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I want more
"Well, I want more."
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"What would you do if you found out you could live forever?"
"Anything I want, I guess"
"No, be specific. What would you do"
"I would eat ice cream for breakfast."
"Oh, and lunch. Yes sir."
Harold Meachum and Kyle[src]

Kyle was Harold Meachum's loyal personal assistant, and one of the few people who knew he was still alive.


Personal Assistant

Kyle became the personal assistant and secretary of Harold Meachum. As such, he was trusted with the information that Harold was still alive, and was not permitted to tell anyone.[1]

Ice cream for breakfast

When Harold Meachum returned to life, he called Kyle to pick him up after going to Rand Enterprises. Harold asked him what he would do if he found out he could live forever. Kyle replied by saying he would eat ice cream for breakfast and lunch. Harold was fascinated by this, and Kyle thanked him, before Harold let him know that he was not complimenting him.[2]


"Sir, please! it's just ice cream!"
"Oh, shut up and die!"
―Kyle and Harold Meachum[src]

As Kyle packed up for the day, Harold invited him to his desk, where he had set up dozens of tubs of ice cream. Harold asked him to call him by his first name and joked about being a new man. As the two sat down to eat, with Harold choosing Corn Flakes ice cream, Kyle asked for Vanilla flavoured ice cream. Meachum's mental state finally cracked and grabbing the ice cream scooper, bludgeoned him to death with Kyle repeatedly apologising until he died.