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"Yo... if you wanted to kill Jesus... that's the bullet you'd use. That's why they call it the Judas."
Shades to Cornell Stokes[src]

The Judas Bullet is a special kind of prototype firearm ammunition developed by Hammer Industries using metal salvaged from the Chitauri Invasion. Later, a weaker type is produced for the NYPD, dubbed Judas 2.0.


Attack on Luke Cage

"One Judas for another."

In an attempt on Luke Cage's life, Diamondback shot Luke twice with these bullets, which caused near-fatal injuries for him. They can penetrate Luke's skin because of the unique properties of the Chitauri metal. It was only by heating up his body at a high temperature that Claire Temple and Dr. Noah Burstein were able to remove the shrapnel from Luke's body.[citation needed]


"The rounds are a composite, invisible to metal detectors. And they incinerate forensic evidence, so they are untraceable."

The Judas Bullet has the ability to penetrate otherwise impervious materials. Once it impacts on any surface, the bullet explodes, causing shrapnel to fly everywhere, which is useful for eliminating evidence. The metal used for the bullet is the same metal found from the Chitauri soldiers recovered after the Battle of New York.


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