"Tonight, another becomes eternal."
―Leslie Dean[src]

Leslie Dean (née Ellerh) is the leader of the Church of Gibborim, as well as of PRIDE. She is the wife of Frank Dean and the mother of Karolina Dean, a daughter she actually had with Jonah, the mysterious benefactor of PRIDE whom she had an affair with. For fifteen years, Leslie managed both the Church of Gibborim and PRIDE in order to provide sacrificial victims for PRIDE's Rite of Blood meant to periodically revive Jonah.

In 2017, Leslie selected the young Destiny Gonzalez to be the next victim. However, while bewildered and worried by the fact that Jonah did not feel better, Leslie later learned that the sacrifice had failed due to a Dematerialization Box malfunction. Leslie urged her fellow PRIDE members to find someone else, which they eventually did. However, Leslie still had to overcome several ordeals: Victor Stein suffering from a violent brain cancer, an affair between Janet Stein and Robert Minoru, Frank trying to ascend into the ranks of the Church of Gibborim and discovering her affair with Jonah, and Jonah seemingly undermining her authority within the Church. Eventually, upon witnessing Jonah assaulting Karolina and discovering that he had kept her in the dark regarding his plans, Leslie decided to turn on him. She secretly helped the Runaways to release Karolina from Jonah and gathered PRIDE in a secret plan to murder Jonah.


Early Life

Meeting Jonah

Born the daughter of David Ellerh, the founder of the Church of Gibborim, Leslie met with Jonah, who had come to confirm his father's beliefs written in the Book of Gibborim.[1]

When she grew up as an adult, Leslie married actor Frank Dean.[2] However, she also had an affair with Jonah, who retained his youth. Leslie and Jonah had a daughter named Karolina, who was officially Frank's daughter.[3] Leslie gave Karolina a Church of Gibborim Bracelet from her youngest age[2], as she feared that she could display the same light emission abilities than Jonah.[4]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifice

"What do you mean, "his energy's been converted"? He's dead?"
"And we killed him?"
"It isn't a death. He lives on in another. Eternal."
Robert Minoru, Janet Stein and Leslie Dean[src]

Following the death of her father David Ellerh, Dean became the head of the Church of Gibborim. In parallel, assisted by Jonah, she formed PRIDE, a charity publicly devoted to improve the life of the inhabitants of Los Angeles, while actually it would only serve Jonah's interests.

Leslie gathered PRIDE in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion. She then brought Brooks Watten, a young member of the Church of Gibborim she had selected to be sacrificed, into the room. As Watten got into the Dematerialization Box and his body was converted into pure energy, Dean explained to her associates that Watten would keep living within another person. This shocked the rest of PRIDE, and when Gene and Alice Hernandez claimed that they had not signed up for such crimes, Dean replied that they actually had when accepting Jonah's gifts.[3]

Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez

"Gene and Alice are no longer a problem."
"You mean..."
"I handled it."
―Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

Dean was later alerted about Gene's and Alice Hernandez's suspicions towards Jonah's true agenda due to the rock samples they had taken from the PRIDE Construction Site. As the Hernandezes became a threat to the whole plan, Dean decided to take them out of the equation. She went to Goodman University where the Hernandezes were working and locked them up in their lab before tossing an explosive device into the room. The bomb detonated, killing Gene and Alice. Dean then informed Tina Minoru of what she had done. Little did Dean know that their daughter Molly was there as well and that she miraculously survived the blast.[4]

Dean never told anyone beside Minoru about killing the Hernandezes. She sent a text to the rest of PRIDE with the single word "TSUNAMI" to alert them and pretended that the Hernandezes had died in an accident.[5] Dean later attended the Hernandezes' funeral with the other members of PRIDE.[6]

Sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez

"It's gonna be okay, sweet girl."
―Leslie Dean to Destiny Gonzalez[src]

In 2017, Leslie welcomed a new adept into the Church of Gibborim: the young Destiny Gonzalez. Assessing her background and the events which had led Gonzalez to her, Leslie identified her as an ideal victim for a Rite of Blood sacrifice in the framework of the Ultra Project. Leslie gave Gonzalez a new life in order for her to feel safe among the Church of Gibborim so that she could persuade her into accomplishing the ritual when the time would come.

