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Full of surprises
"Well, you are just full of surprises."
WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Luke Cage. Keep reading this article at your own risk.
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"People are scared but they can't be paralyzed by that fear. You have to fight for what's right every single day, bulletproof skin or not. You can't just not snitch, or turn away or take money under the table because life has turned you sour."
―Luke Cage [src]

Carl Lucas is a former policeman from Savannah, Georgia, who was wrongfully convicted into Seagate Prison, where he met and fell in love with therapist Reva Connors. During his time in prison, he underwent an experiment to save his life that ended up giving superhuman strength and a seemingly unbreakable skin. After he escaped from his prison, he changed his name to Luke Cage and moved to New York City, marrying Connors and living there until her death seemingly due to a random bus crash.

Months later, Cage came across private investigator Jessica Jones during the course of an investigation and started a relationship with her, but he discovered that Jones was involved in the murder of his wife due to the influence of Kilgrave. Following his encounters with Jones and Kilgrave, he moved from Hell's Kitchen into Harlem in order to build a new life, working for Pop. However his life became more complicated due to the actions of Cottonmouth, who killed Pop, starting a war between the pair which only ended when Cottonmouth was found dead.

Blamed for Cottonmouth's murder, Cage was forced to go on the run, hunted by his ally Misty Knight and his former friend Willis Stryker, who returned to tell Cage they were brothers before attempting to kill him. Eventually Cage defeated Stryker but he was still arrested by the police to continue his original sentence.


Early Life

Carl Lucas was the son of James and Etta Lucas. James was a highly popular and influential preacher in Savannah, Georgia. Etta was unable to have a child for many years, but miraculously she gave birth to Carl, and he was called a "miracle baby". James had another son Willis Stryker, from his church secretary, although Lucas and Stryker grew up as best friends, Lucas was unaware they were related by blood. James and Carl were not very close, and later in life Lucas would say that his father "didn't care for him much", but he still treated him like a son, unlike Stryker, who he ignored.

As a teenager Luke was a skilled athlete and excelled at football. One night he was jumped and beaten up outside a bowling alley by some street punk. Luke couldn't let it pass due to personal pride and asked Willis to teach him how to box. After receiving his training, Luke fought his attacker and won.

Young Luke and Willis

Months later, Lucas and Stryker stole a red corvette just for a joyride. While driving they began arguing over musicians Prince and Michael Jackson, they were soon caught by a police officer and both were arrested. Lucas' father, being a man of influence was able to persuade the judge to allow Lucas to join the marines instead of going to jail. Stryker did not get the same treatment and he was sent to jail.[citation needed]

Prison Time

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Fight Club

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Exposing Corruption

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The Experiment

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Life with Reva

"She died. Bus crash."
―Luke Cage[src]

At some point Luke Cage married Reva Connors. At some point Cage was involved in an experiment which granted him superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Connors was tragically killed, seemingly in a bus accident.[2] Believing that there was more to the case than was being revealed to him, Cage dedicated much of his life to learning more about the incident so he could find whoever was responsible.[3]

Luke's Bar

Luke Cage Yellow

Cage begins a new life running Luke's

Cage opened a bar in New York City called Luke's, named after himself, where he employed Roy Healy as a bartender alongside him, taking great care of the bar and constantly ensuring it was as clean as possible. While working at the bar Cage tried to keep a low profile, avoiding complicated relationships and dealings with the police; he did however begin a sexual relationship with Gina, whom he had previously flirted with in the bar. As Cage looked out of his apartment window at the city one night, Gina walked over to him wearing only underwear and they had sex.[4]

Meeting Jessica Jones

Luke Cage screenshot

Cage meets Jessica Jones

"Hard day at the office?"
"They're all hard."
"Pop's always said, if you don't feel good going to work, you should find new work."
―Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

As Cage took the trash out one night, he came across Jessica Jones looking through the bar's window and invited her inside, claiming he would make it ladies night if she agreed. Jones came inside and drank until all the guests and Roy Healy had left; Cage and Jones both avoided questions about their personal lives, although Cage learned that Jones was a private investigator. They both flirted with each other and Jones worked out that the bar was special to Cage.


