"I've spent much of my life alone. And for many years, I pretended that this was the source of my strength. I told myself I had free will. And in that time, I achieved a great deal. But I was not fulfilled. I was longing for a connection that I could imagine but I could not achieve. Searching and not finding."
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Wilson Grant Fisk is a powerful businessman with interests in the future of New York City by controlling the crime waves which brought him into conflict with some of his partners who betrayed him, as well as fighting the new vigilante Daredevil. His attempt to destroy and rebuild Hell's Kitchen was ruined when his criminal activities were leaked to the FBI, leading to his arrest. Fisk's own criminal career did not end at his arrest. Within Ryker's Island, Fisk began building up a loyal band of criminals and came to run the prison. Seeking to destroy the crime competition in New York by the time he got free, Fisk assisted in the Punisher's escape, as he desired to eliminate competing criminal empires as the new Kingpin. This put Fisk in conflict with Nelson and Murdock who incarcerated him.

Desiring his freedom, Fisk then set about a plan to manipulate the FBI by leaking criminals within New York City in order to be placed in the Presidential Hotel where Fisk could continue all of his criminal activities, while focusing most his efforts on exposing Matt Murdock as Daredevil. From his new position of power, Fisk had then blackmailed and manipulated multiple agents, including Benjamin Poindexter to aid him in framing Daredevil as a terrorist, while he also ensured that his name was cleared within the eyes of the law to ensure that Vanessa Marianna could return to him. However Fisk's schemes were thwarted by the posthumous testimony of Ray Nadeem, while Poindexter learned of Fisk's manipulation of him, as Daredevil and Poindexter fought and eventually defeated Fisk, resulting in him and Marianna then being returned into prison.


Early Life

Lessons in Violence

"Come here, come here, come here. It's people like this who want to keep you done, keep you afraid. You have to show them you're not afraid, you gotta show them you're a man. Kick him. Don't give that look that your mother gives, you do what I tell you, kick him! Kick him!"
Bill Fisk to Wilson Fisk[src]

Wilson Fisk is given advice from his father

Wilson Fisk was born in New York City to a caring mother and an ambitious but cruel father. When he was young, Fisk's father, Bill, ran for the city council of Hell's Kitchen, believing it would make him and his family rich. Wilson, at the age of twelve, was tasked with helping his father put signs together to promote his campaign. One day while making signs, Fisk's father allowed him to take a drink of whiskey to prove he was a man, but when Fisk choked he was mocked by his father who laughed in his face.


Fisk is comforted by his mother after a fight

Despite the work that their family put in, the campaign was soon a complete failure, with Bill Fisk losing out to his rival and coming out feeling both angry and humiliated as well as looking for someone to take out this anger upon. Wilson had soon became ridiculed by his neighbor Bernie Walker, who began kicking down all of the signs for Fisk's campaign before hitting Fisk in the jaw for fighting back and attempting to defend his father's work during his political campaign. The upset Fisk quickly returned to his home where his mother cared for his cut lip and gave him food to make him feel better.

Willy Fisk

Fisk witnesses his father's violent nature

When his father found out about this assault, he then took the young Wilson to confront Walker in person. Fisk watched closely as his own father cornered and confronted the over confident Walker until he became angry. Bill Fisk assaulted Walker and managed to beat him to the ground by hitting him repeatedly with a baseball bat. Fisk was then ordered by his father to kick the defenseless Walker repeatedly, telling him that he had to prove that he was a man and willing to fight back. Fisk did as he was instructed and assaulted Walker repeatedly, as his father ordered him to continue kicking Walker.[2]

Murdering His Father


Fisk being harassed by his drunken father

"Keep kicking him, keep kicking him, keep kicking him!"
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Having lost his campaign, Bill Fisk's drinking habit got more out of hand as the pressure of owing money to local mobsters, including Don Rigoletto, got to him, and he began beating his wife, blaming her for everything that was wrong with his life. During these beatings he would order Wilson to sit and stare at a blank wall and listen to his own mother scream in fear and pain as she was beaten repeatedly. The young Wilson remained fearful of his father, but hearing his mother's pain caused him to despise his father.


Fisk after brutally murdering his own father

During one of these beatings, Wilson decided to put an end to his beloved mother's suffering. He grabbed a nearby hammer and repeatedly hit his father over the head with it, killing him and crushing his skull with hit after hit. His mother comforted Fisk and promised to protect him, deciding to then cut up the body. They began dumping it in the river every night for the next week, knowing that most people who knew them would blame Rigoletto for his disappearance. As a gift, Fisk was given his father's cufflinks, which he kept and wore for years afterwards to remind himself of his father's true nature.[2]

Criminal Enterprise

Away from Hell's Kitchen

"When I was twelve years old, my mother, she sent me to stay with relatives. Had a farm, middle of nowhere. Those were good years."
―Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna[src]

In the wake of Fisk murdering his father, his mother sent him to live on a farm with relatives. Fisk later moved to Asia where he would spend most of his time abroad, something reflected in his behavior and clothing.[2] Many years later, Fisk returned to New York City and became a powerful criminal businessman, developing a plan to pull Hell's Kitchen apart and rebuild it. He took control over Don Rigoletto's criminal activities and recruited the Russian Mafia, "Yakuza" and Madame Gao's Triad into his organization.[3] He also developed a rivalry with Nesbitt, the leader of the Kitchen Irish.[4]

Meeting Vanessa Marianna


Fisk introducing himself to Vanessa Marianna

"People always ask me how we can charge so much for what amounts of just variations of white. I tell them it's not about the artist's name or the skill required, not even about the art itself. All that matters is: how does it make you feel?"
"It makes me feel alone."
Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk[src]

Fisk visited Scene Contempo Gallery and stared at a white painting, one which resembled the white wall that his father would force him to stare at as a child. As he silently stared at the painting, he was approached by Vanessa Marianna, one of the gallery's art dealers, and the pair discussed the painting. When Marianna asked him how the painting made him feel, Fisk told her it made him feel alone.[5] Fisk agreed to purchase the painting and hung it in his bedroom.


Fisk discusses Anatoly Ranskahov's decisions

Fisk continued to think of Marianna and built up the courage to ask her out on a date. While outside the gallery in his limo, Fisk was briefly updated by James Wesley about their plans to buy out Veles Taxi, with Welsey noting that Anatoly Ranskahov seemed more open to the idea than his brother Vladimir Ranskahov. They then briefly discussed the Man in the Mask, who had been causing them issues, and Fisk promised to find a way to kill him. As he prepared to step outside, Fisk ordered Wesley to stay with the car so he could deal with this alone as it was a more personal matter.


Fisk asking Vanessa Marianna out for dinner

Fisk returned alone to the Scene Contempo Gallery and soon found Vanessa Marianna, who was still working. They discussed what Fisk had done with the painting she had sold him, with Fisk explaining that it was up in his Penthouse bedroom so that it would be the last thing he saw every night and the first thing he saw in the morning. Fisk built up the courage to ask her to join him for dinner. Marianna told him that she was working all night but implored him to continue trying to convince her. Despite his shyness, Marianna happily agreed to join him for the dinner, provided that it was Italian food. She and Fisk then properly introduced themselves to each other.[6]

Interrupted Date


Fisk has some dinner with Vanessa Marianna

"Time and distance, they afford a certain clarity. I realized that this city was a part of me, that it was in my blood. And I would do anything to make it a better place for people like you."
"To a better place."
―Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

While enjoying their dinner together, the pair discussed their past. At one point, Vanessa Marianna mentioned Fisk's cufflinks, which he would often touch while speaking; Fisk told her that they were had previously belonged to his father's and he wore them to remember him. When Marianna noted that she had never known of this restaurant, this led to a discussion about the future of New York City's development, with Fisk explaining his own youth in the city before his mother had sent him away. Fisk went on to claim that the city was a part of him and he now wanted to make it a better place.


Fisk and Marianna discuss New York City

As the dinner wore on, the pair enjoyed each others' company more and more as Fisk recommended the Zuppa Inglese for Marianna to enjoy, which she accepted. However, as Fisk was being asked what sort of person he was to which he claimed to be just a man, they were suddenly interrupted when Anatoly Ranskahov charged into the restaurant, saying that he and his brother had accepted Fisk's offer to take over Veles Taxi. Desperate for Marianna not to learn of all his own criminal undertakings, Fisk then told her to leave with him and ordered James Wesley to put Ranskahov into the car.


Fisk says goodnight to Vanessa Marianna

Fisk walked Marianna back home and apologized for the interruption. Fisk asked if he would ever see her again. Marianna told Fisk that she usually does not date her customers, but she made an exception for him, not because of his money but because she felt that there was something different about him, which she now regretted. Fisk tried to apologize for the failure of the evening and asked if she had enjoyed her time with him; she told him that she did not know how she felt and went inside her apartment, leaving Fisk standing there heartbroken and alone before walking away in silence.[6]

Assassination of Anatoly Ranskahov


Fisk beats Anatoly Ranskahov to death

"Take what's left of him and send it to his brother."
"It'll start a war."
"I'm counting on it."
―Wilson Fisk and James Wesley[src]

Furious to have been embarrassed, Fisk traveled to James Wesley's location and called him to ensure that he could ambush his target correctly. Fisk proceeded to drag Anatoly Ranskahov from the car and throw him into the mud. Fisk continued to brutally beat down Ranskahov in revenge for the embarrassment with Vanessa Marianna, eventually putting his head between the car door and hitting it repeatedly in a psychotic rage until Ranskahov's head was completely crushed.


Fisk prepares for war with Vladimir Ranskahov

As Fisk stepped away from the corpse of his victim, Wesley handed him a handkerchief which he used to wipe the blood from his face. Looking down Fisk noticed that his suit had been damaged in the fight when Ranskahov had tried to fight back with a knife, so he told Wesley to contact Melvin Potter at his Workshop for a new one. As Wesley questioned what to do with Ranskahov's corpse, Fisk told him to send it to Vladimir Ranskahov. When Welsey mentioned that this killing would start a war with the Russians who would seek their revenge, Fisk told him that he was now counting on this.[6]

War with the Russians


Fisk and Wesley meet with all their partners

"The Ranskahovs are no longer a part of our organization.
"Since when?
"Since I removed Anatoly's head with my car door."
―Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley[src]

While his car was being cleaned of all Anatoly Ranskahov's blood and brains, Fisk and James Wesley had a meeting with the remaining members of his organization, with Fisk apologising for being absent for so long. Fisk explained to the group that the Russians were no longer a part of their organization since he had just removed Ranskahov's head with his own car door, and as a direct response to this, Vladimir Ranskahov would be seeking revenge. The group all showed horror and anger at the news, demanding to know why they were not consulted on the matter before this action was taken.