Leslie approached Ep2

Dean learns that Destiny Gonzalez is missing

Leslie carried out her role as the leader of the Church of Gibborim by delivering another preaching session to her parishioners. Once it was over, Leslie was approached by her daughter Karolina, who asked her permission to leave for a school trip to San Francisco. However, Leslie refused due to having scheduled an interview with the Vogue magazine, causing Karolina to angrily leave.[2] Afterwards, Leslie was informed by Frances and Aura that Gonzalez was missing. Since Leslie had planned to sacrifice the young girl on the night to come, she ordered her followers to find Gonzalez.

Leslie eventually tracked down Gonzalez to the Los Angeles Bus Depot. Leslie listened to Gonzalez's story, who told that Leslie had given her the courage to return into her family and look after her infant daughter. Fearing to lose an ideal sacrifice, Leslie pretended that she could make Gonzalez an Ultra member of the Church of Gibborim and managed to persuade Gonzalez to postpone her departure. Leslie then led Gonzalez in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion.

Before the sacrifice actually occurred, Leslie joined a PRIDE meeting organized in the Wilder Mansion. As the meeting neared its end, Leslie handed over files detailing the life of Gonzalez to her fellow members of PRIDE. Seeing Geoffrey Wilder refusing to read, Leslie insisted that they all had to be at the same level of understanding of what they were doing. Once the case of Gonzalez was accepted, Leslie and the other members of PRIDE went down into the basement to prepare for the sacrifice.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 16

Dean sacrifices Destiny Gonzalez

Leslie contacted followers at the Church of Gibborim to activate the Dematerialization Box in which Jonah had been put in the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices. She then went to find Gonzalez and brought her among the other members of PRIDE wearing their usual red robes. When Gonzalez worried over the fact that she did not recognize any of them, Leslie did her best to reassure her and told her to get into the Dematerialization Box. However, Gonzalez grew more and more afraid, causing all the members of PRIDE to restrain her and force her into the Dematerialization Box. Leslie could not hold her tears as she kept pretending that Gonzalez would be fine.

Once the sacrifice was over, Leslie commented on how the sacrifice of Gonzalez had been particularly hard. However, the conversation between the PRIDE members was interrupted when they saw a flash of light which alarmed them. Leslie waited for Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to investigate, and they returned explaining that it had probably been caused by a circuit break. Leslie then returned into the mansion's hall, where she discussed with the recently reunited Runaways, especially her daughter Karolina and Nico Minoru. She then returned to the Dean Mansion with Karolina.[7]

Another Sacrifice to Make

"This is why. Why he isn't getting better."
"Does this mean what I think?"
"We're gonna need another sacrifice."
―Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

On the day following the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, Leslie heard that her daughter Karolina was listening to a recording made by Leslie herself as the leader of the Church of Gibborim. Leslie joined Karolina in her bedroom and commented on how she was pleased to see Karolina having reconnected with her former childhood friends, and that she hoped that Karolina would stay in touch with them.

R103 Leslie and decrepit Jonah

Dean sits beside Jonah

Leslie returned into the secret room of the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices, where Jonah was still forced to remain in bed in his decrepit condition. Leslie did not understand why he was not getting better, as he usually was quickly revived after each sacrifice. Leslie then left the room and encountered Vaughn Kaye, a young member of the Church of Gibborim who informed her that Karolina had been asking questions about Gonzalez's whereabouts.

However, before Leslie could reply, she received a phone call from Tina Minoru, who instructed Leslie to watch the TV news. Therefore, Leslie went into her office and turned on the TV, and watched a TV newsflash revealing that the body of Gonzalez had been discovered on a beach in Los Angeles. Thus, Leslie figured out that the most recent PRIDE sacrifice had failed, meaning that they had to find another person to murder.[6]

Leslie summoned a PRIDE meeting in order to solve this urgent situation. Once all the members of PRIDE, except Dale and Stacey Yorkes, had arrived at the Wilder Mansion, Leslie joined them and informed them that Jonah was worse than ever, meaning that they had to find someone to sacrifice. Robert Minoru suggested to pick another person from the Church of Gibborim, but Leslie refused, claiming that it would draw attention. She instead agreed with Victor Stein's idea of kidnapping someone like a homeless person or a prostitute. When asked by Geoffrey Wilder whether she meant someone who did not count, Leslie replied that everybody did count and that she did not feel at ease with the idea of sacrificing someone.

