"Perhaps next time we should start with the big one?"
Fandral about the Kronan Marauder[src]

The Kronan Marauder was a Kronan and a member of the Marauders.


Marauders' War

Battle of Vanaheim

"Hello... I accept your surrender."
Thor to the Kronan Marauder[src]
Thor vs Korg

The Kronan Marauder furiously confronts Thor

The Kronan Marauder was the strongest member of the Marauders. While attacking Vanaheim in a war between Marauders and the Asgardian army, he came face to face with the Asgardian prince, Thor. The Kronan Marauder roared at Thor, prepared to attack, but was destroyed with a single blow of Thor's mighty hammer, Mjølnir. Witnessing the death of their strongest ally, the other Marauders all surrendered to the Asgardians.[1]

Powers and Abilities

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Kor thrashing Asgardian soldier

The Kronan Marauder knocking away an Einherjar

  • Superhuman Strength: The Kronan Marauder possesses superhuman strength, beyond that of an Asgardian. He was able to knock away an Einherjar with a single hit.


  • Combatant: The Kronan Marauder was a feared combatant in the fields of Vanaheim so much so that his allies among the Marauders stepped aside as he approached for battle; however, he was not a match for Thor with Mjolnir.





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