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"Tonight, another becomes eternal."
―Leslie Dean[src]

Leslie Dean (née Ellerh) is the leader of the Church of Gibborim, as well as of PRIDE. She is the wife of Frank Dean and the mother of Karolina Dean.


Early Life

Meeting Jonah

Born the daughter of David Ellerh, the founder of the Church of Gibborim, Leslie met with Jonah, who had come to confirm his father's beliefs written in the Book of Gibborim.[1]

When she grew up as an adult, Leslie married actor Frank Dean.[2] However, she also had an affair with Jonah, who retained his youth. Leslie and Jonah had a daughter named Karolina, who was officially Frank's daughter.[3] Leslie gave Karolina a Church of Gibborim Bracelet from her youngest age[2], as she feared that she could display the same light emission abilities than Jonah.[4]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifice

"What do you mean, "his energy's been converted"? He's dead?"
"And we killed him?"
"It isn't a death. He lives on in another. Eternal."
Robert Minoru, Janet Stein and Leslie Dean[src]

Following the death of her father David Ellerh, Dean became the head of the Church of Gibborim. In parallel, assisted by Jonah, she formed PRIDE, a charity publicly devoted to improve the life of the inhabitants of Los Angeles, while actually it would only serve Jonah's interests.

Leslie gathered PRIDE in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion. She then brought Brooks Watten, a young member of the Church of Gibborim she had selected to be sacrificed, into the room. As Watten got into the Dematerialization Box and his body was converted into pure energy, Dean explained to her associates that Watten would keep living within another person. This shocked the rest of PRIDE, and when Gene and Alice Hernandez claimed that they had not signed up for such crimes, Dean replied that they actually had when accepting Jonah's gifts.[3]

Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez

"Gene and Alice are no longer a problem."
"You mean..."
"I handled it."
―Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

Dean was later alerted about Gene's and Alice Hernandez's suspicions towards Jonah's true agenda due to the rock samples they had taken from the PRIDE Construction Site. As the Hernandezes became a threat to the whole plan, Dean decided to take them out of the equation. She went to Goodman University where the Hernandezes were working and locked them up in their lab before tossing an explosive device into the room. The bomb detonated, killing Gene and Alice. Dean then informed Tina Minoru of what she had done. Little did Dean know that their daughter Molly was there as well and that she miraculously survived the blast.[4]

Dean never told anyone beside Minoru about killing the Hernandezes. She sent a text to the rest of PRIDE with the single word "TSUNAMI" to alert them and pretended that the Hernandezes had died in an accident.[5] Dean later attended the Hernandezes' funeral with the other members of PRIDE.[6]

Sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez

Runaways Teaser Trailer 13

Leslie Dean approaches Destiny Gonzalez

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  • In the comics, Leslie and her husband Frank are Majesdanian criminals and two of the six founding members of the PRIDE. They were killed by the Gibborim when their ritual for human extinction failed due to the Runaways intervent.


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