Leslie Warms Up Jonah

Dean lies in bed with Jonah

Before the end of the meeting, Leslie recalled that they all had to honor their commitment to PRIDE, mentioning how the Yorkeses had missed the meeting, prompting Tina to claim that she would handle it. Leslie then returned beside Jonah. She said some prayers as per the Book of Gibborim, although Jonah asked her to stop, causing Leslie to inquire what she could do. Since Jonah asked her to warm him up, Leslie took off her clothes and lied naked in his bed next to him.

Upon leaving the private room, Leslie was confronted by her husband Frank, who suspected her to have an affair. However, Leslie managed to convince him otherwise and informed him that she had made arrangements so that Frank could try to reach the rank of Ultra in the Church's hierarchy. The two then shared a kiss. In order to fully reassure her husband, Leslie returned with him to the Dean Mansion where they enjoyed the evening together, sharing a meal, playing and laughing in the yard.[8]

PRIDE - RWKingdom

Dean takes part in Andre Compton's sacrifice

Leslie then returned to Jonah, who asked her whether PRIDE was close to getting another person to sacrifice, which Leslie denied. Nevertheless, Leslie was then contacted by Catherine Wilder, who claimed to have found someone for the ritual: Andre Compton, a member of the Crips wounded by Geoffrey during the Kidnapping of Alex Wilder. Due to the emergency, PRIDE gathered and performed the ritual directly in Jonah's room. Before sacrificing Compton, Leslie asked Catherine about how he had been wounded, but Catherine simply replied that she simply should be happy that they had found someone for their sacrifice.

R105 Leslie and Jonah

Dean is reunited with Jonah

Once the ritual was complete, Leslie announced that they had succeeded and ordered the other members of PRIDE to leave the room. Leslie briefly left it as well and returned to find Jonah in his prime youth. Overjoyed at the idea of being reunited before a gala held by PRIDE, Leslie and Jonah began making out. Leslie was then told by Jonah that his biggest fear was that he could die without having seen his daughter: Karolina. He then requested to meet her before kissing Leslie again, unaware that she actually was uncomfortable with the perspective of Jonah talking to Karolina.[9]


"Victor is sick. He kept it a secret from everyone."
"Seems to be a trend amongst the PRIDE. Affairs, illness... What else are they hiding from you?"
"I told you, everything is under control."
―Leslie Dean and Jonah[src]

Leslie returned to Jonah's private room in the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices, expressing concern at the idea that he would show up at a PRIDE gala held at Wizard Headquarters. Nonetheless, she assured Jonah that she would not keep him from meeting with his biological daughter, Karolina Dean, but only that she was worried that her husband Frank Dean might discover their secret relationship, since he already had suspicions about Leslie cheating on him.


Dean at the PRIDE gala

Leslie attended the PRIDE gala with the other members of PRIDE, agreeing to have some pictures of herself and her colleagues taken by the press. She then remarked that Frank appeared to be less comfortable with this situation than usual, and Frank explained that his failure to go Ultra in the Church of Gibborim's hierarchy had made him more humble, and that he no longer craved for the spotlight as he used to do. They were then approached by Jonah, prompting Leslie to pretend to Frank that he was an old member of the Church and a former friend of her father David Ellerh.

Leslie agreed to take Jonah to see Karolina. They looked for her among the guests, asking her friend Chase Stein whether he knew where she was, but she was nowhere to be found. Thus, Leslie returned with her PRIDE colleagues as Tina Minoru delivered a speech. However, things went wrong and Leslie was aghast to learn about the affair between Janet Stein and Robert Minoru, which was revealed by Victor Stein, who collapsed immediately after.

Leslie helped to carry Victor into a quiet room and learned from his son Chase that he was actually suffering from brain cancer. Although Dale Yorkes suggested to call for an ambulance, Leslie assumed that she had a better idea and returned to Jonah to request his assistance. Jonah commented on how Leslie seemed to have trouble to keep the PRIDE members in check as they hid several things from her, although Leslie tried to defend her position. Leslie then watched in silence as Jonah and Yorkes used the former's serum on Victor to cure him.

