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"I had a husband I loved, work, the challenge that thrilled me, and just as everything that I'd dreamed of was within my grasp, this happened. But I'm gonna make it alright. Don't take this personally."
―Lucy Bauer to Ghost Rider[src]

Doctor Lucy Bauer was a member of Momentum Labs who found the ancient grimoire known as the Darkhold. Experimenting with the knowledge they found within it to power their technology, Bauer was betrayed by Eli Morrow, who trapped Bauer and her team between two dimensions, transforming them into ghostly apparitions. Bauer herself was freed several years later and, after releasing the rest of her colleagues, Bauer set out on a personal mission to reclaim the Darkhold to restore their lives as well as get revenge on the man responsible for the experiment that caused their predicament, eventually leading to her death at the hands of Ghost Rider.


Finding the Darkhold


Lucy and Joseph Bauer find the Darkhold.

Lucy Bauer was a scientist employed under Momentum Labs, a privately funded scientific organization. During her time as a member there, Bauer came upon the Darkhold, an incredibly ancient text that held infinite knowledge pertaining the mystic arts. As Bauer studied the book, she became obsessed with the knowledge and capabilities it brought.

Some time later, Momentum Labs conceived the idea of constructing a Quantum Particle Generator, a machine that was designed to generate matter from practically nothing. While the concept was logically impossible, Bauer believed that the unique possibilities presented by the Darkhold were the key to achieving this. The machine was successfully completed, but a freak explosion caused by the Darkhold's magics obliterated the lab. Bauer and three of her colleagues, Hugo, Frederick, and Vincent, were caught in the blast, and the magical fallout transformed them into grotesque, spiritual entities. They were subsequently placed within cubicle containment devices and placed in storage for several years.[1]

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Infecting the Chinatown Crew

Lucy ghost

Bauer possesses Chen, turning him mad

"What was that?"
"A breath of fresh air."
Chen and Lucy Bauer[src]

Bauer's storage cube was obtained by the Aryan Brotherhood, who believed that it contained some kind of weapon. Bauer was unboxed from the crate and infected two members of the Watchdogs, causing them to kill each other. She returned to the box and was handed over to Chen, the leader of the Chinatown Crew. When the crate was once again opened, Bauer infected all those around it, whispering in Chen's ear and causing him to go insane, as he saw horrific images and gunned down his own allies in a fit of both terrible rage and crippling terror.

As Chen began killing his own men, he was subdued by the arrival of May's Team, a special S.H.I.E.L.D. unit who knocked out all the surviving Chinatown crew by shooting them with I.C.E.R.s before taking them into custody. Seeing the strength of their leader, Bauer took the chance to infect Melinda May's mind, walking past her and causing a chill to run down her spine. Later onboard Zephyr One, Bauer's infection took hold as May saw visions of Phil Coulson's eyes and face becoming black and demonic.[2]

Hunt of Darkhold

Freeing More Like Her

Following her release, Bauer travelled to her old home, where she scared a little boy and attacked the father who was currently residing there. The latter began to see his son's face become distorted and demonic. Realizing that years had passed while she was held captive, Bauer journeyed to Momentum Labs. While there, she discovered five boxes similar to hers that held her former colleagues. First, she freed a man whom she recognized as Hugo. Frightened at their current state, Hugo said 'he must pay' thinking they had been in the cells for hours, Bauer informed him that it had been years.

After releasing the others, the group began to argue among each other, saying that Bauer should not have used the Darkhold. Bauer said that the book could help and fix them, and that after doing that, they would kill 'him' and anyone who got in their way. The group (excluding Frederick) left Momentum Labs to begin their search for the Darkhold.[3]

Visiting Joseph

Eventually, Lucy finds Joseph in his hospital bed. She sticks her fingers into his head to wake him from his coma, demanding to know where the book is.

Retrieving The Book

Lucy finds the book buried beneath the same basement, but when she tries to read it the pages remain blank, much to her horror.

Fixing Past Mistakes

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Kidnapping of Elias Morrow

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Confrontation with the Ghost Rider

TGS Lucy

Bauer attempts to infect Ghost Rider

"I'm here to make you pay for your actions. There are consequences for playing God."
"Me? Your uncle is the one who wants to play God. He is the one who started this whole nightmare."
Ghost Rider and Lucy Bauer[src]

When S.H.I.E.L.D. and Robbie Reyes were searching the facility, Bauer appeared behind them. Reyes told Phil Coulson that he could deal with her alone, as he was the only one who could kill her. Bauer mistook Robbie for Gabe Reyes, Robbie's paraplegic brother, but an angered Reyes hinted that he was the second brother who had survived the hit that would turn him into Ghost Rider. Bauer tried to explain that the hit was intended for Morrow and explained that she was going to kill him because of what he had done to her. After an intense argument, Bauer tried to infect Reyes, but had failed and was physically grabbed by Reyes, a feeling that she had believed was impossible.


Bauer is burned to death by Robbie Reyes

Bauer had began to explain the true story behind the Pasadena Momentum Facility incident: Morrow became obsessed with the Darkhold and had taken advantage over Joseph Bauer's experiment in an attempt to kill them so he could take the Darkhold for himself. Morrow had secretly taken Joseph, Frederick, Hugo, Vincent and herself and locked them individually into the machine that would turn them into the entities that they were now. Although Bauer was indeed telling the truth, Reyes, who was angered because of her crimes of recent incinerated her regardless.[4]


Lucy Bauer was transformed into a ghost-like being by Eli Morrow, granting her supernatural powers.

"What was that?"
"A breath of fresh air."
Chen and Lucy Bauer[src]
  • Infection: With a single touch or whisper, Bauer was capable of infecting a person's mind. The infection would affect the part of the brain that controls the sleep/wake cycle, resulting in nightmarish hallucinations that would gradually drive the victim to paranoia and homicidal rage. The hallucinations would usually be of people around the victim having black eyes and their faces being becoming darkened and mottled. Eventually, the resulting constant state of fight or flight would cause cardiac arrest, killing the victim.
"Dr. Bauer can walk through walls, so we got to go."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Intangibility: Bauer was able to phase through walls unimpeded, though she was still tangible enough to physically interact with the outside world.
  • Invisibility: Bauer could render herself invisible and occasionally used this ability to surprise and scare her targets before infecting them.
  • Superhuman Speed: Bauer displayed superhuman speed when she managed to propagate across a room instantly with barely any effort.






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