"Stalin's goal is for Russia to become a leading power in the world, which means having better weapons than our enemies and our allies."
Ivchenko to Roger Dooley[src]

Joseph Stalin was the Leader of the Soviet Union before, during and after World War II.


"And Stalin? He's not exactly the forgiving type."
Vernon Masters[src]

Stalin ordered the formation of Leviathan following the end of World War I, a spy agency that would ensure that the Soviet Union became a leading power in the world.[1]

In February 1945, Stalin attended the Yalta Conference with the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.[2]

When Johann Fennhoff of Leviathan failed in his campaign to get revenge on Howard Stark for the Battle of Finow,[3] Stalin was unforgiving, to the point that Dottie Underwood feared to return to Russia.[4]


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