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"Ronan is destroying Xandarian outposts throughout the galaxy. I should think that should call for some slight response on the part of the Kree?"
"We signed your peace treaty, Nova Prime. What more do you want?"
"At least a statement from the Kree Empire saying that they condemn his actions. He is slaughtering children, families."
"That is your business. Now I have other matters to attend to."
Irani Rael and the Kree Ambassador[src]

The Kree Ambassador is the representative of the Kree Empire. He was responsible for the diplomatic affairs between the Kree Empire and Xandar.


The Ambassador was called by Nova Corps leader Irani Rael who asked for a testimonial from the Kree Empire that condemned Ronan the Accuser's murderous actions across the galaxy. He dismissed her request, claiming the Kree had already done enough, and that it was not their problem.[1]



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