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Reviews of Jessica Jones.

  • While Jessica Jones is a part of the Marvel Universe, Jessica belongs to no one but herself, just as her story belongs to every woman who has known both failure and triumph in the everyday heroics of the battle with her own demons.
    - Sarah Marshall
  • Yes, Jessica Jones is as good as you've heard. Better yet, it's enjoyable even if you've never heard of the main character and know nothing of the comics it's based on.
    - Matt Zoller Seitz
  • While the Marvel films... have leaned towards the idea of creating comic book material for adults to enjoy, this series feels like the first superhero show really just for grown-ups - and it totally works.
    - Ned Ehrbar
  • Jessica Jones isn't a procedural mystery, but it has the heart - the storytelling beats and essential optimism - of a very good broadcast-network show. It might not be the best idea to binge-watch it - it feels as if it should be watched weekly.
    - Mike Hale
  • The cast treats the dime-novel dialogue ("I don't flirt. I just say what I want.") with such richness that you won't miss the explosions that often deafen other shows in the genre.
    - Neal Justin

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