Fisk is calmly threatened by Nobu Yoshioka

With everyone furious at Fisk, Madame Gao asked what this meant in the movement of her Steel Serpent heroin without the Ranskahovs; however Fisk told her to continue dealing with the Ranskahovs' Veles Taxi operation until he could completely take over their distribution from them, promising that he would split the profits between them all. Despite Leland Owlsley strongly questioning the arrangement, the group begrudgingly accepted the proposal. Nobu Yoshioka told Fisk on his way not to forget the promises he had made to him and all his known superiors in the Hand whom he represented.


Fisk privately speaks with Madame Gao

As the group left, with Owlsley complaining that with the Russian's rebellion and the Masked Man running around, he felt the need to get his stun gun back out from storage before driving away out of the garage with Yoshioka following closely behind him. Left alone, Fisk then approached Gao and offered her his arm as he walked her back to her car. With Gao still speaking in Chinese, Wesley continued to translate for them and explained that Gao believed he still wanted something from her, to which Fisk then insisted that he only wanted to put this situation behind them all as quickly as possible. Gao only smiled at this as they walked back to her car arm in arm.[7]

Second Date


Fisk gets dating advice from James Wesley

"I've done things that I'm not proud of, Vanessa. I've hurt people, and I'm going to hurt more. It's impossible to avoid for what I'm trying to do. But I take no pleasure in it in cruelty. But this city isn't a caterpillar. It doesn't spin a cocoon and wake up a butterfly. A city crumbles and fades. It needs to die before it can be reborn."
―Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna[src]

Fisk invited Vanessa Marianna for a second dinner to make up for the disastrous first; before hand, Fisk spoke with James Wesley about recent events involving a Russian who attempted to rat out Fisk to the police after an encounter with the Man in the Mask, but had been gunned down by Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman who were busy ensuring that the rest of the New York City Police Department did not learn of the Russian's connection to Fisk. As Fisk prepared to leave, Wesley recommended a wine for Fisk to order inside the restaurant for his date with Marianna.


Fisk on a second date with Vanessa Marianna

While Fisk sat alone and overlooked New York City he waited, hoping that Marianna would give him a second chance. Eventually Marianna did show up and was brought to Fisk by Marcel, although she still admitted that she had considered not coming at all, although she was impressed that Fisk had hired the entire restaurant to ensure they were not disturbed. Fisk assured her that however she wished the evening to go would be the way it would happen. He admitted that although he was a shy man who did not like being questioned or being in public; he would always be honest with Marianna.


Fisk is handed a gun from Vanessa Marianna

The pair sat down for dinner and spoke about their own lives, with Marianna telling Fisk of a prince she had once been seduced by as she worked at the Scene Contempo Gallery, which clearly made Fisk uncomfortable to discuss. They briefly talked about why a man like Fisk felt alone, which Fisk blamed on the nature of his own business, which he claimed was rebuilding Hell's Kitchen. Fisk asked Marianna what was the model of the gun in her purse, asking her if she felt she would have needed it, with Marianna claiming that by not confessing what he really did he was then insulting her intelligence.


Fisk explains his own vision for New York City

Marianna made it clear she knew he was involved in some criminal activities, so to win back her trust in him Fisk told her that he planned to change the city for the better with force, believing that it would not happen on its own. Fisk confessed to having hurt people and even admitted that he would hurt more soon, although he insisted that he took no pleasure in being cruel like his father had been. Fisk told her that New York City needed to die, so it could finally be reborn into something better. Marianna then gave Fisk her gun, knowing that she was safe next to him as Fisk put the gun into his jacket.


Fisk and Marianna look over the burning city

During their dinner, Fisk's men detonated bombs in the warehouses of the Russians, killing most of them in the multiple blasts to ensure that Vladimir Ranskahov would fail in his attempt to destroy Fisk's organization to avenge Anatoly Ranskahov. As the city burned and the police sirens could be heard, Fisk and Marianna watched the fires from the window. To reassure her Fisk told Marianna about the boy who had been kidnapped and rescued by the Masked Man, telling her that the kidnappers were now burning in the flames. On the way out, Fisk tipped Marcel and thanked him for the evening.[7]

Speaking to the Masked Man


Fisk learns Vladimir Ranskahov has survived

"That's what makes you dangerous. It's not the mask. It's not the skills. It's your ideology. The lone man who thinks he can make a difference. I'm glad we could talk. I respect your conviction even if it runs counter with with my own."
―Wilson Fisk to the Masked Man[src]

After his date, Fisk joined James Wesley into their limousine; Wesley received a call informing him that although the Russians' strongholds had been destroyed, Vladimir Ranskahov had escaped with the help of the man in black. Fisk became nervous, knowing that Madame Gao would be disappointed that the situation had not yet been resolved as he had promised it would. Fisk was later informed by Christian Blake that the man in the mask had seemingly taken a police officer hostage inside an abandoned warehouse with Ranskahov.


Fisk finally speaking with the Man in the Mask

Fisk ordered Blake to take down the man, but was told it was more complicated as journalist Ben Urich, who was now also on the scene, could expose their schemes. Fisk ordered Urich to be shot in front of the cities' media. Fisk was given a police radio and used it to contact the man in black after Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman had ensured that all other officers had changed channels. The man took the radio and the pair began speaking; Fisk told him they had a lot in common but the man insisted that they were nothing alike and vowed that one day he would bring him and his entire criminal empire down.


Fisk chooses to leave the Masked Man to die

Fisk told the man that his part in their drama would end that night, as the man would be blamed for the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Fisk offered the man the chance to kill Ranskahov and go free, noting all of the crimes Ranskahov was guilty of. Fisk claimed he respected the man's convictions but he would ensure that the city would turn on him; Fisk then ordered his men to shoot Urich and release footage of the man attacking police officers. Fisk then told the man they would not speak again and hung up. He later learned that Ranskahov had been killed during the firefight and the man escaped.[8]

Difficult Choices

Experiencing Sleepless Nights


Fisk wakes up from yet another nightmare

"You asked that the docks and your transit path be clear of police interference. Did you observe any police?"
"Of course not, because I'm a man of honor!"
―Wilson Fisk and Nobu Yoshioka[src]

Throughout his sleep inside his Penthouse, Fisk often found himself being haunted by nightmares of the night of his father's murder. Once awake and sitting on his bed in a cold sweat, Fisk would stare at the painting he had bought from Vanessa Marianna at the Scene Contempo Gallery. Ignoring the visions, Fisk instead chose to focus on his work while also continuing to adhere with his own strict daily routine.


Fisk looks at his own reflection in the mirror

Once he had gotten out of bed, Fisk would then immediately begin his daily routine, starting by making himself the same breakfast which he made every morning, eating it alone while overlooking his view of the New York City skyline. Once he had eaten, Fisk then then begin putting on a similar black suit with his father's cufflinks. Often as he would look in the mirror, he would see his reflection as his younger self, covered in his dead father's blood. Starring at this vision in his reflection, Fisk chose to ignore the horrific image and instead shut off the light before leaving his Penthouse to return to his work.


Fisk has a new meeting with Nobu Yoshioka

Arriving at the Pier 81 Warehouse, both Fisk and James Wesley had a private meeting with Nobu Yoshioka, who had become furious that his transportation of Black Sky had been ruined by an encounter with the man in the mask and another man. Yoshioka insulted Fisk's own organization as he felt Fisk had not come through with his promises; Fisk however insisted that although the Black Sky was dead, Fisk had in fact fulfilled his part of their arrangement by keeping the police away. When Yoshioka suggested that they should renegotiate the terms of their arrangement, Fisk apologized for any offense.


Fisk insists that he will not battle the Hand

Yoshioka instead threatened Fisk in Japanese before storming out of the pier. Wesley told Fisk that he believed Yoshioka needed to be taught respect as he did not like the way that he had spoken to Fisk. Fearing Yoshioka's influence over the Hand with whom he did not wish to go to war with, Fisk instead told Wesley to leave the situation alone. Wesley argued that the Hand did not contribute enough for their organization in the same criminal way that Leland Owlsley and also Madame Gao did, but Fisk insisted that they were a necessary evil for their organization to continue with their plans.[2]

Assassination of Christian Blake


Fisk has a phone call with Vanessa Marianna

"Being informed knowing facts as they are not how we wish to perceive them, can tip the balance between life and death. Unlike you, your partner was inconsistent in his attention to detail."
"Well, that masked asshole beat him senseless and broke his arm. It wasn't his fault."
"Yes, I forgave him for that. What I find indefensible is we were not alerted that the addresses we provided had been compromised."
―Wilson Fisk and Carl Hoffman[src]

While inside his Penthouse, Fisk spoke to Vanessa Marianna about her life as well as his many trips to Asia when he was interrupted by a call from James Wesley. Apologizing to Marianna, Fisk answered Wesley who explained that Christian Blake had just awoken in the hospital after they had had him shot. Fisk suggested they use Blake's partner Carl Hoffman to assassinate him as they agreed that Blake would seek revenge, therefore Fisk knew he had to kill Blake before he exposed his entire operation.


Fisk bribes and threatens Carl Hoffman

Fisk had a meeting with Hoffman in which he tried to convince him to kill his friend and partner. Although Hoffman was initially unwilling to betray his friend of 35 years, Fisk was able to change his mind by pointing out Blake's flaws, claiming Blake had been responsible for the masked man gaining information from Vladimir Ranskahov. Fisk began giving subtle threats when Hoffman asked how long it would be until he was also in Fisk's firing line; finally Fisk allowed Hoffman to choose his own payment for the assassination. Hoffman chose a price and agreed to murder his own close friend for Fisk.


