pointed out that people won't believe brainwashing. When Hogarth made a humorous remark of Kilgrave's abilities, Jones proceeded to lose her temper pointing out to her, that the situation was very serious. Hogarth then proceeded to ask Jones how she will prove that mind control was indeed the leading cause in Jones murdering her parents only for joins to point out that her skills as a private investigator made her resourceful. Jones then told Hogarth that if she took the case she would owe her a favor.

Jj102 0818

Jones tries to ignore Trish Walker

On her way back home Jones was confronted by Trish Walker who had been following her. Walker claimed that she had been texting her; only for Jones to point out that her phone was dead. Walker told Jones that she was scared for her only for Jones to tell her not to having feelings and that she’s okay, but Walked insisted on helping and just asks for some of Jones' time. The two then went back to of Jones' apartment where Walker noticed the broken door. Walker claimed the apartment was nice but Jones quickly pointed out that she was only lying and actually thought it looked horrible.

Jones then proceeded to hive her back the money that she had gave her. Jones then caught Walker up to speed with the situation and explained to her that the accident didn’t kill him. Walker is more concerned about Jones mindset and points out the possibility of Kilgrave controlling her again only Jones to claim that she’ll risk death before letting that happen again. Walker pointed out that that is what she is afraid of and ask Jones move in. Jones points out all the risk and claims with Kilgrave alive no where is safe and there’s no way of knowing who is on her side. Jones then claimed that she is a threat and warned Walker to avoid her not wanting to risk losing her to Kilgrave. Walker then went to leave but before she left Jones told her that the sign had her private investigation title on it with Walker saying that she liked the name.

Jessica Jones 9

Jones threatens Robyn and Ruben

While going over the evidence Jones hears her neighbors upstairs arguing with it being so loud that she can't concentrate. Jones then went upstairs to tell them to stop, passing Malcolm Ducasse in the hallway. Jones knocked on the door Where her neighbor Ruben answered it. Jones told them to quiet down only for his sister Robyn to push in front of her brother and tells Jones to mind her own business. Jones then proceeded to pushe the door open, breaking the lock and grabbing Robyn by the neck, pushing her against the wall and lifting her off the ground. Jones proceeded to explain to them why she lived alone and told her that she did not care what they did as long as they did it privately.[10]

Understanding Kilgrave's Survival

Jj102 1543

Jones disguises herself

Returning to piecing everything together, Jones decided to head to the area where Kilgrave was hit by a bus. Finding out that the nearest hospital was Metro-General Hospital, only six blocks away, Jones snuck into an unauthorized area and stole a nurse's uniform. Succesfully sneaking inside, Jones could not figure out how to work the computer, so she asked for assistance. She proceeded to lie to the nurse saying that a doctor wanted her to retrieve a file for him on a John Doe. Unfortunately the John Doe that she was looking for is not listed on the day of the bus crash but Jones decided to print and copy the file anyway.

Back at her apartment, Jones saw that there were people in it and quickly attacked them, severely injuring one of them in the process. However it turned they were workers hired by Walker to fix her door. Jones then proceeded to call 911. Jones called Walker and told her that she was relentless; Walker however was expecting a little graditude pointing out that Kilgrave was still out and about. Jones told Walker to stay away and compared her to her mother. Walker pointed out the severity of the comment before being hung up on. Ruben then proceeded to confront Jones and apologize for the noise claiming that he was impressed with Jones for being able to calm Robyn down. Jones then looked at the hospital paper and realized that there were two ambulances dispatched.[10]

Meeting Jack Denton

Jessica Jones screenshot

Jones remembers her time with Kilgrave

While on the subway Jones sat alone and had flashback of Kilgrave in the accident. Lost in the moment she got upset and punched the window, cracking it. Arriving at a small house she asked a woman in front if a man named Jack Denton lived there. Noting that he was the driver of the other ambulance but went missing at the accident scene. Pointing out that he was charged with stealing the ambulance even though it was returned. Jones assured her that if she could understand what happened she might be able to reverse the ruling and the woman took her inside.

