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"Can I help you?"
"They carried you into Kamar-Taj on a stretcher. Look at you now... Pangborn."
―Jonathan Pangborn and Karl Mordo[src]

Jonathan Pangborn is a former Master of the Mystic Arts who was trained by the Ancient One but later chose to leave Kamar-Taj as he only wanted to heal his paralysis. He later lost his powers and his ability to walk after Karl Mordo stripped him of his powers.


Early Life

Trained at Kamar-Taj

Jonathan Pangborn was rendered paralytic following an accident at a factory that he had worked at and consulted Stephen Strange, only to be told that his injury was inoperable. Pangborn took physical therapy and eventually made his way to Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he was taught to use magic by the Ancient One. He later left Kamar-Taj as he had wanted nothing more than to use his abilities to walk again.[1]

Powers Questioned

Sought by Doctor Strange

DS Spot 25 - 1

Pangborn meeting Stephen Strange.

"The place you're looking for is called Kamar-Taj. But the cost there is high."
"How much?"
"I'm not talking about money. Good luck."
―Jonathan Pangborn and Stephen Strange[src]

When Strange visited Pangborn after being in a car accident that crippled his hands, Pangborn revealed the location of Kamar-Taj despite his initial reluctance, warning him that his journey would come at a great cost.[1]

Karl Mordo's Betrayal

DS Post-credits Scene 11

Pangborn paralyzed bacause of Karl Mordo.

Several months later, Pangborn was confronted by Karl Mordo, who claimed that he had come to a realization about the Masters of the Mystic Arts' true purpose. Pangborn attempted to attack him with a crowbar, only for Mordo to knock him down and strip him of his powers, causing his paralysis to return. As Pangborn asked Mordo why he was doing this to him, the former Master replied that there were too many sorcerers misusing powers in the world.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Pangborn constantly used his powers to bypass his paralysis, constantly channeling into his body to allow it to function normally. He was later stripped of his powers by Mordo as part of the former Master's quest to rid the world of sorcerers who misused their powers.





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