Back at the party, Leslie saw Jonah and Frank discussing from afar. She was then approached by Yorkes, who assured that he had wiped out all memories of Jonah from Frank's mind and wondered what the two of them could discuss, to which Leslie replied that it could not be anything good.[3]

Challenges Add Up

"You have such a big heart. Your compassion's healed so many. Now I need you to turn it towards your friends, because they're falling apart, and you are the only one with the power to bring them back together. I need you to do that, and I need you to do it quickly."
Jonah to Leslie Dean[src]

Leslie went beside Calvin, an old member of the Church of Gibborim on the verge of dying, in order to pronounce the last sacraments before he died. However, the ceremony was interrupted by Frank Dean, who revealed to Leslie that he had been given healing gloves by Jonah. Leslie was deeply upset by this and confronted Frank, claiming that he would be considered a healer and that it could be dangerous, but Frank retorted that this was what he was trying to achieve.

R107 Leslie confronting Jonah

Dean confronts Jonah

Leslie went to Jonah's private room in order to confront him and accused him of trying to undermine her authority within the Church of Gibborim. However, Jonah remained mostly unfazed by Leslie's criticism. Leslie was shocked when he told her that the Church was nearing its end and that it did not matter, unlike PRIDE, which was all that mattered. Leslie was then encouraged by Jonah to deal with the inner problems PRIDE was facing in order to quickly bring back order in the organization before something went wrong.

Leslie later attended the Atlas Academy open house with her daughter Karolina, and expressed surprise that Frank was not there. Instead, Leslie found Tina Minoru, who was still troubled by the ongoing affair between her husband Robert Minoru and Janet Stein. Leslie assured Tina that she would support her and that she would make sure that Janet and Tina would end their relationship. Therefore, Leslie approached Stein and pressured her to carry on that decision, which she reluctantly agreed.

As the open house was closing, Leslie texted Jonah to inform him that she had arranged for everything. However, she was then confronted by her husband Frank, who had found a picture representing a child Leslie holding the hand of an adult Jonah and requested an explanation. Leslie admitted that Jonah was the Being mentioned in the Book of Gibborim, and that she had had an affair with him for years, although she claimed that she was too ashamed of it to tell Frank about it.[1]

Back at the Dean Mansion, Leslie discussed with Karolina before she went to bed, talking about Frank's behavior during the gala, which Leslie explained by the hardships he had to face in his recent life. Leslie then exited the room, but remained behind the door and eavesdropped on her daughter, learning that something had happened to Victor. Leslie drove all the way to the Stein Mansion, only to discover that Victor had been shot by Janet and that PRIDE had done everything they could to save him. Since Victor had fallen into a coma, Leslie called Frank for assistance.

Tsunami pic

Leslie watches Frank Dean's attempt at Victor Stein's revival

Once Frank arrived, Leslie explained the situation to him. She also insisted that he remained silent about her affair with Jonah for everyone's sake and that he should only do what he was told, although Frank rebuffed her. Leslie then witnessed his attempt to revive Victor with his healing gloves, which failed as Victor became clinically dead. While they attempted to hide the body, Jonah arrived, with Leslie insisting that she was not the one who had called him.

Catherine JanetGetIntheBox!

Dean and PRIDE argue with Janet Stein

Jonah announced that he intended to sacrifice the responsible of the situation in order to save Victor with the Dematerialization Boxes, prompting Leslie to claim that it was not her fault, which Jonah agreed, instead naming Janet to be sacrificed. This caused a serious argument within PRIDE as Janet tried to defend her case while the others, especially Leslie and Tina, were inclined to have Janet give her own life. When Robert suggested to sacrifice Frank, who had left the room, Leslie admitted that it was a possibility, but then Jonah threatened to kill all PRIDE and their children, prompting Leslie and the others to call for Janet's sacrifice.

Things got even worse when Dale Yorkes picked up the gun used to shoot Victor and threatened his fellow PRIDE members. Leslie asked him whether he actually knew how to handle a handgun, which he did not, making him even more dangerous. Although Dale was eventually disarmed by Geoffrey Wilder, the situation was still unresolved and Jonah once again ordered Janet to give her life, which she reluctantly agreed.

