"It is an honor, Mr. President."
"If you're gonna do it, do it!"
"Whoa, cool your boots, sir. That's not how the Mandarin works."
Eric Savin and Matthew Ellis[src]

The Kidnapping of President Ellis was an attack on Air Force One and an attempt by Eric Savin, who was acting on Aldrich Killian's orders, to abduct President Matthew Ellis


"The president's safe on Air Force One with Colonel Rhodes. I think we're good, here."
"Sir, this is Colonel Rhodes. They're using the Iron Patriot as a Trojan horse. They're gonna take out the president somehow."
―Vice President Rodriguez and James Rhodes[src]
Tony Stark was assumed dead after his house was destroyed with him inside, but he escaped and managed to fly to Rose Hill, Tennessee. After being attacked by and killing Ellen Brandt, Stark went to Miami, Florida to Aldrich Killian's Mansion. Stark was captured by Aldrich Killian and forced to watch him kill Maya Hansen before escaping.

Killian managed to get James Rhodes out of his Iron Patriot armor and ordered Eric Savin get in it and go to the plane carrying President Matthew Ellis.[1]


Iron flag

Eric Savin getting into Air Force One.

"Sir, Air Force One has been compromised. Internal shots, temperature spikes."
United States Secret Service agent[src]

Eric Savin, in the Iron Patriot armor, boarded Air Force One. Once the plane was in flight, Savin locked up several Secret Service Agents and killed the others. President Matthew Ellis attempted to fight back as well with a fallen pistol, but Savin pinned him down. He then put the armor on him and sent it to Aldrich Killian on a decommissioned Roxxon oil-tanker, the Norco, for a public execution.

Armor vs Savin

Eric Savin fights against Iron Man.

Iron Man used his Telepresence Headset to fly his Mark XLII suit to the plane to save the President. The armor arrived too late, but Stark stopped Savin before he could parachute out of the plane. Savin blows a hole in the plane causing all the trapped passengers to fall out of the plane. Stark kills Savin with a repulsor blast from his chest piece through Savin's heart. Stark then uses the armor to save the falling passengers.[1]


Colonel Rhodes and President Ellis

Iron Patrot with President Matthew Ellis

"The President is secure, Tony. I'm clearing the area."
Iron Patriot to Iron Man[src]

Tony Stark and James Rhodes attacked the Norco and save President Matthew Ellis and Pepper Potts. During the battle, Pepper kills Aldrich Killian ending his war.[1]