"We're going to do important things together."
―Kozlov to Will Simpson[src]

Kozlov is a doctor who is responsible for the creation of the drugs known as Combat Enhancers, used by Will Simpson and others to increase their strength.


Work with IGH

Testing Combat Enhancers

Kozlov was one of the key doctors for IGH, a special forces division which created the Combat Enhancers drugs. Used on test subjects including Will Simpson, the drugs were designed to increase the user's strength and pain resistance, however after a mission in Damascus, Simpson was forced to resign from the program and Kozlov put in a new protocol to protect his agents from undergoing a similar lose of control that Simpson had experienced.[1]

Will Simpson's Return

"You're responding well to the meds."
"Feels good, like old times. Give me a red."
"You had a red this morning, we altered protocol after what happened in Damascus."
―Kozlov and Will Simpson[src]

Kozlov was contacted by Will Simpson when he was injured in an explosion while tracking a terrorist called Kilgrave. Kozlov came to Simpson's aid and found him alongside his lover Trish Walker, who had brought him to the hospital. Simpson informed Kozlov that he wished to get back into IGH and Kozlov allowed him to take the Combat Enhancers, saving his life. Once Simpson was stable, Kozlov welcomed him back to IGH and informed him of the new protocol, promising that they would do great things together.[1]

Shortly after being given access to the drugs however, Simpson went AWOL, stealing many Combat Enhancers for himself. Seeking to bring Simpson back, Kozlov sent McManus to find Simpson and bring him back. However Simpson, once again struggling to maintain his sanity on the drugs, murdered McManus and went on the run, seeking to find and assassinate Kilgrave. Eventually Kozlov's men discovered Simpson in the Alias Investigations Office, where he had been defeated by Jessica Jones and Trish Walker, Kozlov and his men then took Simpson into custody.[2]


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