R108 Leslie and Tina Argument

Dean confronts Tina Minoru for having destroyed a Dematerialization Box

However, Robert chose to give his life instead, prompting Tina to use the Staff of One to destroy one of the Box to save her husband. This greatly angered Leslie, who accused Tina of being foolish and of not realizing the consequences of this deed. Leslie was ready to engage in a hand-in-hand fight against Tina, but Jonah stopped them and reassured Leslie, telling her that he no longer needed the Boxes anyway, causing Leslie to begrudgingly apologize to Tina.[5]

Confrontation with the Runaways

"We know you have a lot of questions."
"You mean like how could you murder fifteen kids?"
"We promise you everything we've done, we've done for you."
―Leslie Dean and Karolina Dean[src]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Leslie was called by Jonah on the PRIDE Construction Site to witness the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine enacting the final phase of Jonah's plan. Through the Church of Gibborim, Leslie also provided Jonah with adepts able to provide security for the construction site instead of the workers hired by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., although Geoffrey Wilder was displeased by this choice. Leslie then watched in amazement as the drill was activated by Jonah.

R109 Jonah & Leslie IWasNotYourFirstCall

Dean is confronted by Jonah about the Attack on Victor Stein

However, in the evening, Leslie and the rest of PRIDE were once again summoned by Jonah, this time in his apartments at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices. There, Leslie was shocked to learn from Jonah that the children of the PRIDE members, the Runaways, were actually aware of the crimes that PRIDE had perpetrated for years since they had witnessed the failed sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez. Leslie asked Jonah how he knew this, to which he replied that someone had informed him. Leslie was then confronted about her choice of not calling Jonah on the night of the Attack on Victor Stein.


Dean leads PRIDE on the PRIDE Construction Site

Leslie was ordered by Jonah to check on her daughter Karolina's whereabouts, who was nowhere to be found. She was also informed by the other members of PRIDE that the other children were also missing, along with valuable artifacts such as the Staff of One and the Fistigons. Wilder then directed them to the PRIDE Construction Site. Leslie led PRIDE inside, as they discovered that the Runaways had already sabotaged the drilling machine.

R109 Leslie discovers Karolina's powers

Leslie discovers Karolina Dean's powers

As they were confronted by the Runaways, Leslie tried to explain that all PRIDE's actions were meant for their well-being, but they refused to listen and to be ready for a fight. Much to Leslie's astonishment, Karolina removed her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, revealing her ability to glow with a colorful aura. When Wilder asked her whether she knew about her daughter's powers, Leslie replied that she did not know but that she feared that Leslie would display such abilities, as they were actually identical to one displayed by Jonah.[4]

R110 Leslie & Jonah ThisIsNotNecessary

Dean begs Jonah not to attack the Runaways

The fight was engaged between PRIDE and the Runaways, with PRIDE being protected by Tina Minoru who had reclaimed the Staff of One. Jonah, accompanied by Frank Dean, arrived as well and joined the fight, ready to attack the Runaways. Leslie begged him that it was not necessary and that they should not resort to violence, but Jonah refused to listen and assaulted the teenagers. Still, the Runaways stood back, and Leslie remained helpless as they all left, except Karolina, who remained to fight Jonah on her own. Leslie was in tears during the whole confrontation, fearing for her daughter's life.[10]

Turning against Jonah

"We have a common enemy, and we need to do something about it."
―Leslie Dean to PRIDE[src]

Karolina was eventually defeated, knocked unconscious and held captive in Jonah's apartments at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices. Leslie and Frank sat beside her, waiting for her to awaken. Leslie confronted Frank for having reached out Jonah and telling him about the Runaways, but Frank rebuffed her, accusing her of her own betrayals, such as ordering to have his memories erased by the Synnergy Serum and having a child, Karolina, with Jonah. As they were arguing, Jonah arrived and told them to leave and to get some rest.