Cage has sex with Jessica Jones

When Cage asked Jones what she wanted, it did not take long until they were both upstairs in his apartment having sex. Due to his great strength, Cage felt the need to apologize when he feared he had hurt Jones, but she pushed him to continue. Once they were finished, they both lay silently on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. Jones got up and went into Cage's bathroom for a while; when she returned, she hastily put on her clothes and left while Cage sat on the edge of the bed, only telling him that she was sorry without explaining why.[4]

Exposed Secrets

JJ 102 LC

Cage orders Jessica Jones to leave his bar

"You can put your wedding ring back on."
"So I'm married, I'm just a booty call for you anyway."
"I stay away from complications."
―Luke Cage and Gina[src]

Two police officers came into Luke's to speak to Cage; they revealed photographs taken by Jessica Jones and asked him about her, as she was being investigated about a homicide case. Once they had gone, Jones arrived and tried to explain herself to the angered Cage, claiming she had been hired by the suspicious husband of Gina. Jones admitted that she should not have slept with him and Cage told her to leave.

Jj102 1119

Cage speaks to and breaks up with Gina

Cage was later visited by Gina who tried to flirt and have sex with him once again, but Cage refused as he did not wish to get involved with liars. She argued that she had never had a chance to lie to him but Cage explained he did not get involved with married women either. Gina claimed that her husband did not care and their marriage was basically over, but Cage informed her that her husband had hired Jones to investigate her affair. Although Gina claimed she did not believe him Cage told her to go home and ask her husband herself, which she did as she left Luke's in a hurry to return home.[5]

Discovering Jessica Jones' Powers

Jj102 2571

Cage is attacked by Andre

"Can you punch through a wall? Can you stop a moving car?"
"A slow moving car."
―Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Gina's husband Andre came into Luke's that night to confront Cage, bringing a group from his rugby teammates to attack him. While Cage fought them off, he was joined by Jessica Jones who had come to help. Cage witnessed Jones throw men twice her size across the bar with ease, while Cage soon knocked out all the men. When Andre tried to stab Cage in the neck, his unbreakable skin saved him and he ordered Andre to return home.

Jj102 3591

Cage demonstrates his powers to Jones

Knowing that Jones' strength was superhuman, Cage went to her apartment to confront her about seeing her throw men across his bar with one hand, although she tried to claim it was adrenaline. Cage however insisted she was enhanced and admitted that he knew she had seen he was too. To demonstrate his powers, Cage picked up a nearby buzz saw and pushed it against his stomach, causing sparks to fly off but not cutting his skin. As Jones touched his skin, Cage told her that she could not fix him as he was unbreakable.[5]


Cage and Jones test out their strength

Sexually excited by the idea of finding another enhanced person, Cage and Jones began taking off each others clothes while testing each other's strength, with Jones proving herself to match Cage. As the pair had sex against the wall, they would accidentally break various parts of the apartment due to their over-enthusiasm. Jones at one point told Cage to put her down as she spotted her neighbor Ruben watching them from the hallway as his sister Robyn was complaining about the noise.


Cage and Jones discuss their powers

The couple went out into New York City to have some dinner together and discuss their gifts and how they had gotten their powers, with Jones asking how unbreakable he was, but Cage made it clear he was unsure about testing it. Jones revealed the extent of her strength and claimed she could not fly but jump incredibly high. Cage asked how many more gifted people she believed there were apart from them and the Avengers, Jones revealed she knew of one man. They talked about becoming heroes and Jones revealed she had tried, Cage then teased her about costumes.


