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"You can do it, like a soldier. Go, go, go out like a soldier..."
―Lewis Wilson[src]

Lewis Wilson was a young veteran who had a difficult time re-assimilating into civilian society. Unable to overcome his severe PTSD, and despite Curtis Hoyle's attempts to help him, Wilson resorted to terrorist actions. His threats to Karen Page made him cross paths with Frank Castle, who attempted to stop him. Wilson eventually took his own life during a failed attack.



Solomn Betrayal

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Waking From Nightmares

Wilson awakened from a violent nightmare, heavily breathing. Confusingly hostile, he armed himself with his gun; when Clay Wilson began to walk downstairs to check on him, Wilson fired a shot inches ahead of his father before registering what happened. Quickly, he was embraced and comforted, constantly reassured by his father that he was fine and that everything will be okay. Wilson, however, pushed him away and rejected the comfort.[4]

To insure that he would not harm his father, Wilson dug a hole in the backyard and rested inside. He was then visited by Curtis Hoyle, under the concerns made by Clay.[2]

Lies and More Betrayal

Anvil Rejection

Wilson attends a meeting at Anvil Headquarters alongside other veterans in search of a new job. There, he trained heavily, building muscle and exercising different maneuvers. Cooling down, he conversed with other recruits until he is called over by Billy Russo, whom informed Wilson that he was being rejected from the program. Gradually, he became angry and questioned the reason behind the decision, asking if Curtis Hoyle spoke of him to Russo. Eventually, he did what he was told, grabbing his belongings and leaving the premises.[2]

Protest with O'Connor

After another session, Wilson joined O'Connor outside the courthouse, where the two protested the case. When a policeman approached them to ordered that they leave the premises, Wilson, against O'Connor's pleads to comply, refused to move, saying that the courthouse was public property and that he was free to protest. Eventually, he was tackled and cuffed by the officer under the guise that Wilson pulled a weapon on him.[5]

Bailed by Curtis Hoyle

Wilson returned to Curtis Hoyle and asked why he had released him from jail. Hoyle explained that he wished to help him, adding that he needed someone to rely on. He also disclosed that he had examined O'Connor's records and discovered that the stories that he had shared of his time spent in Vietnam War were untrue, only receiving training and discharged after an injury.[5]

Confrontation with O'Connor

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Bombings of New York City

First Bombings

Returning home, Wilson begun to craft pipe bombs in the basement and write a letter for Karen Page and the New York Bulletin. Upon completion, he left on foot and planted his bombs in several different businesses and buildings in New York City; Wilson also had his letter sent directly to Page's desk, in which he vocalized his vision of the world and requested she choose a side.

Afterwards, Wilson listened to the Ricky Langtry Show on the radio and listened as Senator Stan Ori and Page spoke of their opinions on the bombings. Eventually, he phoned the station and continued to threaten Page and Ori.[1]

Second Bombings

Wilson entered Royal Hospitality dressed as an Anvil security guard. As he climbed the stairs to the lobby, he noticed Billy Russo leave the elevator; Wilson redirected to the stairwell, where he distracted and killed other Anvil guards and continued upward to the senator's floor.[6]

Final Standoff

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Reaching the kitchen, Wilson briefly releases Karen Page from his arms and tries to strategize his next move; a frightful Page continued to question him on his next move, unwilling to move. Soon, Frank Castle manages to locate them, unarmed and continuing to persuade Wilson that Page was not his true target. Using her as a hostage again, he listened to Castle, unaware of the hints passed to her on disarming the bomb.[6]


Lewis Wilson is often timid and quiet, keeping many things to himself. Next to post-trauma from his service in the military, Wilson becomes agitated upon learning of betrayal of those whom served or feels his freedoms are limited.


  • Master Marksman: Even after his service in the military, Wilson has been able to execute multiple targets with one percised shot. As he traveled through the stairwell of Royal Hospitality, he managed to kill every Anvil security official in site while under the disguise as another officer.
  • Expert Tactician: to be added



  • Handgun: With a silencer attached to its barrel, Wilson wielded and has fired a pistol during his assault at Royal Hospitality. He was close to using the handgun on Stan Ori and Karen Page, but was quickly disarmed by Frank Castle.
  • Remote-Detonated Bombs: Wilson has knowledge in crafting bombs; upon their creation, he used them in bombing several businesses and the door into Stan Ori's penthouse. He would, later, detonate the bombs attached to his person to commit suicide.





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  • According to his drivers license, Lewis's address was 254 Ingram Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

Behind the Scenes

  • Before The Punisher release, Daniel Webber's character was known as Lewis Walcott.
  • Showrunner Steve Lightfoot argued that Wilson may not have become violent if he had not been betrayed by O'Connor:
    Lewis’ story is a tragedy. In so many ways, if someone had just gotten an arm around him at the right time or if certain things hadn’t gone the way they had gone — you know, if O'Connor (Delaney Williams) hadn’t lied to him, which unhinged him — he may not have lashed out. What’s interesting to me is the psychology of when people are hurting, they lash out, and I think Lewis is a very extreme example of that. When people get in a hole that deep, it’s incredibly difficult to see your way out.[7]


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