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Joy Meachum is the daughter of Harold Meachum, who, together with her brother Ward, spent her life building Rand Enterprises to its current position. However, upon Danny Rand's return, the Meachum siblings saw their work put in jeopardy as Rand planned to claim his birthright within the company.


Early Life

Along with her brother, Ward Meachum, Joy was brought up into a business world by their father, Harold, groomed to take over the company someday. As such, she and her brother became associated with Danny Rand, the child of Harold's colleague, Wendell Rand. While Joy became Danny's close friend, Ward was abusive towards him and would often bully him.


Joy is a woman who feels she has no control over her own destiny. Given a company in her father's will and forced to work a job she was terrible at, she fought tooth and nail to climb the ranks and gain respect from her co-workers, learning business solely for that reason.

In the business room, she has a steely strong personality, but outside of it she is constantly searching herself, prone to bouts of staring and hesitation. She can also be quite timid around others, and will only believe someone when shown definitive proof. She even regretted drugging Danny Rand and leaving him to be taken to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, since she held a strong belief in who he really was. In truth, Rand became a reminder of the family members she had lost and the goodness in herself that she suppressed and the morality that she tries to ignore for the sake of business.

On the bright side, she is an expert detective and extremely resourceful. Every time she wants something done, she proves that she is more capable of it than even her brother Ward, proving to her father that she was a far more worthy successor to his legacy.

She is abhorrent of dishonesty, and despite walking out on her father after he was exposed, she later came to regret turning her back on her father right before his death. Leaving the company, she would grow to harbor a deep resentment to Danny Rand for "ruining her life", more than eager to accept Davos' offer to kill him whereas before she would have been repulsed at the very thought.


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  • In the comics, Joy Meachum was a brilliant business woman who was set to take control of Rand-Meachum, Inc. one day.


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