"Only thing gonna crack tonight, is your skull."
Hirochi and Stick[src]

The Kidnapping of Stick was organised by Nobu Yoshioka in an attempt to trap Elektra and convince her to become the Black Sky.


Knowing that the Hand was active in New York City once again, Stick asked Elektra Natchios to once again try to bring Matt Murdock back into the Chaste. Using the excuse that they were investigating her father's investments in the Roxxon Oil Corporation, Natchios and Murdock discovered a large hole, at least 40 stories deep, in Midland Circle, an area that Nobu Yoshioka had asked Wilson Fisk to procure for him. At this location, they were attacked by Hand ninjas, and were only able to escape when Stick arrived to rescue them.

Natchios was badly hurt by a poisoned blade in the battle, but Stick was able to save her. In Murdock's apartment, he finally explained the history of the Chaste and the Hand to a very skeptical Murdock. Murdock convinced Natchios to leave Stick and to fight the Hand with him instead. She agreed, and told Stick to leave.

Later, Murdock was attacked by a lone Hand ninja, and was struck with a poisoned arrow. Murdock was able to defeat him, only to discover that he was just a kid. Natchios slit the young man's throat, horrifying Murdock. Natchios was able to heal Murdock, but when he recovered, he asked her to leave, saying that he couldn't be with someone who loved killing.

Natchios attempted to leave the city, but was met at the airport by Jacques Duchamps, who tried to kill her with twin sai. She was able to take the weapons and kill him. With his dying breath, he said that Stick had sent him to kill her.

At the Wall, Stick's men told him that Duchamps was dead, and Stick sent them to find Murdock. As they left, they were attacked by Natchios, who then found Stick and attacked him. One of Stick's men lived long enough to drive to Murdock's apartment building and tell him that Natchios had come to kill Stick.



Daredevil and Elektra argue about Stick

Murdock, in his body armor, was able to make it to the Wall in time to stop Natchios from killing Stick. However, they were attacked by Hand ninjas, who escaped with Stick. Murdock tried to convince Natchios to help him rescue Stick, but she insisted that she would kill him if she found him.

Murdock was able to find Stick's location using abandoned railway tunnels. He could not track the Hand by their heartbeats, and when they stopped using weapons, he couldn't use the sound of their swords, either. Stick, being tortured by Hirochi, spoke to Murdock, knowing that he could hear him with his enhanced senses. He told him to track the Hand ninjas by their exhalations, which Murdock did.

Murdock was able to rescue Stick, who bit into Hirochi's neck in order to subdue him. They were interrupted by Natchios, who was still intent on killing her former mentor. They were joined by Nobu Yoshioka, who revealed to Natchios and Murdock what Stick already knew: Natchios was a Black Sky. Natchios, seeing this as the answer to why she always was drawn to violence, was tempted to accept this as her fate. However, Murdock convinced her that only she could define who she was, and in the end, she turned on the Hand and helped Murdock and Stick escape.


Nobu Yoshioka realized that Daredevil had a great deal of influence over Elektra Natchios. He set a plan in motion to kill Daredevil so that Natchios would accept her destiny as the Black Sky.


  1. The Attack on the Hand cannot be much longer than a month before Christmas, December 25th, as Murdock still has cuts and bruises from the battle then, so at the earliest it is mid-November, and this event is 2-1 days before that, so at the earliest it is November. However, Just to Get a Rep has to be after the Attack on Metro-General Hospital, which is 1-2 days before this event. DWYCK shows the date to be December 1st, and Just to Get a Rep is a while before that, so at the latest as well this is November.
  2. It does not matter, we will continue until he breaks."