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"Yo... if you wanted to kill Jesus... that's the bullet you'd use. That's why they call it the Judas."
Shades to Cornell Stokes[src]

The Judas Bullet is a special kind of prototype firearm ammunition developed by Hammer Industries using metal salvaged from the Chitauri Invasion. Later, a weaker type is produced for the NYPD, dubbed Judas 2.0.



"What kind of metal does that?"
"Nothing from this earth."
"The Incident? Damn!"
Cottonmouth and Shades[src]

Hammer Industries salvaged some of the Chitauri metal used during the Battle of New York. The company used the alien metal to design weapons and ammunition. One of the designed items were the Judas bullets.[1]


"Nie martw się będziesz bezpieczny. Towszystko pracuje.[2]"
―Test firer[src]

Originally designed by Hammer Industries, the Judas bullet was tested by Ukrainians who shot a man with a prototype. The man, who was wearing a kevlar vest at the time was initially relieved but suddenly exploded when the bullet detonated. The entire test was recorded on camera.[1]

Attempted Purchase

"How do I get them?"
"One of two ways, you pay for it, or you ask Diamondback to handle Carl Lucas for you.
I don't need Diamondback dealing with my problems, how much for the dam thing? For a bullet?... For real?..."
Cottonmouth and Shades[src]

With Luke Cage attacking Cottonmouth's criminal empire, the crime lord was beginning to get desperate for a way to stop him. Cottonmouth's associate Shades showed him a video where the Judas was used. Cottonmouth was extremely impressed by the demonstration and demanding how to purchase the weapon.

When Shades explained exactly how much the bullet would cost, Cottonmouth realised he was unable to afford it, and therefore his only option was to consider hiring Diamondback to kill Cage for him, with Shades noting that if that happened, Diamondback would take over Harlem. Refusing to allow this to happen, Cottonmouth decided that he would return the Hammer Industries guns back to Domingo Colon's people and sort out that situation so Diamondback would lend him the money he needed to get the Judas and finally kill Cage once and for all.[1]

Attack on Luke Cage

"One Judas for another."

In an attempt on Luke Cage's life, Diamondback shot Luke twice with these bullets, which caused near-fatal injuries for him. They can penetrate Luke's skin because of the unique properties of the Chitauri metal. It was only by heating up his body at a high temperature that Claire Temple and Noah Burstein were able to remove the shrapnel from Luke's body.[3]


"The rounds are a composite, invisible to metal detectors. And they incinerate forensic evidence, so they are untraceable."

The Judas Bullet has the ability to penetrate otherwise impervious materials. Upon contacting any surface, the bullet briefly drills through its opposing substance, and then explodes, causing shrapnel to fly everywhere. This is useful for eliminating and confusing the evidence. The metal used for the bullet is the same metal found from the Chitauri weapons recovered after the Battle of New York.


In chronological order:


  • Due to the Chitauri metal used in the bullet's creation, it is very expencive to purchase. When writing down the price, Shades lifted the pen five times, implying that it is a six digit number.


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