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A collection of quotes of the Inhuman and Secret Warrior Joey Gutierrez.
Chaos Theory 16

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Episode 3.01: Laws of Nature

Spoken by Joey Gutierrez

"I'm literally a catastrophic meltdown."
―Joey Gutierrez[src]
"I've lived with a secret before. I was miserable until I came out with it."
―Joey Gutierrez[src]


"Use lethal force if necessary."
"Lethal force? I'm not trying to do this, I need help!"
Rosalind Price and Joey Gutierrez[src]
"How are you feeling?"
"Like a stranger in my own body who I hate. Nice of you to ask."
Daisy Johnson and Joey Gutierrez[src]
"Who the hell are you?"
"My name's Bobbi. As in the name usually short for "Robert," but in my case, "Barbara," which, to me, is worse. This room is all yours, so feel free to make yourself at home. When you change, just put your clothing and any personal belongings in the drawer over here for analysis. The screen will then ask you to perform a series of medical scans. I know that you're not a huge fan of check-ups, but this will be painless."
"No offense, but I don't know you, so don't act like you know a damn thing about me."
"I know you put off your yearly physicals at least once every year. I know that your ex-boyfriend was a health nut and was on you to take better care of yourself. But it wasn't until you two broke up that you finally got your gym membership."
"You've been spying on me?"
"Looked at your Facebook page. I did see enough to know that you're generally more concerned for others than you are for yourself."
Joey Gutierrez and Bobbi Morse[src]

Episode 3.02: Purpose in the Machine

Spoken about Joey Gutierrez

"Let me guess, Joey Guiterrez is unfit for action physically, psychologically and emotionally?"
"The man can't open a doorknob without melting it."
Daisy Johnson and Andrew Garner[src]

Episode 3.04: Devils You Know

"Before Alisha was attacked, the couple mentioned that they got some weird e-mail, right? Well, that e-mail had a nasty virus attached to it. It chewed up the operating system like a blender. I was able to un-mangle it, and it looks like the virus was planted to track their location."
"Do we know of any other Inhumans who got this e-mail?"
"Joey Gutierrez didn't. I checked. But the others I don't know."
Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson[src]

Episode 3.07: Chaos Theory

Spoken by Joey Gutierrez

"I can actually create things now!"
―Joey Gutierrez[src]


"Daisy thinks I could be a real asset to S.H.I.E.L.D., but she says my fate is in your hands."
"Yes Joey, it is."
―Joey Gutierrez and Andrew Garner[src]

Episode 3.09: Closure

This section requires expansion

Episode 3.10: Maveth

Spoken by Joey Gutierrez

"Okay so are we rescuing Inhumans or saving Coulson? Or attacking HYDRA? Or is there some kind of combo. Sorry, new guy. Just trying to understand how this S.H.I.E.L.D. thing works."
―Joey Gutierrez[src]
"I'm bulletproof!"
―Joey Gutierrez[src]


"We definitely want to avoid the guy with the suit. He's telekinetic."
"That the one who can read your mind or move stuff with his mind?"
"Move stuff."
"Good. I don't want anyone knowing what I'm thinking right now."
Daisy Johnson and Joey Gutierrez about Giyera[src]
"I might be able to reinforce the doors. You know, using my,, uh..."
"Amazing new superpower."
"Yeah. That."
Joey Gutierrez and Bobbi Morse[src]

Episode 3.11: Bouncing Back


"You're doing good."
"I'm not great at projecting authority. It's nice to talk Spanish, though. Reminds me of home."
"Do you miss it?"
"Especially Sundays. Mom cooks on Sundays."
Daisy Johnson and Joey Gutierrez[src]

Episode 3.17: The Team

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Episode 3.18: The Singularity

Spoken about Joey Gutierrez

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