Cage tells Jones about Reva Connors

They decided to go back to Cage's apartment and have sex again, even going as far as to break his bed. It was agreed that Jones would stay with him that night and she went to brush her teeth and wash her face, however Cage found Jones in his bathroom looking at a photograph of Reva Connors he kept. Believing that the photograph had upset and confused Jones, Cage revealed that Connors had died in a bus crash years earlier. Jones said she was sorry and decided to leave, claiming she had to work, leaving Cage alone.[2]

Relationship Troubles


Jessica Jones asks Cage about drugs

"I have business, unfinished and you've been through too much for me to..."
"Can't handle the dead wife huh? Do what you gotta do."
Jessica Jones and Luke Cage[src]

While cleaning up Luke's, Cage was visited by Jessica Jones who apologized for leaving the night before, although Cage admitted he perhaps should not have mentioned his dead wife. Jones asked if Cage knew any drug dealers and he jokingly asked that as he owned a bar in Hell's Kitchen what did she think, Jones revealed that she needed a specific drug used to knock people out for surgery which she needed for questionable reasons, but Cage admitted that he could not help there.


Cage and Jones have sex again

Instead of talking, they decided to go upstairs and have sex. When they were finished and catching their breath, all Cage could think to say was Sweet Christmas. Cage pushed Jones to tell him what she was hiding from him, jokingly asking if it was a racial issue. Jones revealed that her mind was focused on a man with the power of mind control, Cage questioned if this had anything to do with the Hope Shlottman case he had been questioned about. Although Cage remained skeptical, Jones revealed that she believed Shlottman was telling the truth.


Cage is dumped by Jessica Jones

A few hours later Jones knocked on Cage's apartment door with a look of sadness and cuts across her forehead but refused to reveal what she had done. Although Cage invited her inside, she refused, claiming that she could not come in ever again as she believed it was not right, although Cage argued that it felt alright to him. Jones told him that she had unfinished business and he had already suffered enough because of her, however Cage became convinced she was leaving because of the drama surrounding his dead wife and told her to do what she needed to do.[2]

Seeking Answers


Cage arrives at Jessica Jones' home

"These guys work for Sirkes, the loan shark Antoine owes. Didn't I just kick your ass yesterday?"
"So that was you?"
―Luke Cage and Len Sirkes[src]

Having heard that Serena Grier had information about Reva Connors' death, Cage agreed to help find her brother Antoine in exchange. Cage at first confronted the man to whom Antoine owed money, but after a brief fight learned that Grier had disappeared without paying. Cage traveled to the Alias Investigations Office to ask for Jessica Jones' help, offering to pay her; however he was confronted by an agitated Malcolm Ducasse, who threatened him as he believed he had been Kilgraved.


Cage tells Jones about Antoine Grier

Jones refused to help, offering him the name of another Private Investigator named Angela del Toro, but Cage insisted that he wanted her help and nobody else's, claiming that he needed the job handled fast. Once Jones agreed to help Cage explained the situation. Although Jones tried to hand his money back to Cage, claiming she owed him a favor, Cage insisted that she take it as he was not asking for a favor and she told him to text him information so they could explore Grier's home for clues though the next day.


Cage searches Antoine Grier's apartment

The next day Cage went to Antoine Grier's Apartment and began exploring until Jones arrived a few hours late, which he confronted her about. He and Jones looked through Grier's possessions to try to find any clues about where he might have gone as Jones proved he had not been kidnapped due to his toothbrush also being gone. While going through his trash, Jones worked out that he liked to enter competitions and called his phone claiming he had won an Xbox, while Cage watched, amused by her techniques.


Cage is threatened by Len Sirkes

As they stepped outside while discussing Jones' techniques, Jones confronted two men she believed had been sent by Kilgrave; however Cage recognized them as the men working for Len Sirkes whom he had beaten up the day before. They were then confronted by Sirkes himself who claimed not to have taken Grier, noting that he was also looking for him; Cage then proposed a deal where they work together to find him, despite Jones' protests. Once the deal was made, Cage gave Jones a lift home on his motorcycle, noting she had to wear a helmet as it was the law.[3]

Understanding Jones' Past


Cage takes Jessica Jones back to her home

"You are a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit."
―Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]

Once they were outside Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, Cage asked what was next in finding Antoine Grier and Jones told him she would dig up information online and promised to call if she found anything. As Jones went inside, Cage was confronted once again by Malcolm Ducasse who wanted to know if his interests in Jones were his interests. Confused, Cage tried to leave but was then asked about being approached by a British man, Cage simply told him not to get attached to Jones and was told she had been to hell and back.


