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"It's about what happened with you. With all of us. Kandahar. You think they would ever let that go?"
Ray Schoonover to Frank Castle[src]

Kandahar is the second most popolous city in Afghanistan.


Ten Rings Investigation

Iron Man Kandahar

While investigating the Ten Rings's possession of Stark Industries weapons, Tony Stark sended Pepper Potts to hack into the company computer system of Obadiah Stane's office. There she found evidence of Stane selling weapon to the Ten Rings in 2007, with documents regarding a naval cargo that was sent to Karachi in order to be delivered in the hands of the terrorist in Kandahar.[1]

Fake Identity

Rosalind Price, using the alias of Sarah Russell, worked for the CIA Office of Middle East Study and Technical Analysis from 2008 to 2009, working in many CIA stations overseas including Kandahar.[2]

Operation Cerberus

The Punisher Marine Days

Frank Castle fights on terrorists' territory

"He said Kandahar was like nothing else. He said the lines were blurred."
Curtis Hoyle to Billy Russo[src]

CIA Chief Special Agent William Rawlins would run an illegal black-ops program known as Operation Cerberus in Kandahar in order to end terrorist activities in Afghanistan. His team of special forces soldiers would capture terrorists for intelligence and use the information to raid terrorist hideouts. The interrogations involved torture and executions, tactics that made unit members uncomfortable including Frank Castle. Rawlins assured the men that the operation had congressional approval, which it did not. To finance the operation, Rawlins along with Major Ray Schoonover would import Afghan heroin to the United States of America. Rawlins received false intellegence leading to a heavily guarded compound in Kandahar. The intel was meant to trap Cerberus Squad, and succeeded in killing or injuring a large amount of soldiers. Castle managed to clear the area for evacuation by entering the compound and killing the insurgents inside. The failure of the mission and the loss of confidence in Rawlins led to the end of Operation Cerberus. During and after the operation, Rawlins and his allies would assassinate people they suspected of learning the truth about Kandahar, including Ahmad Zubair, an Afghan policeman.


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