Fisk sitting down in Melvin Potter's Workshop

Fisk took Leland Owlsley to Melvin Potter's Workshop to be fitted with a kevlar suit in the wake of his own encounter with the masked man, as Fisk told him that he would keep Owsley safe with an armed guard to ensure it did not happen again. Owlsley stated that if the masked man dropped him off a roof then a lot of money would fall with him; Fisk asked if that was a threat but Owlsley insisted he was just stating the obvious. Once he had finished measuring Owsley for his newest suit, Melvin Potter asked if Fisk needed him for anything else, which Fisk assured him that he did not before defending Potter when Owlsely had rudely accused him of being half an idiot.


Fisk learns of the murder of Christian Blake

They were interrupted when James Wesley arrived in the workshop and informed them that while Christian Blake had been successfully assassinated by Hoffman, the incident had now become even more complicated as the man in the mask had gotten into the hospital and got information from Blake before his death. Although Owlsley was mortified by the failure, Wesley assured Fisk that Hoffman had been able to convince the New York City Police Department that the Man in the Mask had assaulted him and then murdered Blake, although Owlsley made it clear he was already losing faith in Fisk.[2]

Madame Gao's Warning


Fisk learns Madame Gao is on her way to him

Madame Gao and Wilson Fisk[src]

The next day, Fisk was once again awoken in the night by nightmares of his past, causing him to get up and stare long and hard at his new painting. As usual, Fisk began his morning routine by making his own breakfast and putting on his suit, only to be interrupted by James Wesley calling him on the phone. Answering, Fisk was informed that Madame Gao was currently on her way to his Penthouse to discuss recent events, so Fisk requested that Wesley arrive first.


Fisk has a new meeting with Madame Gao

Upon her arrival Fisk poured her tea which he had bought during his last trip to China while Wesley stood by and translated for them both. Although Gao said she approved of the tea, it was not the reason she was there. She began speaking English and told Fisk that she was aware that he did not need Wesley to translate anymore as Fisk was able to speak Chinese fluently due to all his time in Asia, much to the annoyance of Wesley. Gao questioned if Nobu Yoshioka had guessed that Fisk also spoke Japanese, but Fisk believed Yoshioka had not figured it out, much to the amusement of Gao who claimed that Fisk had been playing the fool to make them underestimate him.


Fisk is given an ultimatum by Madame Gao

Fisk and Gao began speaking to each other in Chinese and asked Wesley to wait outside as there was no need for him any longer. They discussed how neither Yoshioka nor Leland Owlsley were happy with Fisk's handling of the recent events and although Fisk attempted to assure her that things were now under control, Gao did not accept this, thinking back to how Fisk handled the situation involving the deaths of both Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov and how that had so negatively affected the organization moving onward, something that Fisk had struggled to defend as a poor emotional decision.

Angered Wilson Flips the table

Fisk overturns his dining room table in anger

Gao went on and then called Fisk sloppy and emotional since he had first met Vanessa Marianna, pointing out that she had been able to locate his Penthouse, something he had tried to keep secret, due to his recent lack of preparation. Ignoring Fisk's attempts to defend all of his actions, Gao got to her feet and said if he did not restore his business to order, she would cut him out of their organization and deal with Yoshioka and Owlsley directly. After she left his home, Fisk threw the dining room table over in a furious burst of anger and then aggressively ordered Wesley to immediately leave his home.[2]

Vanessa Marianna's Return


Fisk overlooks New York for several hours

"There are people out there that want to expose me, they don't understand what I'm trying to do for this city. They want to drag my name through the streets. They want to destroy everything that I'm trying to accomplish."
―Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna[src]

Fisk remained in the same spot in his Penthouse and looked out over the New York City skyline for hours. When James Wesley returned, Fisk ordered him to leave, claiming that if he needed him he would have asked, which Wesley disagreed with. Wesley however revealed he had brought Vanessa Marianna with him and left them alone. Fisk, still emotional, asked Marianna to leave; she instead commented on how Wesley was worried about him, but Fisk insisted he should not be, leading to Marianna asking him to tell her the truth.


Fisk asks Vanessa Marianna if he's a monster

Fisk confessed that he was afraid of how Marianna would look at him if he was to tell her the truth about him, but she invited him to speak regardless. Fisk then revealed the story of how he had murdered his own father and he and his mother had covered it up by cutting up his body and dumping it in the river, blaming it on Don Rigoletto. He told her his plans for New York City and how so many people were trying to bring him down and destroy everything he was trying to achieve for the city he loved. Marianna then coldly questioned if Fisk would let them defeat him, but Fisk vowed that he would not.[2]

Coming into the Light


Fisk has his breakfast with Vanessa Marianna

"I cannot keep living in the shadows, afraid of the light, none of us can, none of us should be forced to. We must do this together, we must resist those who would have us live in fear. My name is Wilson Fisk, and together, we can make this city a better place."
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Despite the revelation about his past, Vanessa Marianna still spent the night with Fisk in his Penthouse. As usual, Fisk awoke from a nightmare in a cold sweat, but rather than stare at the painting which gave him comfort, Fisk instead moved over to Marianna and embraced her. In the morning Fisk and Marianna enjoyed breakfast together, another change in Fisk's usual morning routine which he happily welcomed.


Vanessa Marianna gives Fisk a different suit

Due to Marianna's recommendation, Fisk had agreed to hold a press conference for WHiH World News in order to reveal his work to the people of New York City in order to gain support for everything that he was attempting to accomplish for the city. As Fisk went to get his usual black suits to wear, Marianna helped him pick out a new suit, and even made him choose different cufflinks rather than his usual choice of wearing his father's. Marianna continued to help him enter a new stage in his life as he looked at himself in the mirror, approving of the changes which Marianna was now making to his life.


Wilson Fisk makes his first public statement

Fisk then made his public statement to the people of Hell's Kitchen outside the New York State Supreme Court Building with Marianna as well as James Wesley standing close by. Fisk made it clear that he did not usually like speaking in public before he condemned the so called vigilante justice of the Man in the Mask. Fisk used the recent attack on Leland Owlsley as an example of how this Masked Man was tormenting the good people of New York, calling Owlsley a close friend and a pillar within the financial community who had just been brutally attacked by the Masked Man for seemingly no reason.


Fisk gains the support of the people of the city

Fisk told the people that he had attempted to do his work from the shadows in order to not endanger the lives of his friends, claiming the masked man was trying to destroy the work he was doing to save his city, pointing to the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen which was being blamed on the Masked Man. Fisk vowed that he would be stepping out of the shadows, unafraid of those trying to stop him. Fisk asked the people of Hell's Kitchen to stand together before announcing his name to the media. The speech came with support as the viewers cheered for Fisk, believing every word that he had said.[2]

Nobu Yoshioka's Demands


Fisk and James Wesley discuss Carl Hoffman

"I don't recall guaranteeing a specific block. You'll need to be patient or choose another."
"I am bound by certain requirements. Even I have those I must answer to. After the setback at the docks I can afford no further disruptions. Do what you must, but do it quickly."
―Wilson Fisk and Nobu Yoshioka[src]

Fisk and James Wesley discussed Fisk's new attention by the media, noting how the new donations were coming in as his approval rating continued to rise. Wesley informed Fisk that Senator Randolph Cherryh wished to have a meeting with Fisk, to which he suggested that they reject whatever restaurant Cherryh suggested first. They discussed the hunt for Detective Carl Hoffman, who since murdering Detective Christian Blake had now suddenly disappeared.


Fisk and Nobu Yoshioka discuss their plans

They were interrupted by the arrival of Nobu Yoshioka, who stormed in and tried to break the hand of Francis, Fisk's own security guard. Although Wesley began translating for Yoshioka, he threatened that if he continued to misquote him, Yoshioka would cut out his tongue. Yoshioka revealed he was furious that Fisk had not delivered the city block that he had been promised; Fisk tried to offer another as the original was proving difficult to clear but Yoshioka insisted on getting the one he and the Hand wanted. Fisk then asked Yoshioka to assist him with finding the man in the mask and then killing him.[10]

Meeting Matt Murdock


Fisk is first introduced to Matt Murdock

"The city has suffered long enough under the burden of poverty and decay. I believe we have opportunities now with..."
"Wilson, Mr. Murdock is a customer, not a donor."
"Yes, I apologize for the hard sell. This city and its future seeing Hell's Kitchen to its fullest potential is very important to me."
―Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

Fisk arrived into the Scene Contempo Gallery to meet with Vanessa Marianna, followed closely by his personal security team. Once Fisk arrived there he was introduced to Matt Murdock who was looking to purchase some art for his apartment. When Fisk was asked his own advice on what Murdock should purchase, he simply told him to buy whatever Marianna recommended for him to buy as the group laughed together.


Fisk tells Murdock his vision for Hell's Kitchen

Despite them all sharing the laugh together, Murdock, however then reminded Fisk that they should not be seen to be talking together as they were both currently on opposing sides of a law case. Fisk then explained to Marianna about how he had just recently bought the apartment property from Armand Tully which was where Nelson and Murdock's client Elena Cardenas was living before he then began to explain his plans on improving New York City but Marianna stopped him, noting that Murdock was a customer who was looking to buy some art and was not a donor for his political campaign.


Fisk watches as Matt Murdock goes to leave

While Fisk apologised for talking about his campaign too much, both Fisk and Murdock then expressed their mutual desire to see Hell's Kitchen reach it's fullest potential, claiming this to mean a great deal to him personally. Despite seemingly agreeing with Fisk's statements, Murdock then decided to then leave the art gallery, saying that he needed to consider the cost of the art works before purchasing them. As Murdock thanked Marianna all of her help, Fisk then watched him leave, suspicious if Murdock had an ulterior motive for coming inside the art gallery and speaking with Marianna and himself.