Cage comforts Jessica Jones

Cage and Ducasse spoke in length about Kilgrave and Cage learned that Jones had spent months under his control being raped and mentally tortured. Mortified, Cage returned to the Alias Investigations Office and tried to apologize for not believing her when they had discussed Kilgrave's control over Hope Shlottman, promising to try and make it right. Opening the door, Jessica Jones told him he had not done anything wrong and she was a piece of shit; however, Cage told her that despite her flaws, she was not a piece of shit.[3]

Locating Antoine Grier


Cage and Jessica Jones discuss the case

"I guess I should get used to you bailing on me."
"I had Antoine in hand, the priority was getting him home."
―Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Having spent the night together, Cage spent the morning watching Jessica Jones sleep, They discussed whether or not Jones would still be facing Kilgrave alone and she insisted she had to. They were interrupted when a man claiming to be Antoine Grier phoned to pick up his Xbox. Before they went to find him, Cage confessed to barely knowing Serena Grier and he was doing this as she had proof that Reva Connors' death was not an accident, telling Jones about what had happened after her death about the pain he had experienced.

Jessica Jones 6

Cage is attacked by Myers and Krueger

Cage and Jones met up once again to look for the man claiming to be Grier, with Cage buying coffee first. They soon spotted Victor storming out and followed him as he got into a taxi. They tracked him down to an abandoned warehouse where Jones gained them entry by ripping off the lock on the door. Once inside they discovered a massive stockpile of marijuana. As they explored the warehouse they were confronted by Victor's dogs Myers and Krueger, Cage decided to calm down the dogs while Jones looked for Grier, noting that sharp teeth were his specialty; while Jones was gone Cage subdued the dogs without hurting them before looking for Grier.


Cage is attacked by Len Sirkes and his men

Cage later found Jones with Grier, fighting Len Sirkes and his men. Cage joined the fight and easily knocked back Sirkes' men while informing Jones that he had not harmed Myers and Krueger. As Jones protected Grier, Cage fought Sirkes one on one before being put in a headlock and hit repeatedly in the chest by Sirkes' men, Cage then watched in disappointment as Jones escaped from the warehouse with Grier, leaving him to fight alone. However it did not take long for Cage to overpower them all.


Cage learns details about his wife's death

Having caught up with Jones at Serena Grier's Apartment where she was handing over Antoine, Cage confronted Jones about leaving him. Grier handed over a file with the information Cage wanted, but Jones tried to convince him that it may not be worth finding out as it would only hurt him and those around him. Cage ignored her pleas and opened the file, learning that the bus driver, Charles Wallace, was drunk when he caused the crash that killed his wife and was still working. Furious, Cage stormed out to hunt down Wallace.[3]



Cage furiously confronts Charles Wallace

"You made me think I could get past it, did Kilgrave force you to do that? You let me be inside you. You touched me with the same hands that killed my wife, while you knew."
"I'm so sorry"
―Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Cage tracked down the bus Charles Wallace drove and boarded it, sitting at the back and riding all the way to the end of the line and waiting for everyone else to depart. Cage then asked Wallace if him before revealing that he was Reva Connors' husband, Wallace tried to express his grief and explained he had been sober since the accident. However in a fit of rage, Cage threw him through the bus' windshield.

