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"You will become darkness, doomed to this existence until it consumes you. And then no power of our enemies will stop me."

The Kurse Stone is a special stone used by elite Dark Elves to improve their physical capabilities beyond a normal Dark Elf, but at the cost of certain death several hours after the transformation.


During their final battle against Asgard, some of the Dark Elves utilized these stones to become Kursed, growing in height, size and gaining massive increases in physical strength and durability. For a short time, these "super soldiers" overwhelmed Asgard's forces, but were eventually killed by the latter's superior numbers.

5000 years later, Algrim, Malekith's lieutenant, used the last Kurse Stone to become the last of the Kursed.[1]


  • Kursed Transformation: Dark Elves naturally possess above-human strength. By crushing the Kurse Stone in their hand, the Dark Elf's clothes and armor merge with their skin, they grow in size and their physical strength and durability increase massively.[1]


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