"I've got Langley on the line. They want to know if it's us."
CAOC Analyst[src]

Langley is a town in Virginia that is home to the CIA Headquarters. As such, it is often used metonymically to refer to the CIA instead of the city.


Battle of Gulmira

Members of the CIA stationed at their Headquarters in Langley made a call to the United States Air Force command center at Edwards Air Force Base to check the identity of the responsible for the attack against the Ten Rings in Gulmira, before the Air Force took command of the situation and sent two F-22 Raptors with orders to take out the target, without knowing its identity as Tony Stark.[1]

Recruitment of Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter, one of the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, joined the CIA after the dissolution of the agency. Carter was stationed at Langley, where she trained to be one of the CIA's field operatives.[2]

William Rawlins

Director of Covert Operations for the CIA William Rawlins gave a speech to the newest recruits of the organization in the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Rawlins telling the recruits that their job within the CIA was to identify and contain any dangers coming to the United States of America, promising that the life would not be easy. Rawlins then introduced himself and welcomed all of the recruits into the CIA.


For long service to the CIA, Rawlins was presented with a medal, given to him by Deputy Director Marion James. James commended him for outstanding service in the field while sustaining a serious personal injury. However, James reminded Rawlins that he did not get to keep the medal due to the secrecy of their organization but he could have their admiration as she complimented him on taking out several high value targets.

Later, Rawlins visited James inside her office where he noted that he had heard a rumour that she would soon be leaving her current position to become Director of the CIA, as the previous director was now heading for a career in the United States Congress. Rawlins noted it was about time she had the job offer before James invited Rawlins to come on board as her new Deputy Director when she took the job, noting that she needed a man who could get things done and make the hard decisions.

Fearing that Homeland Security would uncover his involvement in Operation Cerberus and ruin his chances for the position of deputy director, Rawlins took it upon himself to assassinate all the remaining members of Cerberus Squad. As he watched the mission unfold on his computer screen from his office, Rawlins sent a small unit of Anvil soldiers to ambush and assassinate Gunner Henderson in Kentucky.[3]


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