S01e06 695

Cage learns that Jessica Jones killed his wife

As Cage prepared to kill Wallace, Jessica Jones arrived and begged him not to; however, Cage proved unstoppable. Jones then revealed that Wallace did not kill Connors, but she did while under Kilgrave's control. Cage pinned Jones against the bus and told her to shut up, but she revealed she had hit her so hard her heart stopped. Furious and enraged, Cage hit the bus, denting it before questioning why she had slept with him and if she would have ever told him the truth. When Jones did not answer Cage told her she was a piece of shit and walked away towards New York City to be away from her.[3]

Controlled by Kilgrave


Cage fails to attack and murder Kilgrave

"Tell me the truth, did you bugger my chances with her?"
"No, you screwed that up yourself."
"I'll have to think of a fitting response to that."
Kilgrave and Luke Cage[src]

Still furious about having been lied to, Cage followed Jessica Jones to a restaurant. However to his shock, instead of seeing Jones leaving, he spotted Kilgrave running out with Albert Thompson. Enraged at seeing the man who had ordered his wife's murder, Cage charged at Kilgrave intending to beat him to death. Kilgrave however spotted him just in time to order him to stop before asking who he was; Cage revealed his name and that he had come to kill him, confusing Kilgrave.

Cage and Kilgrave

Cage falls under Kilgrave's control

Kilgrave ordered Cage into his car where he tried to convince Cage that he was not the one to blame for Connors' death, arguing that he could not allow her to go free after learning his origins and getting the video footage from her. When Kilgrave asked how Cage knew Jones, he admitted they had been lovers; Kilgrave rudely compared it to a pity shag, but Cage made it clear they had had something special. Kilgrave demanded to know if Cage was responsible for ruining his chances of having a relationship with Jones, but Cage insisted that it was Kilgrave's fault alone that Jones now despised him.[6]

Jessica Jones screenshot 4

Cage is forced to destroy Luke's

In an attempt to horrify Jones, Kilgrave ordered Cage to return to Luke's and blow it up as soon as Jones arrived. Cage did as instructed; despite desiring to stop, he was unable to break free of Kilgrave's power. As soon as Jones came into view, Cage set the gasoline alight and his bar exploded. However due to his unbreakable skin, he was able to walk out safely, despite much of his body being aflame. Jones ran to his aid and managed to put the flames out.[7] When the police arrived, the pair hid and Jones asked exactly what Kilgrave had told him to do. Cage informed her what had happened and confirmed he had not been ordered to die.[6]

Tricking Jessica Jones


Cage returns to the Alias Investigations Office

"I've got no right to offer this but..."
"Don't apologize, I don't want that from you."
"How about, I forgive you, for everything, and I'll say it everyday for as long as you need to hear it."
―Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

The couple went back to the Alias Investigations Office where Cage questioned why there were bullet holes and destroyed walls as if a fight had taken place. Cage admitted he had been a fool for trying to attack Kilgrave alone but Jones insisted he was not. Jones told Cage that when she had been forced to kill Reva Connors, it had broken his control over her. Cage told Jones he wanted to help kill him, but Jones insisted he wait at least twelve hours until Kilgrave's power wore off before they did anything further to find him.


Cage insists on helping Jessica Jones' search

The next morning Jones told Cage to stay at his apartment, but he insisted he was free of Kilgrave, despite knowing that Kilgrave was indeed still controlling him. Jones suggested that he leave now, open a new bar and forget about her however Cage told her that he wanted to see Kilgrave dead and vowed to stay by her side until it happened, believing him, Jones allowed him to come along. As they were leaving they were discussing how Kilgrave would be using Albert Thompson to increase his power when they came across Malcolm Ducasse who was moving out to get away from Jones.


Cage politely threatens Bunny Wiles

Cage and Jones traveled to the room she had first found Kilgrave's parents in the hopes to find a clue. They were confronted by Bunny Wiles who rudely told them they could not have Thompson's belongings as she had sold them when he failed to pay his rent. Wiles told them about some chemicals he had left, but when she tried to make Jones pay for them, Cage easily picked her up and moved her aside. They worked out that one of the chemicals came from a nearby ZALK lab and decided to investigate it.


Cage watches for news on Kilgrave's location

While Jones investigated the lab, Cage stayed back in case Kilgrave was inside. Jones informed Cage that Kilgrave had been in there and had forced the staff to work nonstop, causing many to urinate themselves and faint. Cage told Jones about how he had felt moments before destroying Luke's for Kilgrave, telling her that he was wrong to blame her for Reva Connors' murder. Following the orders Kilgrave had left him, Cage told Jones that he forgave her and would tell her everyday for as long as she needed to hear it.


