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"Where is T'Challa? His Kimoyo Beads have been switched off."

The Kimoyo Beads are advanced Wakandan technology that has been developed from Vibranium by the Wakandan Design Group to serve a number of purposes.[1]


The Kimoyo beads are pieces of advanced communication technology utilized by the Wakandans from Vibranium. The prime bead provides a lifetime's worth of medical knowledge and is given to each individual at birth. Additional beads are added to serve various purposes, such as communication or vehicle control.[2]

Arrest of Ulysses Klaue

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Infinity War

Shuri used her Kimoyo Beads to scan Vision's body and project a holographic image of the Mind Stone embedded in his head as she had been tasked with safely removing the Stone without killing Vision. When the Black Order arrived outside of the kingdom's forcefields, Okoye used her Kimoyo Beads to project an image of the Outriders' dropships.

During the Battle of Wakanda, T'Challa communicated with his sister with his Kimoyo Beads, telling her to hurry with the Mind Stone's extraction.[3]


"I don't think he'll make it here. It hit his spine."
"Give me a Kimoyo Bead. This will stabilize him for now."
Nakia and T'Challa[src]

The Kimoyo Beads are specially crafted to serve a multitude of purposes in accordance to what the wearer needs. Different beads have been shown capable of capturing and projecting holographic images and recordings. Their Vibranium composition allows them to be used for medical purposes, such as stabilizing the condition of a wounded Everett Ross. They can also be used to scan a given subject, as Shuri did with Vision's Mind Stone.

The Kimoyo Beads have also been shown to control various types of Wakandan technology, as[Shuri was able to control the Wakandan Maglev Train's systems, activating the train's stabilizers that weakened the defenses of T'Challa's and Erik Killmonger's Panther Habits, respectively.

They can also be used as communication or recording devices over a long distance, as T'Challa was able to communicate with Shuri through her Remote Access Kimoyo Beads from South Korea.


  • "Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the spirit".


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