Fisk makes a statement on Elena Cardenas

Seeking to speed up all his plans and appease Nobu Yoshioka, Fisk then ordered the assassination of Elena Cardenas, one of the tenants from the building which the Hand desired, as he had his men provide Junkie Jake with some of Madame Gao's own Steel Serpent heroin in exchange for fatally stabbing Cardenas multiple times, making it appear to be a robbery that had gone wrong. In the wake of this, Fisk was approached by WHiH World News about her death and claimed that he was mourning her murder and even called it a tragedy, using Cardenas' death to strengthen his own political standing.[10]

Showdown with Masked Man


Fisk witnesses Nobu Yoshioka's death

"Thank you, Nobu was becoming an issue, I appreciate you removing him from concern."
"You, you wanted me to do this?!"
"In a perfect world you would have taken each other out, but this isn't a perfect world, is it? Not yet."
―Wilson Fisk and Masked Man[src]

Having baited him with the sudden death of Elena Cardenas, Fisk later arrived inside the warehouse where Nobu Yoshioka had fought the man in the mask until Yoshioka's unexpected fiery death. With the masked man alive but terribly wounded from attacks from Yoshioka's Kyoketsu-shoge, Fisk confronted him with James Wesley and Francis by his side, thanking him for killing Yoshioka for him and admitted to organizing Cardenas's death to create the trap.


Fisk nearly beats the Masked Man to death

The masked man claimed he would kill Fisk, while Fisk was unafraid and dared him to try, resulting in them fighting. Fisk was able to easily overpower the wounded man and beat him mercilessly, taking advantage of the wounds that Yoshioka had already inflicted upon the man with his Kyoketsu-shoge. At one point the masked man desperately tried to cut him with one of Yoshioka's weapons, but Fisk was saved by Melvin Potter's armored suit, so Fisk responded by chocking the man before slamming his body through a table, finally ending the fight in Fisk's favor as Fisk calmed himself.


Fisk witnesses the Masked Man's escape

With the masked man lying wounded on the ground and struggling to get back onto his feet, Fisk wiped the blood of his own face while watching the man moan and crawl away. Telling the man that he was disappointed in the poor fight, Fisk then decided to end things once and for all and calmly ordered James Wesley to shoot him, but the masked man was able to disarm Wesley, leaping from a window, and escaped. Fisk told Francis to tell his men to execute the man as soon as they saw him. When Wesley asked what to do about Yoshioka's body, Fisk told him to do nothing and let him burn.[10]

Campaign Gone Wrong

Saviour or Oppressor


Fisk has a private meeting with Madame Gao

Madame Gao and Wilson Fisk[src]

Fisk had yet another meeting with Madame Gao, this time within the open air, looking out over the New York City skyline. Gao commented on the absence of James Wesley, who was now no longer needed to translate as they both spoke to each other in Chinese. Gao told Fisk a metaphorical tale of a snake that died after mistaking an elephant for it's prey, explaining that the snake was killed by it's own ambitions. Fisk asked Gao if he was the over ambitious snake or the unkillable elephant in the metaphor which made her smile.


Fisk and Madame Gao discuss the future

When Gao expressed her disappointment at Nobu Yoshioka's death, Fisk claimed he did not expect Nobu to go against the masked man himself. Gao warned Fisk that the Hand were preparing for retaliation after their boss's death, and she asked him if his ambition would ever turn to her, but Fisk assured her that she had his respect so he would not harm her. She told him his mind was distracted by his heart. She spoke in English to tell him to chose if he was the savior or oppressor of the city before allowing Fisk to now consider her words and make a decision before someone took advantage of his weaknesses.[12]

Reassuring Leland Owlsley


Fisk prepares to attend his next fundraiser

"Change is inevitable for me this city and certain relationships."
"All right. All right, I'll go speak with her."
"I appreciate your support in the matter."
"Sure, why not? We're all in this together, right? What's left of us."
―Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley[src]

While preparing for a fundraiser, Fisk spoke to Leland Owlsley and informed him of Nobu Yoshioka's violent death by being burned alive during his fight against the Masked Man, much to the horror and disgust of Owlsley. Ignoring his dismay, Fisk then ordered Owlsley to speak to Madame Gao and assure her that everything was perfectly operational with their organization in the wake of Yoshioka's recent violent death.


Fisk and Leland Owlsley discuss moving on

Owlsley claimed that saying all this would mean lying to Gao's face which Fisk did not deny. Fisk then told James Wesley to bring the car around to then go to the benefit and also prepare to collect Vanessa Marianna. When Owlsley made a comment about Fisk's relationship with Marianna and how things had gotten out of hand ever since he met her, Fisk spoke to him about what it means to be in love with somebody, comparing the love he currently had for Marianna to the love that Owlsley must have at least once had for Lee Owlsley's own mother, which made Owlsley visibly uncomfortable.


Fisk demands Leland Owlsley remain loyal

Owlsley responded by telling him that Gao was right in thinking that Fisk had indeed changed, to which Fisk responded by claiming that change was inevitable for him and for New York City to continue to move forward. Owlsley agreed to speak to Gao in an attempt to keep the organization running. When Fisk thanked Owlsley for supporting him with this matter, Owlsley commented that everyone who was still alive were in this together, making reference to Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov's recent murders as well as Yoshioka's. As Owlsley left, Fisk looked out of his Penthouse window at New York.[12]

Poisoning of Vanessa Marianna


Fisk gives a speech discussing his plans

"I question the man who wouldn't step forward when his city, his heart, is in such a time of need. With your help we can ensure that everyone that was affected by the recent attacks, and all who call Hell's Kitchen their home, will see a brighter day."
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Fisk attended his fundraiser at the Van Lunt Building and gave his speech to all the attendants in which he noted that he had already been questioned as to why he had come out of the shadows and put forward the question of who would not want to stand up and make New York City a better place to live in, which was greatly supported as they clapped for Fisk. Once he had completed his speech, Fisk began walking through the room greeting some of people and thanking others for all of their personal donations to his campaign.


Fisk spends his time with Vanessa Marianna

Fisk and James Wesley then spoke to Leland Owlsley who assured him that the business with Madame Gao was taken care of which Fisk personally thanked him for. Owlsley then offered them a drink of champagne which Vanessa Marianna gratefully accepted while Fisk instead focused on networking at the event. Fisk was taken away to speak to Senator Randolph Cherryh in private about the zoning plans he had pitched, leaving Marianna alone with Wesley and Owlsley as they went on to discuss Cornelius van Lunt while a bored Marianna sipped at her champagne while Owlsley continued talking.


Fisk attempts to save Vanessa Marianna

While he was speaking to Cherryh, Fisk suddenly noticed that many of the attendants began to collapse after drinking the champagne, including Marianna. Already too late to stop her from drinking the champagne, Fisk ran to Marianna's aid and caught her just as she collapsed into his arms and had even began foaming at the mouth. Horrified at what he was witnessing, Fisk desperately begged her to stay with him and ordered Wesley to call for an ambulance and take her to Metro-General Hospital in order to save her life while Owlsley quietly dropped his own full glass of the champagne.[12]

Caring for Vanessa


Fisk rushes Vanessa Marianna to the hospital

"You need to find who did this, you need to... I want to look in their eyes when I salt the earth with their blood."
"I told her the safest place she could ever be was by my side."
―Wilson Fisk and James Wesley[src]

Fisk stormed into Metro-General Hospital carrying Vanessa Marianna in his arms, seeking medical assistance from all the doctors. As the group around Fisk explained what just happened to Doctor Murray, James Wesley reassured Fisk that Doctor Rosenberg had been contacted and was on his way in a private jet while Fisk looked down at his beloved and silently begged her to make it through this ordeal. As Marianna was being taken into surgery, Fisk demanded to be allowed to stay beside her but was sent away by the nurse.


Fisk waits for Vanessa Marianna's recovery

Fisk waited in silence for news outside the hospital doors, awaiting news on his beloved's condition, while Doctors Rosenberg and Murray treated her and tried desperately to save her life. As Fisk sat in the same spot without saying a word and ignored everything around him while awaiting news on Marianna's recovery, Wesley and Leland Owlsley watched over him and discussed Fisk's mental state under times of such incredible emotional stress. As they were speaking, Wesley was informed by Francis that three of the others who had also been poisoned had passed away from the attack.


Fisk and Wesley discuss Vanessa Marianna

Fisk continued to wait in silence until Wesley brought him a cup of coffee, which he refused. They discussed who could be responsible for the attack; Wesley told him that Leland Owlsley believed the Hand was responsible and they noted that Madame Gao could also be involved. Fisk ordered Wesley to bring him the person responsible so he could look into their eyes as he killed them; he then explained he wanted her sent away for her own protection as he felt responsible for her current condition. He then proceeded to awkwardly thank Wesley personally for his help in the matter.


Fisk stays beside Vanessa Marianna's bed

Doctor Rosenberg quietly stepped out of surgery while Fisk was still speaking to Wesley and informed him that Marianna had survived her operation and was currently recovering from her bed, although he did warn Fisk that there may be complications to her recovery after such intense surgery. Fisk shook Rosenberg's hand and thanked him for his work before stepping into Marianna's bedroom to await the end of her sleep so that he would be the first person whom she saw. Fisk sat beside Marianna's bed, ignoring all phone calls and kissed Marianna on the lips as she peacefully slept in her bed.


Fisk keeps James Wesley updated

When Fisk left the room, he spoke to James Wesley, who instantly turned off his phone and asked about her condition; Fisk told him that Marianna was recovering, despite Doctor Rosenberg having expressed the possibility of further complications. Fisk asked Wesley to call his mother back and ask what she wanted as he had missed her earlier call. Leland Owlsley stormed through security and also asked how Marianna was doing, but Fisk completely ignored him and went back into the room.


Fisk speaks to Vanessa Marianna in bed

Sitting by her bedside, Fisk spoke to the sleeping Vanessa Marianna about his family and religion; he told her about how his father was not a religious man although his mother had wanted to be. Fisk told Marianna about how he had read the bible as a child and tried to find truth and sentiment but found it to be false in his mind, therefore he could not pray for her recovery but could make her a promise which only a possible God could keep him from keeping. Fisk leaned in close to his lover and swore to her that he would make the people who tried to kill her suffer for what they had done.


