"Spurlock is going to eat the charge and take the years. He won't testify. He'd be his own client."
Luke Cage[src]

Joel Spurlock is an undertaker working in Harlem. He presided over the funeral arrangements for Pop. Spurlock was also in league with Cottonmouth, and would dispose of bodies that Cottonmouth did not want to be found.


Expensive Casket

Joel Spurlock was visited by Luke Cage to discuss Pop's funeral. Upon seeing the mahogany casket with gold inlay Cage appreciated the sentiment, but though it to be a bit much. Spurlock offered to use one of the more affordable options. When asked by Cage if he was allowed to see the body Spurlock had to decline, seeing how the body only just arrived from the morgue and was not prepped for viewing yet. Since, according to Cage, he was the only one Pop had left he wanted to be sure that Pop was taken care of until he was able to afford the funeral. At that monent Cornell Stokes entered the room, telling Cage that is has all been taken care off. Spurlock stood by them while the two were having a conversation, before being asked to leave the room.[1]

What Body?

Later that day Spurlock and Cornell Stokes, while standing next to the body of Pop were discussing his funeral. The two of them turned around to look at the body of Tone, who Stokes had to let go. Stokes handed Spurlock a bag of money and reminded him that the body could not exist, after which Spurlock asked what body Stokes was talking about.

That evening, following the dead of Chico Diaz, Spurlock was also tasked with taking care of his body.[1]

State of the Union

Spurlock was called by Zip, who told him that Cornell Stokes was going to need his services to take care of Koko. Moments earlier Koko was killed when, during a meeting between Stokes, his accountant and some of his gang members, he triggered Stokes into killing him.[2]


Being given the body of deceased inmate Mariah Dillard, Spurlock spoke with her next-of-kin Tilda Dillard about what he should do with the corpse. After being informed to cremate her and to do anything with the ashes as well as being corrected on Tilda's name, he apologized to Mariah before covering her face with the sheet.[3]




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