Cage is told not to get too close to Kilgrave

Eventually a ZALK employee left with a bag of chemicals. Believing he would take them to Kilgrave, Cage and Jones followed him to Central Park. When they arrived however Jones told Cage not to follow in case he became controlled by Kilgrave. Cage soon learned that Kilgrave had taken the chemicals before Jones could catch him, forcing the man to commit suicide. Returning to the Alias Investigations Office, Cage comforted the disappointed Jones. They soon discovered Trish Walker outside her apartment, Cage left the two friends to talk, noting that his wife was a big fan of Walker's show.


Cage and Jones discuss finding Kilgrave

Cage called Roy Healy and informed him of Luke's destruction until Jones returned. Jones went to her asked and pulled out a yellow USB stick which she told him belonged to his wife, explaining that there was footage of experiments on children, including Kilgrave. Once he had had a shower, Cage told Jones about how he had tested his powers like Kilgrave might be, noting that Kilgrave would have played it off a magic act, this led them to discover a case of an entire room of parties being ordered to shut up by Kilgrave.[6]

Cage vs. Jones


Cage investigates Kilgrave's last known stop

"Did you think he was more powerful than me? With his unbreakable skin, is that why you desired him?"
"You really thought I could forgive you? You killed my wife."
Kilgrave and Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]

The pair traveled to the hall where Kilgrave had been to try to get some answers; once inside they spoke to the Venue Manager where they claimed to be investigating underage drinking to get to the CCTV footage. The Manager reluctantly tried to look up the footage but found it had been erased. Looking at the screens they discovered that Kilgrave had arrived and was calling Jessica Jones to the stage; Cage was ordered to leave with the Manager while Jones confronted him.


Cage obeys Kilgrave's commands

However, following the orders given to him by Kilgrave, Cage returned to the room once Jones had learned the truth and knocked her across the room with a single punch, while Kilgrave gloated about having increased his powers to last twenty four hours rather than the original twelve. Cage claimed that he could never forgive Jones for killing Reva Connors but Jones insisted that it was not him talking but Kilgrave. Kilgrave then claimed that Jones had failed his test and so he ordered Cage to kill her, which he attempted to obey without hesitation.


Cage is forced to attack Jessica Jones

Cage and Jones engaged in a furious fight; while Jones tried to hold back and reason with Cage, Kilgrave's power over Cage proved too strong for him to be stopped. Equally matched in strength, Cage threw Jones across the room and protected Kilgrave from her while the fight went through the building's many corridors and rooms. When Jones resorted to hiding, Cage soon found her and ripped her through a wall; although Jones' words began to break Kilgrave's connection, it proved too strong to stop Cage.


Cage orders Jessica Jones to shoot him

As Jones ran outside to escape, Cage followed and confronted by a police officer; Cage threw the man outside, knocking him and his partner out. Jones attempted to defend herself with the police car's door, but Cage continued to hit it repeatedly before throwing it aside. Jones then tried to hide in the door but Cage pulled her out. As Cage stood over her to deliver the finishing blow, Jones aimed a shotgun at his chin, begging him to stop. Cage told her to do what was needed and she reluctantly fired the gun, knocking Cage out.[6]

Saved by Claire Temple


Cage is taken to the Metro-General Hospital

"They can lock her up for that, I won't let that happen."
"Okay, okay enough, she saves you, you save her, then she has to save you again and neither one of you wants to be saved right?"
―Luke Cage and Claire Temple[src]

Jessica Jones rushed Cage straight to Metro-General Hospital, where he's diagnosed with brain trauma with possible edema. The doctors and nurses, including Claire Temple continuously tried to inject an IV into him, which failed due to his unbreakable skin, confirming that he had super-powers. Knowing that Cage's life was in danger, Jones managed to convince Temple to help her take Cage back to Alias Investigations Office. As Temple took Cage out, Jones dealt with an attack from Kilgrave.


