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Jessica Jones is the soundtrack for the TV series of the same name. It was released on iTunes on April 27, 2015.

Track Listing

  1. Jessica Jones Main Title - Sean Callery
  2. Then There's the Matter of You - Sean Callery
  3. Fire Escape Night Shift - Sean Callery
  4. Alias Investigations - Sean Callery
  5. Fight at Luke's Bar - Sean Callery
  6. Nurse Jessica - Sean Callery
  7. Rescuing Hope from the Hotel Bed - Sean Callery
  8. Kidnapping Kilgrave - Sean Callery
  9. Sleepover at Luke's - Sean Callery
  10. Jessica on the Move - Sean Callery
  11. Cockroach - Sean Callery
  12. Luke's Revenge on the Bus Driver - Sean Callery & Jamie Forsyth
  13. Elevator Massacre - Sean Callery
  14. Looking for Kilgrave-Bus Accident Vision - Sean Callery
  15. Hospital Cat and Mouse - Sean Callery
  16. Gift from Trish - Sean Callery
  17. Kilgrave Escapes His Glass Prison - Sean Callery
  18. Tailing Malcolm - Sean Callery
  19. Jessica Confesses to Luke - Sean Callery & Jamie Forsyth
  20. Restaurant Flashback - Sean Callery
  21. Jones-Cage Match - Sean Callery & Jamie Forsyth
  22. Final Justice for the Purple Man - Sean Callery
  23. Maybe It's Enough the World Thinks I'm a Hero - Sean Callery

Songs in the Series but not on the Soundtrack

Teasers and Trailers


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