Jones saw Jack who had had a stroke, which was not in his file but they think his body went into shock after he donated both his kidneys. His mother proceeded to explain he disappeared for three weeks and was found in an alley and that Someone donated the dialysis machine to them. Jones took note of the serial number in order to find out who leased it. Jack then tried to communicate with Jones by writing. Thinking he knew the location of Kilgrave Jones was shocked when he asked her to kill him. Unable to do it Jones proceeded to rip up the paper and leave as Jack cried while his mother attended to him. Jones called about the dialysis machine but no one could help her at the moment and insisted they call her back.[10]

Helping Luke Cage

Shortly after walking into her apartment there was a knock at the door. Jones was confronted by Gina who blamed Jones for her husband finding out about her affair with Luke Cage. Knowing that he didn’t hire her she theorizes that Jones hired herself because she was jealous and claimed that she had risked Luke's safety. Explaining that her husband Andre and his friends got drunk and planned on going down to Luke's bar to attack him.

Jj102 2600

Jones helps Luke Cage fight Andre

Jones went to the bar where Andre and his friends confronted Cage. Cage tried to diffuse the situation but Andre and his friend attacked and Jones comes to his assistance. While working together to defeat the group Jones witnessed Andre try to stab Cage with a bottle only for it to not pierce his skin. Cage told him he was drunk, to go home to his wife and forget what he saw. After they left Cage offered shots to everyone and then asked Jones what happened. She pointed out the suggestion team work but Cage told her that what happened is bad for business and told her to leave.

The next day Jones phone rang waking her where she discovered the dialysis company called. She called them back got the name of the doctor leasing the machine: Dr. David Kurata and went to find him. Kurata was going over exam results with his small class of college students when he saw Jones enter the room and ran. Jones chased after him through another class until they end up in the basement. Kuata then asked if Kilgrave was with her. Jones asked why he would think that she was with Kilgrave only for Dr. Kurata to tell her that he had a picture of her and that he was obsessed. He then proceeded to tell her that only one of Kilgraves kidneys was destroyed and that the other had started to breakdown due to "crush syndrome.

Kurata then explained how he told Kilgrave that it was possible to live with one kidney but that Kilgrave wanted to be made whole again and that any kidneys would do for a whether they’re a match or not. Kurata also revealed that during the entire surgery Kilgrave was awake. Deducing that Kilgrave was afraid to go sleep Jones asked why with Dr. Kurata explaining that surgical anesthesia is different and shuts down different functions of the brain. Realizing Kilgraves weakness Jones called Jeri Hogarth and ordered Dr. Kurata to tell her what happened from the beginning.

Back at her apartment Jones puts away her case file leaving out one index card with Sufentanil Propofol on it. She noticed a package leaning against a chair and opened it to discover her new “Alias Investigations” sign. Jones called Walker and the two agreed to get lunch. Jones then took a shower thinking that Kilgrave exploted her weakness that Jones cared about the well being of others and pointed out that now that she knew his weakness the battle had just begun.[10]

Learning of Luke Cage's Power

Jj102 3566

Jones learns of Luke Cage's powers

Exiting the shower Jones found Cage in her apartment. When she asked what he was doing there Cage revealed what he had deduced from witnessing her fight and perform superhuman feat of strength, and proving he suspected she knew about him. He then picked up a sander, turned it on and pressed it to his adobemen where it was unable to cut his skin, firing off sparks as it was chipped away by the surface of his body. Cage then claimed Jones could not fix him because he was unbreakable.[10]

This section requires expansion

Trish Walker's Mistake

Because of Hope Shlottman's incarceration, Trish Walker had invited her as a guest to speak on Trish Talk to question her about the existence of Kilgrave's mind control powers and her side of the story. Jeri Hogarth, and Shlottman were present for the interview in the correctional facility, while Jones stood with Walker at the radio station.