Fisk tries to locate James Wesley

Taking a moment to step out of Marianna's room to request a cup of black coffee from his bodyguards, although he refused to be brought any food, Fisk asked to know what had happened to James Wesley. He was informed by Francis that Wesley had departed for unknown reasons, having promised Francis that he would return eventually and had asked for no assistance from the other men. Returning to Marianna's room, Fisk attempted to call his friend on the phone, however he received no answer. After waiting a few minutes Fisk tried again, but once again heard no answer from Wesley.[1]

Vanessa Marianna's Recovery


Fisk waits by Vanessa Marianna's bedside

"I'll make them suffer for what they have done."
"I expect nothing less"
―Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna[src]

The next morning, Vanessa Marianna awoke; Fisk went to collect the doctor but when he saw her confused and in distress he decided to tell her the truth. Fisk told her what had happened and apologized for getting her hurt as he believed whoever had organized the attack was targeting him and not her. When he told her that he was sending her away for her safety, she refused, stating that she intended to remain by his side, Fisk then vowed to find whoever was responsible for the attack and make them suffer, which Marianna fully and happily supported.


Fisk learns of James Wesley's location

The couple were interrupted when Francis asked for Fisk's attention. Although Fisk made it clear that he wished to stay beside his lover's bedside, Marianna ordered him to leave to deal with the situation as she told him she would not be leaving her bed any time soon. Stepping outside Marianna's hospital room, Fisk was informed by Francis that James Wesley had been located. Fisk asked where his friend was but was mortified to learn that Wesley had been found dead in an empty warehouse, with nobody understanding why he was there or who had killed him and for what reason.


Fisk disheartened by the death of Wesley

Fisk went to his location and found Wesley had been killed by being shot multiple times in the chest. When Francis revealed that Wesley had not informed him of why he was leaving, Fisk lost his temper and beat Francis mercilessly until Leland Owlsley convinced him to stop. Once he calmed down, the heartbroken Fisk sat beside the body of his closest friend. He kissed Wesley's forehead and vowed to get revenge, although Owlsley tried to keep his mind focused on the endgame before starting a war. Fisk took Wesley's phone and discovered the last call he made was to Fisk's mother.

File 02-DDRedthread -Marlene Vistain -Fisk

Fisk tells his mother she has to leave

Believing her to be in danger, Fisk had his mother moved from her nursing home to Italy. As he had her driven away, Fisk desperately tried to explain to her the reasons for having her moved but she was upset as she greatly enjoyed living there, did not speak Italian and did not know what she would watch on the television. His mother was often confused by the situation due to her dementia, repeating that it was a beautiful day multiple times. Fisk asked her about what she had spoken to James Wesley about the night before but she struggled to recall and repeated herself once again.[13]

Assassination of Ben Urich


Fisk learning of Ben Urich's investigation

"I wrote a lot of stories in my days pushing ink, you know how many times people have threatened me, getting me to keep my mouth shut?"
"But that's my mother that you brought into this, Mr. Urich! My mother! So I am not here to threaten you! I'm here to kill you!"
Ben Urich and Wilson Fisk[src]

Fisk met with Leland Owlsley to discuss what he had learned about who was responsible for the recent attacks; Owlsley claimed that he had been unable to find anything to blame on the Japanese. Fisk ordered Francis to double the offer for information and keep doubling it until someone talked. He then received a call on James Wesley's phone from his contact at the New York Bulletin in which he learned that Ben Urich had had a meeting with his mother and had likely gained valuable information about his past. With this information, Fisk left the meeting immediately.


Fisk confronts and threatens Ben Urich

Fisk chose to personally confront Urich in his own apartment. When Urich arrived, having been fired from the New York Bulletin, he sat at his computer to write a blog exposing Fisk. Fisk spoke calmly to him, revealing his presence; Urich demanded that he leave but instead Fisk insisted he stay until he had spoken his peace. Fisk apologized to Urich for not taking him seriously before revealing he did indeed have someone at the Bulletin. Fisk mocked Urich's attempts to reveal the story online as he believed that the internet was filled with nothing but videos of cats and unimportant celebrity news.


Fisk furiously strangles Ben Urich to death

Fisk asked Urich if he had been alone when questioning his mother; Urich remained confident, stating he was not easily intimidated. Fisk asked if Urich was responsible for James Wesley's death which Urich denied, which did not surprise him. Fisk, however, told him that as he had gone after his mother, he was not here to threaten Urich but was there to kill him. Fisk then launched from his seat and attacked Urich, wrapping his massive hands around his throat. Although Urich did attempt to fight back, before long, Fisk had choked the life out of him and left Urich's body lying in his trashed apartment.[13]

Self Destruction


Fisk helps with Vanessa Marianna's recovery

"You've been distracted, emotional, erratic. We just wanted to nudge you back on track. But obviously that went south so we will be parting ways, and I'll be taking half your assets with me."
"You think that I would let you walk away?! After what you've done?!"
Leland Owlsley and Wilson Fisk[src]

Back in his Penthouse, Fisk cared for Vanessa Marianna, who was still recovering from her assassination attempt. When she asked what he was doing, he told her he was reviewing the funds to have her moved out the country so he could move the funds back, allowing her to stay with him. Although Fisk had a good understanding of financial paperwork, he became confused at some irregularities, so he called for a meeting with Leland Owlsley to discuss them.


Fisk furiously threatens Leland Owlsley's life

Fisk and Owlsley discussed the final stages of Fisk's plans, with Owlsley stating they would need a replacement for Madame Gao's heroin business as it had been destroyed by the masked man. Fisk asked about the irregularities he had discovered but Owlsley insisted that it was normal; however, when Owlsley tried to hand the papers back, Fisk noted that his hands were shaking and he was sweating. Seeing no other alternative, Owlsley confessed to trying to kill Vanessa Marianna in an attempt to get Fisk's mind back on the job, but denied any involvement with James Wesley's death.


Fisk murders Leland Owlsley in a fit of rage

Owlsley then told him that their partnership was over and Fisk was to hand over half his assets to him. When Fisk questioned why, Owlsley informed him that he had Carl Hoffman, who was willing to go to the police if anything happened to Owlsley. He explained that he had more than enough money overseas for he and his son to never be seen again. Furious, Fisk refused the offer and attacked Owlsley, who defended himself with his stun gun, but Fisk was so angry, he barely felt it. Fisk disarmed Owlsley and threw him down an elevator shaft, killing him before ordering Francis to find and kill Hoffman.[14]

Arrest and Escape


Fisk orders the assassination of Carl Hoffman

"Even the best of men can be deceived by their true nature."
"What the hell does that mean?"
"It means that I'm not the Samaritan. That I'm not the priest, or the Levite. That I am the ill intent... who set upon the traveler on a road that he should nat have been on."
―Wilson Fisk and FBI Agent[src]

In the wake of Leland Owlsley's murder, Fisk then scrambled to take control of the situation as quickly as possible. He later received a call informing him that Carl Hoffman had been located in an old church where Owlsley had been hiding him before his death. Knowing that Hoffman could destroy his entire organization if he was able to go to the New York City Police Department, Fisk ordered the closest team led by Corbin to then assassinate Hoffman immediately.


Fisk proposes to Marianna as he's arrested

The team however failed with their task and Hoffman was eventually rescued by the man in the mask. Hoffman then went onto the police and exposed Fisk's entire criminal operation and illegal actions with the help of Nelson and Murdock who he employed as his lawyers, directly leading to the arrests of Turk Barrett, Corbin and his fellow corrupt police officers, Mitchell Ellison's secretary Caldwell, who had been Fisk's contact at New York Bulletin, with Parish Landman, and Senator Randolph Cherryh also then being arrested, as Cherryh still insisted on WHiH World News that they had done anything wrong.


Fisk is taken directly into custody by the FBI

Knowing that following these sudden developments there was now nothing he could possibly do to stop him being arrested for all of his crimes, Fisk proposed to Vanessa Marianna just as the FBI broke into his Penthouse to arrest him on racketeering charges stemming from Fisk's skimming of the inflated Union Allied pension funds. As the FBI charged into the building, Fisk put the ring on Marianna's finger and told her that she held his heart before he was dragged away, leaving Marianna alone. Fisk was taken outside and put inside the back of an armored van as paparazzi surrounded him asking questions.

Fisk FBI

Fisk explains why he cannot save the city.

Inside the van, Fisk began reciting a parable from the Bible to the FBI agents inside, specifically the story of The Good Samaritan, in which a man is beaten and left in the dirt, only to be ignored and left to die by a priest and another religious man. Then a Samaritan came and helped the man, caring for his wounds while also then giving him his money. Fisk explained he had always believed he was the Samaritan in the story, but he had learned he was not the Samaritan, or the priest, but he represented the men of ill-intent who had attacked the traveler who had been on a road he should not have been on.


Fisk makes his sudden escape from the FBI

As Fisk finished his tale, the armored van was stopped in the middle of the road and a firefight broke out outside, while Fisk did not say another word and instead just simply sat calmly and waited for his escape plan to finally come into action. When Fisk's men succeeded in eliminating all of the police officers and FBI agents outside, the attackers banged on the door and demanded the guards to open it. One of the guards watching Fisk threatened to shoot him if they got inside, however he was shot the other, who had been working for Fisk and entire time and then freed him from his handcuffs.


Fisk makes his way onto Vanessa Marianna

Once the armoured van's doors had been opened, the now free Fisk calmly walked to the other van with his armed guards before ordering his men to kill anyone who attempted to follow them, whether they follow on the ground or in the air, uncaring of the lives that would be lost as long as he got his own freedom. As they continued making their hasty escape, before long Fisk's crew arrived at a warehouse where Fisk was then moved inside the Atreus Plastics van to avoid the detection from the FBI who were currently desperately searching for him throughout all New York City for their escaped prisoner.