Yorkesdean S01E10

Dean meets the Yorkeses at the PRIDE Construction Site

Leslie returned to the PRIDE Construction Site, where she found Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who were also inspecting the site. Pretending to be doing the same, Leslie remained with them as they scanned the hole dug by the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine. She was surprised when the Yorkeses mentioned a living creature apparently lying underneath the surface. Leslie had to admit that she was not aware of it, prompting Stacey to comment on how Jonah kept secrets from her.

Leslie was then approached by Vaughn Kaye, a member of the Church of Gibborim who explained that the Runaways had told him that Karolina was in danger because of Jonah. As Leslie still feared for Karolina's well-being, Leslie ordered Kaye to help the Runaways to rescue Karolina, without revealing her own involvement. The operation was a success, as Kaye reported to Leslie later. Leslie thanked him for having come to her, and when he voiced his fears that Jonah was taking over the Church, Leslie assured him that she was still in charge. Heavily displeased by the reveal that Jonah had kept her in the dark, combined with the fact that Jonah had endangered the very life of her daughter, Leslie decided to turn on Jonah and to plot to have him killed.

R110 Leslie confessing mistakes

Dean confesses her knowledge of the Assassination of Amy Minoru

She gathered several members of PRIDE, namely Tina and Robert Minoru and Janet Stein and led them to the Yorkes Residence, where they were reluctantly welcomed by the Yorkeses. Leslie explained that they had to deal with the threat of Jonah and declared that she wanted to confess her crimes. Although PRIDE was already aware of her involvement in the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez, Leslie confessed that she knew that Amy Minoru had been murdered by Jonah. This greatly enraged Tina, who threatened to kill Leslie, but Leslie convinced the other of her value as she could help them to get close enough to Jonah in order to kill him.[10]


"Things always ran flawlessly because we ran them. Both of us know how to stay focused on the big picture. It's all about the forest, not the trees."
―Leslie Dean to Tina Minoru[src]

Leslie was a complicated woman with a manipulative side which she often used with proficiency. She was able to take the reins of the Church of Gibborim after her father David Ellerh passed away and to expand the ranks of the organization, which had a good reputation in Los Angeles. She was also able to lead PRIDE with efficiency, carrying Jonah's agenda and making sure that all the PRIDE members remembered what they had to do for the organization. This often caused Leslie to perform immoral and even criminal deeds, such as the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez. Throughout PRIDE's continued Rite of Blood, Leslie was convinced that they were working for something greater than themselves. She also envisaged to sacrifice her own husband Frank to revive Victor Stein, as she actually did not care much for him due to having an affair with Jonah.

However, despite being at the head of a secretly criminal organization who carried out ritual murders herself, Leslie could hardly be considered a cruel person. She claimed that the sacrifices perpetrated by PRIDE were hard for her to carry, showing that she did not kill out of pure pleasure or cruelty but only because she had been convinced by Jonah that it was necessary. Although she did not have real feelings for her husband Frank, she deeply cared for her daughter Karolina, claiming that everything PRIDE had done was done for her along with the other Runaways. When Karolina dueled against Jonah, Leslie was extremely worried by the outcome of the confrontation. She could also show a kind and compassionate side to her parishioners of the Church of Gibborim.

Leslie was not beyond recognizing her wrongdoings. She eventually realized that she had made a mistake and that Jonah had manipulated her, endangering the life of Karolina in the process. Therefore, she ultimately chose to turn against him and to strike an uneasy alliance with the other members of PRIDE, to whom she admitted her crimes and her knowledge of the Assassination of Amy Minoru. In spite of her past feelings for Jonah, Leslie resolved to murder him in order to protect Karolina and her friends.



  • Dean Mansion: Leslie lives in this wealthy residence with her husband Frank and their daughter Karolina. She had an office at home in which she often went to meditate and pray away from the rest of the world.
  • Church of Gibborim Executive Offices: As the leader of the Church of Gibborim, Dean worked at the organization's main facility, where she had her own office. She also claimed to have a private meditation room in the building which no one could enter, not even her husband Frank. Actually, Leslie used this room to hide Jonah from the public, especially when he waited to be revived. When Jonah was revived, Dean occasionally slept with him in this room.






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  • In the comics, Leslie and her husband Frank are Majesdanian criminals and two of the six founding members of the PRIDE. They were killed by the Gibborim when their ritual for human extinction failed due to the Runaways intervent.

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