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"It's a book on politics and the social conditions that created Hip Hop, the dodgers left Brooklyn, Robert Moses created the cross bronx expressway and white folks went running for the suburbs, this cat named Moynihan went a hollered at Nixon and told the prays that maybe the inner city could benefit from the benign neglect."
"Benign what?"
"It's the benign neglect, what it means is this, maybe if we just leave that Luke Cage cat alone, give him his side of the street, we take ours."
―Koko and Cottonmouth[src]

Koko was an enforcer working for Cottonmouth who spoke out of turn against his employer and received a bullet in the head.


Recruited by Cottonmouth

To be added

Robbing Genghi Connie's

To be added

Killed by Cottonmouth

To be added






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