Lonnie Wilson is the son of Patricia Wilson. He was a regular customer of Pop's Barber Shop, being there when Tone and Shades shot the place up. He was saved by Luke Cage protecting him with his body.


Afternoon haircut

Lonnie Wilson visited Pop's Barber Shop to get a haircut. Here he was cut by Pop himself. While getting his haircut Pop and some of the others in the shop were discussing the New York Knicks. Wilson received an apology by Pop for cursing, to which he stated that he did not mind. Just after the discussion ended his mother, Patricia Wilson, entered to store to take him home and get him ready for Kumon that evening. At first he did not stand up to go home, even when Pop told him to listen his mother. Patricia warned him about her having to repair herself, after which he finally listened. He than had to wait for his mother to stop flirting with Luke Cage, one of the employees in the shop.[1]

Attack on Pop's Barber Shop

Two days later Lonnie and Patricia Wilson again visited the barbershop. While Lonnie was getting a haircut from Pop his mother was asking for Luke Cage. Even though his haircut was not finished yet his mother left the shop. Pop had to take a pause in the middle of his haircut when Chico Diaz entered the front of the hop, saying there was no TV at the back. A few moments later Tone appeared in front of the shop with to machine guns and started to empty the clips. Wilson was still sitting in his chair when this happened. Not being able to get down on time Cage threw his body in front of Wilson, catching all the bullets. When Tone entered the shop Cage warned Wilson to play dead.

Following the shooting Wilson's mother had come back the shop, worried about her son. Lonnie told her that Cage had protected him and that he was fine. The two of them quickly left the barber shop.[2]

Where is Luke Cage?

Following the murder of officer Jackie Albini by Diamondback police officers of the 29th Precinct Police Station began a search in Harlem in order to find the murderer. Since Diamondback had called himself Luke Cage while commiting the murder the officers were searching for Cage. One of the men apprehended by the police officers told them that Lonnie Wilson knew Cage.

With this knowledge the officers picked Wilson, who was on his way home after visiting chess club at school, up and brought him to the police station. At the station Wilson was interrogated by detective Dorsey. Since his mother was nearly a lawyer Wilson wanted to call her. Dorsey first wanted Wilson to answer some questions about Luke Cage. Wilson defemded Cage and called Dorsey a liar for calling Cage a cop killer. Since he was not charged with anything Wilson planned to leave. Dorsey angrily stopped Wilson from leaving, pushing Wilson back on his chair and telling him to start talking.

When Wilson did not give Cage his location Dorsey attacked him, which resulted in Wilson bleeding. Other officers at the precint came between them, while Misty Knight checked up on Wilson. Mariah Dillard planned to release photographs of Wilson before and after the attack to the media and used Wilson as an example that the actions of the New York City Police Department were unacceptable.[3]

Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard

During the Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard between Luke Cage and Diamondback the citizens of Harlem came out in force to support Cage. Among them was Lonnie Wilson. When Cage looked to be losing the fight Wilson encouraged him. Even with the encouragment Cage was close to losing the fight. Together with the other people on the streets Wilson began to cheer his name, which powered Cage into taking Diamondback down.[4]


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