Fisk offering an update to Vanessa Marianna

Once on the move Fisk then called Vanessa Marianna, who was still waiting for his arrival with Francis guarding her as they still stood by Fisk's helicopter pad to leave New York. Fisk told Marianna to leave on the helicopter if he was not beside her in twenty minutes, fearing that he could still be found and recaptured, although she insisted that she would not go anywhere without him while they then continued to express their deep love for one another as Fisk continued his journey to her while thinking of them finally escaping from the city to begin a new peaceful life together away from all the crime and chaos.[14]

Duel of Hell's Kitchen


Fisk's van is then ambushed by Daredevil

"I wanted to make this city something better than it is, something beautiful. You took that away from me! You took everything! I'm gonna kill you!"
"Take your shot."
―Wilson Fisk and Daredevil[src]

However before they could get to Vanessa Marianna and Fisk could finally get away before he then was recaptured by the New York City Police Department, the van was attacked and caused to crash. Fisk fell out of the van, bleeding from his head injury while dazed and confused by the crash, but before he could get back onto his feet, Fisk was then confronted by Daredevil, who told him not everyone deserves a happy ending, which confused Fisk until he soon realised this was in fact the Masked Man wearing a upgraded uniform.

Wilson Fisk

Fisk furiously standing against the Daredevil

While Daredevil fought all Fisk's guards who began shooting at him, Fisk then desperately attempted to escape from the scene on foot only to be cornered by his enemy. With nowhere to go, Fisk roared at Daredevil, screaming as he told him how all of had wanted was to make New York City something better than it was, believing that his work to make it into something beautiful before Daredevil had then stopped his plans. Enraged by being confronted by his enemy, Fisk furiously vowed he was going to kill him in revenge for everything he had done, but Daredevil repeated what Fisk had said to him before following Nobu Yoshioka's death and told Fisk to take his shot.


Fisk attempts to beat Daredevil to death

The pair engaged in a fierce and aggressive fight, where Daredevil's speed and agility was equally matched against Fisk's brute strength and determination, with Daredevil flipping over Fisk and kicking him repeatedly while Fisk simply charged into him and threw him across the street. Although Daredevil's new armor gave him extra protection, Fisk was still able to nearly beat him to death by lifting him in the air and slamming him down hard before beating him with a metal stick, all the while ranting about how New York City did not deserve heroes but deserved people like his father and "to drown in its filth".

Daredevil113 2518-1-

Fisk defiantly mocking Daredevil's worldview

Refusing to back down, Daredevil managed to disarm Fisk, telling him that the city was not Fisk's to control and was in fact a city under his protection, before using his own batons to then beat him down into submission, knocking Fisk to the floor following repeated strikes to his head and chest. Despite being barely able to sit up following the beating, Fisk had still continued to mock Daredevil's attempts to make any difference with the city on his own while wearing his new costume, which Fisk had called silly, claiming that one man could not make a difference with all of the crime and corrupt in the city.

Daredevil113 2574-1-

Fisk is defeated and knocked out by Daredevil

Daredevil just ignored the taunts and threw down his pair of batons, which Fisk then mockingly smirked at. However with a final furiously hard punch to the face, Daredevil knocked out Fisk and he fell to the ground, finally defeated following his own desperate escape attempt. The still unconcious Fisk was then arrested and finally taken back into custody by the New York City Police Department again as soon as Officer Brett Mahoney arrived on the scene and finding him, with Mahoney personally handcuffing Fisk and letting Daredevil escape the scene as a thank you for bring Fisk back to justice.[14]


Dutton's Power Struggle


Fisk arrives as an inmate within Ryker's Island

"You may have made a name for yourself on the outside, but I run the big box. I just wanna make that clear, in case you got any ideas about stepping up."
"I have no intentions of doing that."
"Cut the shit, fat-man. I known guys like you my whole life, killed most of 'em, you ain't never seen a throne you didn't want to sit in."
Dutton and Wilson Fisk[src]

Wilson Fisk was taken to Ryker's Island inside an armored van with a team of SWAT officers keeping a close watch over him to ensure he could not escape a second time. When he arrived, with his face still covered with bruises and cuts from his battle against Daredevil, he was ordered by the guards to remove his clothes and personal items for storage, including his coat and his father's cuff-links.

Fisk Jail

Fisk sits alone in his empty prison cell.

Fisk was then given a white uniform to wear. A guard rudely hit Fisk over the head with his baton as he explained that the uniform which was for newcomers. Once he had his uniform and fresh towels, Fisk was walked down the corridors as the other inmates mocked him, and was led into his prison cell. Fisk could do nothing but sit quietly on his bed, stare at the blank white wall in front of him and begin planning for his eventual return to the city, when her would regain his power and get his cruel revenge on those who took away his life and destroyed his plans for New York City's better future.


Fisk has a meeting with Benjamin Donovan

Fisk later had a meeting with his lawyer Benjamin Donovan who had warned him that the case was not looking good for him due to the long list of crimes the US Attorney was charging him with, including corruption and bribing Randolph Cherryh. Fisk then asked Donovan about Vanessa Marianna, being assured that she was safe, although Fisk insisted that she could still not be allowed to visit him. Donovan warned him that although Marianna had been sent more than enough money, the government had seized a vast majority of his assets, and advised him to keep his head down and not cause trouble.


Fisk is personally threatened by Dutton

One day, while sitting in his cell and reading quietly by himself, Fisk was visited by another inmate named Dutton who proceeded to have Fisk's cell door opened by his men so he could mock Fisk's current situation since his arrest. Fisk made it clear that he was aware of who Dutton was due to his reputation as a drug dealer in New York. Fisk was then told by Dutton that although Fisk may have made a name for himself on the outside, Dutton was the Kingpin of the prison and did not wish for Fisk to even attempt to change this, threatening his life if he tried it before walking away with a grin on his face.


Fisk is first introduced to Stewart Finney

Later, in the cafe, Fisk sat alone and watched Dutton from across the room. He was visited by Stewart Finney, who claimed that he wished to meet Fisk as he felt they could help each other, as they were both formerly rich men who were not common criminals and thugs. Finney explained that Dutton ran around eighty percent of the contraband running throughout the prison. Fisk asked about the men Finney had perviously sat with, Miguel Valdez and Teardrop Brother. Finley then explained that they were the violent brothers who had been sent to Ryker's for hideous crimes and also had a sick mother.[15]

Taking Control


Fisk gives Benjamin Donovan new orders

"If I'm correct, Dutton didn't do business with the Cartel. On the 22nd, Dutton's lieutenant mentioned a deal with the Aryans to move product in the Dogs' territory. A hostile takeover. Does Dutton have connections with the Irish?"
"Some heroin deal gone south. That was a while back."
―Wilson Fisk and Stewart Finney[src]

Fisk called for a meeting with Benjamin Donovan where instead of being updated on his current legal case, Fisk ordered him to assist with Stewart Finney's case and pay the rent on the Valdez brother's mother's home in Spanish Harlem. Despite Donovan's objections as he had previously advised Fisk not to get involved with any criminal activity within the prison, Fisk furiously ordered him to get it done and ensure that all the transactions were untraceable.


Fisk begins taking control of the prison

Fisk's plan worked and Finney and the Valdez brothers became loyal to him as they worked on a plan to assassinate Dutton and take over the prison. Despite Finney assuring Fisk that there was currently no way to get into Dutton's cell block, he did hand him the latest copy of the New York Bulletin which featured an article on the Punisher's trial and then conviction for the murders of various criminals which had included the Kitchen Irish's leader Nesbitt, the Mexican Cartel and the Dogs of Hell. Fisk and Finney then searched for any connection between all these gangs and Dutton's own criminal career.


Fisk demands to meet the Punisher

Fisk recruited the assistance of Roy Olsky to ensure during the trial the Punisher pleaded guilty and was sent to Ryker's Island. Fisk had another meeting with Donovan to move all of his remaining funds to bribe the guards into joining his side, although Donovan warned that any other money he would need would for these criminal dealings be have to be taken from Vanessa Marianna's protection, Fisk, however, assured Donovan that he would not need any more money after this was completed. Donovan then asked if he wanted to know what the Punisher would be doing but Fisk still did not answer.[15]

Recruiting the Punisher

Kingpin Review 2

Fisk first introduces himself to Frank Castle

"But the tide raises all ships, Mr. Castle. If, for some reason, my involvement diminishes your passion for answers for revenge well, that's your choice. But the war you waged on New York City it got you nowhere. I'm offering you something no one else could. If you don't want my help, fine. By all means enjoy prison."
―Wilson Fisk to Frank Castle[src]

While exercising in the outdoor gym alone, Fisk was visited by the newly arrived Frank Castle.[16] Fisk explained how he had followed Castle's case in the New York Bulletin before he tried to comment on how he felt the deaths of Castle's family was a tragedy, but was ordered to stop as Castle insisted he was not allowed to mention his family as Castle claimed that he did not believe Fisk really had any sympathy for him and insisted Fisk get to the point.


Fisk recruits Frank Castle to murder Dutton

Fisk moved on and discussed Nelson and Murdock who had handled Castle's case in the courtroom and had tried to claim that Castle was suffering with PTSD from his experiences. Fisk offered to help him to find some closure instead, claiming he had found a sense of empathy while inside Ryker's Island for those who had been wronged by the law. Fisk informed Castle that Dutton had some kind of connection to the massacre at the Carousel in Central Park, explaining that despite the fact that he was not part of either the Kitchen Irish or the Mexican Cartel, he had undoubtedly had a hand in all of their activities.

Fisk and Castle

Fisk explains his detailed plan to Frank Castle

Fisk explained how Dutton was in another cell block within Ryker's which he now essentially owned and was constantly surrounded by guards and inmates alike, which Castle in insisted he did not care about. Seeing his rage build, Fisk then offered Castle a chance to kill Dutton to avenge his wife and two children; when Castle questioned why Fisk did not kill Dutton himself, Fisk claimed that he desired to be unnoticed while in the prison so that he could do his time and then return to New York City. Castle at first refused to help, knowing that Fisk would personally benefit if Dutton was to be killed.


