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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Keep reading this article at your own risk.

"You abducted me, man. You stole me from my home and from my family!"
"You don't give a damn about your Terra!"
Yondu Udonta and Star-Lord[src]

The Kidnapping of Peter Quill was a successful attempt by the Ravagers on orders of Ego the Living Planet to abduct Peter Quill from Earth.


An extraterrestrial named Ego visited Earth and conceived a child named Peter with Meredith Quill, a woman living in Missouri. Years later, this being from an ancient and mysterious race ordered the Ravagers, a band of thieves and outlaws, to retrieve his son for him as part of his plan to conquer the universe.[1]

Meredith Quill

Meredith Quill

By age eight, Peter Quill only knew of his father from stories told to him by Meredith, who described him as an "angel". Peter, called by her her "little Star-Lord", grew close to her and loved listening to the cassette Meredith gave him; he constantly played "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" on his Walkman.

Meredith was hospitalized after being diagnosed with cancer, which was triggered by Ego, and family members, including her father, came to be with her and Peter in her last moments of life.[2]


Young Peter Quill

In 1988, an 8-year old Peter Quill waited at a hospital until being taken by his grandfather to see Meredith Quill's last moments. His mother handed him a wrapped gift and a letter before dying of the cancer triggered by Ego. Saddened by this, Quill escaped the hospital and sobbed in the grass, before being abducted by an M-ship, which appeared above him.[2]


Peter and Ego

Peter Quill, now in adulthood bonds with his father, Ego

"Why would you risk your life for this?"
"My mother gave it to me. My mom liked sharing with me all the pop songs that she loved growing up. I happened to have it on me, when I was... the day that she... You know, when I left Earth."
Gamora and Star-Lord[src]

The Ravagers neglected Ego the Living Planet's orders and raised him as their own, despite some mercenaries in the band wanting to devour him. Yondu Udonta raised Quill practically as his own son and taught him to become a master thief.

In 2014, taking the mantle of Star-Lord, Quill stole an Orb, which ultimately led to a chase across the stars. After the Battle of Xandar, Peter opened Meredith's gift, which was a second cassette entitled Awesome Mix Vol. 2 for his Walkman.[2]


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