"It's about what happened with you. With all of us. Kandahar. You think they would ever let that go?"
Ray Schoonover to Frank Castle[src]

Kandahar is the second most popolous city in Afghanistan.


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Ten Rings Investigation

While investigating the Ten Rings's possession of Stark Industries weapons, Tony Stark sends his assistant Pepper Potts, to hack into the company computer system of Obadiah Stane's office. Here she found evidence of Stane selling weapon to the Ten Rings in 2007, with documents regarding a naval cargo that was sent to Karachi in order to be delivered in the hands of the terrorist in Kandahar .[1]

Fake Identity

Rosalind Price, using the alias of Sarah Russell, worked for the CIA Office of Middle East Study and Technical Analysis from 2008 to 2009, working in many CIA stations overseas including Kandahar.[2]



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