Fisk finally convinces Frank Castle to help

As tensions rose, Miguel Valdez and Teardrop Brother stepped out onto the gym floor to back Fisk up, but Castle was unintimidated. As Castle still refused to be a mobster's personal assassin, Fisk argued that he should consider all of the enemies he had within the prison already and Fisk was giving him the perfect opportunity to confront the man implicated in his family's deaths. With this in mind, Castle then finally agreed to help and Stewart Finney stepped forward and gave Castle a shiv and they explained that Roy Olsky would assist him in getting into Dutton's cell block to confront and kill him.[15]

Betraying Frank Castle


Fisk betrays Castle and leaves him to die

"Everyone warned me prison would be an inhumane environment. It is. But I find it refreshing. The perfect microcosm of the animal world. When an animal wants something, when it needs something, other things... need to be stepped on."
"You want me on the outside so I step on every piece of shit I see. That way, nobody gets strong, and the city's yours for the taking."
―Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle[src]

Fisk ensured their plan went as planned, and Punisher successfully assassinated Dutton by stabbing him with the shiv Fisk had provided, while learning that the Blacksmith was responsible for the Massacre at Central Park. When Castle returned, Fisk ordered Roy Olsky to lock the door, trapping Castle as Olsky unlocked the other cell doors, allowing all Dutton's loyal men to find his body. As he watched his unfold from the higher level, Fisk tauntingly thanked Castle before leaving him to die by being beaten to death by all the other violent inmates who were still loyal to Dutton.


Fisk greets Frank Castle while inside solitary

Castle survived the assassination attempt and killed every attacking inmate. Having witnessed this, Fisk made a new plan for Castle using his talents for violence to Fisk's own advantage. Fisk visited Castle while he was locked inside solitary confinement with his arms and legs in chains, and even ordered the guards to wait outside. Castle confronted Fisk over trying to have him killed, which Fisk confessed would have been easier but noted that considering the state Dutton was found in then he had likely given Castle all of the information on his own wife and two children's deaths as he had wanted.


Fisk is furiously attacked by Frank Castle

Fisk was asked as to why he had left Castle alive and he explained that he had changed his former plans for Castle due to the changing circumstances, admitting he was wrong. Fisk told Castle that he had a gift for violence which he now wanted to exploit, noting he had not believed the stories of the Kitchen Irish and Dogs of Hell massacres he had committed. Fisk explained that he intended to use Castle's violent nature, but Castle, insulted, attacked by head butting Fisk, but Fisk soon overpowered him due to Castle's chains and Fisk then furiously beat him into submission before stepping away.


Fisk offers to allow Frank Castle to escape

Once they had both calmed down in the wake of the clash, Fisk gave the order to some of the prison guards standing by that all of Castle's hand and ankle cuffs should be removed before he offered Castle the chance to escape from Ryker's Island and use all his skills to kill the crime rings in New York City so Fisk would have no longer have any rivals when he finally got free. Castle agreed, promising that one day he would target Fisk himself, with Fisk calmly replying that he was counting on it. Fisk had then allowed Castle to steal a guard uniform and walk free to then continue his violent crusade once again.


Fisk stays beside the dying Dutton's bed

With the Punisher gone to continue his crusade in New York City, Fisk then went to Dutton's bedside and ate his steak dinner beside him while Dutton struggled to breathe on life support. Fisk explained to Dutton that his wounds were indeed fatal and he would soon suffocate on his own blood. Fisk promised that Dutton would not suffer alone, as he felt Dutton had been right previously, that in prison there was only room for the one Kingpin to take charge. Dutton died shortly after this exchange and Fisk took command of the prison, doubling the cut of the guards and gaining even more influence than Dutton had ever had as Kingpin of the entire prison.[15]

Matt Murdock's Visit


Fisk being questioned by Matt Murdock

"But I have something to say to you, when I finally get out of this cage, I will dismantle the lives of the two amateurs who put me in here! You Mr. Murdock, and Franklin Percy Nelson!"
"No, I put you here, not Nelson."
"The two of you took the laurels, you'll both take the blame!"
―Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock[src]

Once Matt Murdock arrived at Ryker's Island to question Fisk, being brought in by Benjamin Donovan, where Murdock explained that he knew that Fisk was behind Frank Castle's escape, which Fisk initially denied as he claimed to have no interest in the Punisher's activities. Fisk continued to deny any involvement, leading to Murdock threatening to use the law to keep Vanessa Marianna out of the United States of America and ensure that Fisk never saw her again.


Fisk attacks and threatens Matt Murdock.

This threw Fisk into a rage and caused him to rip off his handcuffs and brutally slam Murdock's head against the table multiple times. Murdock attempted to fight back; however he was not a match for the vastly stronger Fisk, although he did punch him, leading to Fisk remembering that Murdock's father was a boxer. Fisk admitted to taking control of the facility and allowing Castle to escape before telling Murdock that once he is free, he will dismantle his life, as well as Foggy Nelson's, and that Castle's actions should be the least of his current worries. Murdock left Fisk shortly after.


Fisk planing to destroy Nelson and Murdock

While eating a perfectly cooked steak and drinking wine in his prison cell later that night while two other prisoners stood guard outside, Fisk took a sip of wine and was hurt by the cut on his lip from the earlier punch. While re-examining the cut Murdock left on his lip, Fisk seemingly remembered the same damage being inflicted upon him by Daredevil when he was arrested. The suspicious Fisk told Miguel Valdez that he would like to re-examine Murdock's files while he began planning on how he would destroy Nelson and Murdock and get revenge for his current situation in Ryker's Island.[17]

Return of Kingpin

Staged Assassination Attempt

Wilson Fisk S3 - 02

Fisk after getting stabbed by Jasper Evans

"I have suddenly become a target within these walls here. Do you understand? I'm helping you to help Vanessa. I can't do either of those things if I'm dead."
―Wilson Fisk to Ray Nadeem[src]

Having had months to plan his release from prison, Fisk began to speak to the FBI and Agent Ray Nadeem in hopes to get charges against Vanessa Marianna dropped. While using the jail gym, Fisk was stabbed by Jasper Evans for snitching one of the mobs but was mercifully beaten by Fisk and nearly killed him. Fisk was met with Nadeem which Fisk wanted to leave prison in order to survive to which Nadeem had no choice but keep him away from prison and incarcerate him in Presidential Hotel.[18]

Ambush on the FBI Convoy

"You nearly had me killed."
"Good men died tonight. You will make their sacrifice worth something. Or you can shove our deal up your ass."
―Wilson Fisk and Ray Nadeem[src]

Fisk would get released from jail and guarded outside of the FBI and walked down into the convoy to head to the Presidential Hotel. Fisk was taken into the streets and talked to Nadeem about the implications of prison being something that you could escape but love is a perfect prison that makes a person completely appalled. Suddenly, an explosion had abrupt the convoy from the front and behind the convoys that were lined up and both Nadeem and Fisk were incapacitated for a short amount of time.


Fisk sees the Albanian Syndicate attack him

Fisk woke up and screamed at Nadeem to wake up before the Albanian Syndicate would hunt him down. FBI agents tried to shoot down the Albanian Syndicate but were killed before they get to protect Fisk from the convoy. Fisk was scared to be assassinated from the mob and tried to broke off his handcuffs from the ceilings and hide. The mob found Fisk inside the convoy and shoot at him with their guns, however once the bulletproof glass windows withstand the bullets, one of them tried saw off the windows in order to get threw. The mob was berated by an FBI agent, Benjamin Poindexter and killed all the members that approached over the convoy.


Fisk's life being saved by Benjamin Poindexter

Fisk noticed Poindexter's skills and were impressed on his focused on killing his enemies. Fisk opened the door inside the car and opened his hands in surrender. Poindexter holds a gun from one of the dead agents and apprehended from the scene.[18]

Fisk is brought by the FBI into the Presidential Hotel and released him from his handcuffs. Fisk commented on the incident that it nearly killed him but Ray Nadeem was furious on the situation that if he didn't apply his deal than it will be gone. The FBI put Fisk under surveillance and closely watched his every move. Once Fisk was inside his house, numerous news reports had now made statements that Fisk had been released from prison.[19]

Detained in the Presidential Hotel

"Fisk has not been released. That's fake news. He's a cooperating witness, but he's very much a convicted prisoner and being treated as such."
"Being held in a $20 million penthouse?"
"Seized by the US Government from some Wall Street prick convicted of fraud."
Ray Nadeem and Karen Page[src]

To be added

Framing Matt Murdock

"There's a criminal I've employed. A facilitator. On my behalf, he's laundered and hid money, bribed law enforcement and court officials, orchestrated perjured testimony, manufactured evidence."
"Who is he?"
"A lawyer. Matthew Murdock."
―Wilson Fisk and Ray Nadeem[src]

To be added

Using Benjamin Poindexter

"Right now, I am New York's scapegoat. Downstairs, there are protesters chanting prayers to drive me out into the wilderness. The attention that it brings is an impediment for my plan. Fortunately, the public is easily distracted. Which makes the solution for my problem quite simple. The city needs a new villain. And I think I might've found him."
―Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Donovan[src]

To be added

Meeting with Karen Page

"You asked me why I let you in. The reason is, Ms. Page, I have a few questions of my own. You are a respected journalist, but at one time you were merely a secretary at a law firm. To Matt Murdock, yes?"
"Office manager."
"Intimately involved in his affairs, huh?"
"His business affairs."
"Of course. Tell me, so at what point did you learn about Mr. Murdock's secret life?"
―Wilson Fisk and Karen Page[src]

To be added

Mob Boss Sit-Down

Daredevil Season 3 Agent Poindexter Trailer14

Kingpin meets with the other criminal leaders

"I've brought you here to offer you my protection. From investigations and prosecutions by the federal government."
―Kingpin to Everett Starr[src]

To be added

Exonerated to the Public


Kingpin gives a public speech to the people

"You've been manipulated poisoned into believing the news media's fake story that I am evil, that I am a criminal. Quite the opposite is true. Because I challenge the system, because I've told the truth and tried to make this city a better place, the people in power decided to tear me down to tear me down with false allegations."
―Wilson Fisk[src]

To be added

Marrying Vanessa Marianna

"I never knew that I could feel this way until the day that we met. I didn't think that I was capable, that there would be someone that I would care for, more than my own life. That her happiness would be more important than anything else. And then a terrifying thought occurred to me, that perhaps my feelings were a trick. The self-deception of a vain man. That the only reason why I love you is because of the way I see my reflection in your eyes. That thought, it fills me with dread. The fear that that I don't deserve you and that I am broken."
―Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna[src]

To be added

Deal with the Devil

"I will never stop hunting Karen Page, or Foggy Nelson. I will tell the world, who you really are."
"You, you want me to kill you?"
"No prison can keep me, you know that. Come on! Kill me!"
"God knows I want to, but you don't get to destroy who I am!"
―Kingpin and Daredevil[src]

To be added


"The one thing that keeps me warm, is the thought that I will look down upon this city, the city that birthed me, with the woman that I love, who, whom I love, with everything that I am! You're worried that Frank Castle will wreak havoc on Hell's Kitchen? Just wait..."
―Wilson Fisk to Matt Murdock[src]

Despite being one of New York City's most powerful crime lords, Fisk has a very shy and introverted demeanor. He did not like crowds and was uncomfortable around other people, until Vanessa Marianna's involvement. Fisk almost had an "OCD-like" mindset, being a creature of habit and hating when things in his life changed, or went against how they were planned. It could be argued that Fisk exhibits symptoms of autism, due to these reasons.