During the interview, Shlottman told her story, but afterwards, Hogarth, on the air, made Shlottman seem like she was insane and dismissed the possibility of Kilgrave's existence. Walker decided to express her opinion that "mind control" was real, citing the existence of the Avengers and the Battle of New York as evidence that anything was possible. During Walker's speech, she began to insult Kilgrave, calling him a coward; Jones was dismayed and panicked, because she knew that he would be listening.

Since Kilgrave was in fact listening to the broadcast, he called the radio station, boldly asking Walker why she was insulting him, knowing how powerful he was, saying that the "hypothetical" man can easily make her kill herself. This caused Walker and Jones to quickly leave the station to protect themselves from harm. As they exited, Walker was approached by a fan of hers who wanted an autograph; but a panicked Walker assaulted the fan before she knew his true intentions.[8]

Attack on Trish Walker

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Will Simpson arrived at Trish Walker's Apartment under the guise that he was there to bring Trish Walker in for questioning after she had attacked the fan who was apparently pressing charges against her, however he was under Kilgrave's control and he was there to kill her. A hesitant Walker opened the door only for Simpson to attack. Walker attempted to fight him off but Simpson overpowered her and proceeded to try and choke her to death.

Fortunately Jessica Jones arrived through the window of the apartment and proceeded to temporarily subdue Simpson by throwing him against the wall knocking him out for a short while. To stop him from attacking Walker and seeking an opportunity to find Kilgrave, Jones injected Walker with a sedative knocking her unconscious. When Simpson awoke and saw Walker's assumed corpse, he was convinced that he had accomplished his mission and proceeded to report back to Kilgrave with Jessica following him.[8]

Finding Kilgrave

To be added


"You are a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit."
Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones could easily come off as being cold, rude, brutal and sarcastic. Towards others, she is nothing less than disdainful, carrying herself and her opinions out loud with little forethought or regret to insulting or showing disrespect to anyone. If aggravated or extremely annoyed by someone in her disfavor, Jessica could become an intimidating figure such as her neighbor Robyn. According to her childhood neighbor, she had been an introvert since she was a girl and only opens up to a select few of people, and even those she has difficulty expressing up to openly and truly. Despite her hard-bitten demeanour lies a more vulnerable side, plagued by self-loathing, guilt and demons.

Beneath her flaws, Jessica is a good person at heart and chose not to waste her super-strength that was given to her at the cost of her family's lives and become a hero to help people. The harrowing encounter with Kilgrave who controlled her to do everything he wanted to, including being raped repeatedly and murdering a woman before breaking out of his control, caused Jessica to give up her life as a hero as she could no longer view herself as one and decided to keep a low profile instead by becoming a private investigator. Though she refused to class herself as the sort, Jessica does show signs of heroism as she is deeply sympathetic towards other individuals who have been "Kilgraved", including Malcolm Ducasse and Hope Schlottman.

However, the combined trauma of losing her family and experience with Kilgrave has also made Jessica a somewhat unstable individual. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress and Survivor's Guilt, occasionally undergoing hallucinations and flashbacks of her time in Kilgrave's grasp. In these instances she can act out more erratic and violent such as punching the window of a train after remembering one of Kilgrave's commands. After the death of her family, no matter how close she bonded with a person, Jessica had great difficulty fully forming emotional connections to a person as she couldn't even tell Trish Walker, her adoptive sister and closest friend "I love you". Following having killed Kilgrave, she appears to have put several demons to rest and is more affectionate and possibly closer to everyone than before.

Jessica has an alcoholic side to her personality which she uses to cope with her repeated tragedies. Due to her superhuman metabolism, she is able to consume vast quantities of alcohol without damage to her liver and appears to have high tolerance, being able to quickly drink an entire bottle of wine during dinner with Kilgrave's then nonchalantly asking for another one. When inebriated, Jessica can become more violent such as threatening Jeri Hogarth's ex-wife, Wendy to sign her divorce papers.

Jessica is a highly independent woman and shows no interest in being in a relationship, although for a while she did engage in a sexual and later romantic one with Luke Cage, bonding over their shared powers. She refused to allow herself or her friends be disrespected by anyone, especially men and humiliated a man who spoke rudely to Trish.