However, in spite of his social anxiety and his awkward nature, he is nonetheless capable of being extremely persuasive and charismatic when he needs to be. He has a keen understanding of psychology and social dynamics, which allows him to almost effortlessly manipulate people around him and exploit their psychological and emotional weaknesses. He also has a natural talent for leadership, as his take-charge attitude, sheer force of personality, and raw physical presence enable him to take control of chaotic situations. As evidenced from the speeches he gave at his press conferences, he knows how to play a crowd as well, feigning emotion and passion in order to rally support from the masses.

He is a polite, articulate, and well-spoken man of courtesy and manners. He expected courtesy from his subordinates as well, as he would attack and sometimes even kill those who did not show respect to him or those he cares about. Fisk is a man of deep sophistication, enjoying the high-class life despite his poor origins. He enjoyed fine suits, fine dining, and classic literature and music. He considered himself a man of honor and always kept his word. While he can be a brutal, cold, calculating machine, he honestly believed what he was doing for Hell's Kitchen was righteous.

However, if Fisk was provoked he had an unstoppable, almost animal-like rage. His aggression was immense, and nothing could get in his way if those he cared about or his plan for the city were in danger. This was largely due to his abusive father, who taught him to keep hitting someone even when they were bloodied and beaten. Fisk's broken childhood had a lasting effect on him, still causing him nightmares even into his later years. He even hallucinated his reflection in the mirror having the image of his younger self covered in blood after murdering his father.

There are only four people that Wilson has ever cared for in his life. Fisk's mother was the only person that showed him love and respect growing up, and thus Fisk would kill to protect her, killing both Ben Urich and his own father for her. Vanessa Marianna became the love of his life; Wilson once brutally beat Anatoly Ranskahov to death and removed his head with a car door for simply interrupting their date. When Leland Owlsley had been involved in poisoning Vanessa, he threw him down an elevator shaft to his death. James Wesley was the only man Fisk ever called a friend; he was emotionally distraught upon learning the death of Wesley, even kissing the forehead of his dead friend, and ordered the assassination of Karen Page when he found out she was the one who had killed him. Finally, Fisk had a deep respect and almost fear of Madame Gao, and her opinion of him, though this changed after he found out that she was responsible for the attempt on Vanessa's life.

Vanessa Marianna's effect on him made him more vulnerable and less able to run his organization because his focus was primarily on her. He ignored both Madame Gao's and Leland Owlsley's warnings to cut ties to her and as such, Leland betrayed him by dealing with Gao and was part of the plot to poison Vanessa. Fisk was shocked at his friend's betrayal and it took time for him to come to his senses and kill Leland. When his criminal organization was brought down and his plans for New York City ruined, he finally snapped and no longer cared about the city, saying it deserved to be destroyed and it deserved people like his father. His belief was shown when he related himself to the antagonist of the Good Samaritan story, as he first thought himself to be the hero of it.

After being imprisoned, Fisk became even more cynical, ruthless, violent, and sociopathic. Having given up on his ambitions to change the city for the better, he became concerned solely with attaining money and power, getting revenge upon the people who'd wronged him, and being reunited with Vanessa. He also became more impulsive and prone to homicidal outbursts, as he beat Wellers to death in a fit of rage after Benjamin Poindexter failed to kill Karen. While he originally showed some reluctance and remorse about killing civilians like Elena Cardenas, this changed after his release from prison, as he displayed a willingness to order the murders of innocent people without a second thought if it would even slightly further his plans. This was evidenced when he had Poindexter go on a killing spree at the New York Bulletin in order to cause a panic, and when he had Julie Barnes murdered to secure Bullseye's loyalty even though it wasn't necessary.

Despite losing most of his moral compass Fisk still does have some level of compassion and loyalty in regards to Vanessa. When Felix Manning failed a task Fisk not only spared him but allowed him to still work for him in gratitude for keeping Vanessa safe. He also kept his word not to expose Daredevil or go after Foggy Nelson or Karen Page when Daredevil threatened to expose Vanessa to the police as being the one who had ordered the hit on Agent Nadeem.


"Do you know what happens when you make a plan? Fisk has already thought of it, and he's made it part of his plan."
Karen Page to Foggy Nelson[src]
  • Master Tactician: An excellent manipulator and criminal mastermind, Fisk has managed to cause a fair deal of the criminal activity of Hell's Kitchen for years without revealing his identity to the public. Even when he revealed himself, he fooled the public into rooting for him and viewing Daredevil as a terrorist. Whilst in Ryker's Island, Fisk was able to maneuver himself from being a first-time inmate to being almost in control of the whole prison he was incarcerated in within a mere matter of months by eliminating his competition. Hence, Fisk was even able to persuade fellow inmate Frank Castle to kill a rival powerful prisoner, Dutton, for him, despite the fact that the Punisher usually went out of his way to avoid making deals with criminals. Upon their first meeting, Fisk was able to sense that Benjamin Poindexter was not entirely mentally fit, and began to slowly manipulate him into working for him as an assassin.
  • Expert Combatant: Fisk, despite having no formal combat training, is a very formidable opponent due to his size and pure muscle, with his immense brute strength allowing Fisk to lift a grown man into the air with a single arm, to beat men to death with only a few hits, to bench press an extreme amount of weight on a prison barbell, and to toss Daredevil around a small alley. Hence, Fisk was able to fight the highly trained Daredevil almost to a standstill in their second duel. Fisk also used his great strength to knock down and overpower Frank Castle, though it should be noted that the latter was limited at the time by having his hands and legs cuffed together, as well as him still not having yet fully recovered from his numerous wounds. Fisk was able to hold his own against both Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexter at once for a prolonged period of time, both of them were more skilled combatants, eventually he overpowered Poindexter and broke his back.
  • Multilingualism: Fisk is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese.


  • Body Armor: Fisk wore a protective suit designed by Melvin Potter which was made of a durable material that was able to withstand being cut and stabbed as shown in his first fight against Daredevil and Anatoly Ranskahov. As it gave Fisk protection, the armor was also light and flexible as clothing, allowing it to be worn underneath to fool any opponent.
  • Billy Club: Fisk temporarily used Daredevil's own billy club against him during their second fight, though Daredevil eventually took it back.


"His penthouse is finally ready."
"You're shitting me."
James Wesley and Leland Owlsley[src]
Wilson Fisk's Penthouse

Fisk eating breakfast in the living room


"Fisk still controls half the guards and prisoners."
Vic Jusufi to Matt Murdock[src]






Appearances for Wilson Fisk

In chronological order:


Behind the Scenes

  • Vincent D'Onofrio stated that he hoped his portrayal of Fisk was a new way to look at the character, and that it would be the definitive portrayal of Fisk.[20]
  • Steven S. DeKnight detailed that "Fisk has very many different aspects so it’s not all, "I want to conquer the city and make a lot of money". In our story, we tell the story of how he met his wife Vanessa and how they fell in love". He also said that "if you’re looking for a juicy, multi-faceted crime drama, Wilson Fisk was the obvious choice to play the antagonist ... [he] really felt like the right yin to the yang for Matt, and for what we wanted to do this season."[21]
  • DeKnight also explained that Fisk was not referred to by Kingpin because he was not truly that character from the comics yet: "There were times when we would have discussions, saying "He’s not acting like The Kingpin’ and we would have to remind ourselves, ‘Well, he’s not The Kingpin’, which is why he’s not acting that [monstrous] way. He hasn’t gotten to that point yet."[22]
  • Concerning Fisk not being called Kingpin during the first season, like he is in the comics, DeKnight explained that "I think there is a, dare I say, critical mass where things get a little bit silly. You know if in the last five minutes we went, “Oh they called him Daredevil! Oh they called him Kingpin!” It’s a little too much. Also there was no real natural way to get to Kingpin. It felt a little off. There is a point down the line to get there."[23]
  • Discussing Fisk's fighting style, compared to Daredevil's, series stunt coordinator Philip J Silvera said that, "I feel like they’re almost two sides to the same coin. They’re both doing things for their city. And it’s a tricky thing with their two characters. I think when you get the Fisk character to a certain point, it just becomes pure rage, and all thought process is out the window. ... The brutality is just relentless with him. When he gets into this mode, he just keeps going until he’s done. And that’s it. He will drive for you. That is the Kingpin, that is D’Onofrio. He’s a very smooth, calculating individual, but when you bring the rage out in him, he’s like a bulldozer."[24]
  • James Marsters has stated that his performance as Victor Stein in Runaways is inspired by Vincent D'Onofrio's portrayal of the Kingpin: "He did a Kingpin that so surprised me. It was in so many ways exactly opposite of what I was expecting, of what I’d read in the comics. In the comics, Kingpin is always charming. He’s an extrovert. He’s in control of any social situation. And in private he’s mean and that’s the contrast. Vincent just flipped it 180° and went for the vulnerabilities and the insecurities in the character. He was able to bring out a sophistication that you can’t get in a static image."[25]
  • Kingpin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the third live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by John Rhys-Davies and Michael Clarke Duncan.
  • Pete Klein, Airon Armstrong, Matt Leonard, Chad Knorr, Aden Stay and Jean-Claude Leuyer were stunt doubles for Vincent D'Onofrio and James Northrup was a stunt double for Cole Jensen in the role of Kingpin.
  • Kristoffe Brodeur was a stand-in for Vincent D'Onofrio in the role of Kingpin.


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