Powers and Abilities


"Can you punch through a wall or stop a car?"
"A slow moving car"
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]
  • Superhuman Strength: Jones has strength beyond that of a regular human, especially notable regarding her size. She was able to completely crush an alarm clock with a single hand when she tried to sleep off a hangover, lift a slow moving car and hit a man with enough strength to make him fly across the street. She was even able to kill Reva Connors via one strike to the chest.
"How fast is your mile?"
"Six minutes."
"Under four."
―Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]
  • Enhanced Speed: Jones' overall strength allows her to run at speeds superior to the average human. She was able to catch up to a car fairly easily, and stated she can run a mile in under four minutes.
  • Enhanced Durability: Jones has durability far beyond that of a regular human, being able to resist multiple beatings with little to no visible injuries. However, she is still vulnerable to gunshots and explosions.
"It's fine; it's just ribs. I heal faster than most; you know that."
―Jessica Jones[src]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Jones' augmented metabolism heals faster than an ordinary human being. She is capable of completely healing minor scratches and injuries in mere hours, and major injuries like broken ribs in just a single day. It may also allow her to not be affected by the harmful and long term affects of alcohol, leaving her only to experience intoxication and hangover while not experiencing any signs of toxicity.
  • Flight: Jones is able to fly, though she has never mastered this ability. She can propel herself off a surface and through the air at various speeds and altitudes, but she sometimes gets injured while landing. Jones refers to this as "guided falling".


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  • Master Investigator: Jones is a highly skilled investigator, using a multitude of methods to achieve her goals. She often impersonates other people's voices on the phone to advance with her cases, and is able to easily connect evidence that other people may overlook. She is not afraid of using methods that could be considered illegal, such as stealing things, or breaking into private places, often using her strength to break doors and padlocks, in order to obtain clues and advance in her cases. She was able to successfully locate Hope Shlottman and Antoine Grier when he was hired to do so, and is often offered different jobs by Jeri Hogarth, despite her law firm hired their own private investigator, a position that was first offered to Jones, but that she refused.
  • Combatant: Jones has basic combat skills, often using her superhuman strength to her advantage. She, alongside Luke Cage was able to defeat a group of men led by Andre.


  • Cellphone: Jones used applications on her cellphone to get information she needed for cases, such as a police scanner app she used while searching for Kilgrave, or a GPS app that allowed her to know the exact location of Trish Walker's phone.
  • Camera: As a detective, Jones tended to take pictures for her clients to use them as proof; but she also used it for personal uses when she took pictures of the affair between Gina and Luke Cage.
  • Crosswords: During stake-outs, Jones is usually alone and gets bored; to pass the time, she would have crossword puzzles with her.
  • Hip Flask: The trauma Kilgrave gave her caused Jones to resort to alcohol to ease her thoughts; Jones carries a hip flask filled with alcohol to take a sip when desired on assignments.






Appearances for Jessica Jones

in chronological order:


  • In the comics, Jessica Campbell went to High School with Peter Parker and had a crush on him, being present when he was bitten by the radioactive spider. After a car accident killed her entire immediate family, Jessica fell into a coma and woke up months later by the cosmic energies released by Galactus. She is then adopted by the Jones family. During her adult years, she became a trusted friend and ally of Captain America, and pursued a relationship with Scott Lang, with her best friend Carol Danvers acting as their matchmaker. She then realized she was in love with Luke Cage and pregnant with his child, so she eventually married him and had a daughter named Danielle Cage, after Cage's best friend Danny Rand. During her superhero career, she was codenamed Jewel, Knightress and Power Woman on different occasions and possessed superhuman strength, durability and flight.
  • During her teens, Jessica was a fan of Nirvana, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Green Day.
  • The super hero outfit Trish Walker created for Jones is similar to the suit worn by Jones in the comics, when she was the hero Jewel.
  • Jessica's phone number is 212-256-1084, as seen on the Jessica Jones (TV series)/Season Two infobox.


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