Cage recovers with Claire Temple's help

Temple managed to get Cage back to Jessica Jones' Apartment Building without being seen and lay him on Jones' bed until Jones herself returned, having escaped the hospital. Although at first he appeared stable in his condition, without warning Cage began to have a seizure, but it was quickly established that an injection to stabilize him seemed to be impossible. As Jones walked in, Temple ordered her to use her strength to hold him still so she could drain the cerebral spinal fluid; with no other choice, Temple injected Cage through his eyeball, successfully stabilizing him.

S01e13 629

Cage awakes and recovers from his trauma

Having been asleep for the last few hours, eventually Cage awoke, sore and confused about his situation. Temple told him that Jessica Jones had killed Kilgrave and Jones was in the process of being arrested. Knowing that Jones should not go to prison for killing Kilgrave, Cage tried to get up so he could help her, but Temple told him otherwise as it would only result in his own arrest. Cage asked Temple for a glass of water to help him recover, but as soon as she left the room, Cage got out of bed and left the building.[8]

Return to Harlem

Working for Pop

Visitor at Pops

Cage sweeps hair at Pop's Barber Shop

Cage eventually settled in Harlem, where he found employment at Pop's Barber Shop and as a dishwasher and occasional bartender at the Harlem's Paradise night club. Five months later, Cage was still working both jobs, keeping low profile, trying to stay out of trouble. Later, he was confronted by Pop who tried to convince Luke that he should be using his powers to help others. However, Luke made it very clear that he just wanted to be left alone and sweep hair at the shop. While taking out trash in the back of the shop, Luke bumped into Chico Diaz, which caused a gun to drop from his coat. Concerned he asked Chico what it was for, but he responded that Luke wasn't his father and left with Shameek. Afterwards, Luke left Pop's for the night to work his second job at Harlem's Paradise.

Rent Problems

Luke and Ollie

Luke gets a paper from Ollie

Luke walked down the streets of Harlem, being offered raw footage from the Incident, when he approached a newsstand. Oliver gave Luke the usual paper and warned him that his landlady, Connie, was on the hunt for Luke. While walking close to Genghis Connie's, he was approached by Connie, who reminded him that his rent is ten days late. He paid her his total income, but Connie stated that it was not nearly enough. Luke promised to gather the rest, but Connie warned him to get it tonight.

Meeting Misty Knight

Luke works

Cage speaks to Nate at Harlem's Paradise

As Cage started cleaning dishes at Harlem's Paradise, he was approached by Nate who asked Cage if he could fill in for bartender. Cage asked he had any payment, but Nate said it wasn't in, yet. Nate gave Cage a bar tending suit that was smaller than him. Cage sighed and agreed to take the job, stating that bar tending clearly makes more money.


Cage meets Misty Knight while bartending.

As he continued to fill in as bartender, he approached Misty Knight, asking her about her empty glass, stating it was a cosmos. As Cage began to make Misty another glass, she noted that his suit was way too small for him. He retorted by stating her dress was, as well. Once Cage had refilled her glass, she started glancing at the balcony that contained Cornell Stokes and Mariah Dillard. Cage took note and asked her if she was looking for something. She denied it and claimed that she was just listening to Raphael Saadiq, reminiscing about his old album. Cage called her old fashioned, which Knight retorted back to him.

Luke and Misty

Cage continues to flirt with Misty Knight

She continued to look up at the balcony and Cage asked if she was one of Cottonmouth's models, to which she denied. When asked why he would think of her as one of them, he stated that she is beautiful, but a tad older than what Cottonmouth is used to. Before Knight denied the tip, Cage finished by stating that idiots like little girls and he only liked real women. Flattered, Knight asked for another cosmo, but before he could make it, he was approached by Candace Miller, who stated that Cottonmouth on the balcony wants several Ace of Spades. Before he could say anything else, Miller stated that she does not like to go up alone, to which he obliges. He finished making Knight's Cosmo and told her to wait for him.

Cage and Miller entered the balcony which sat Cornell Stokes, Mariah Dillard, Domingo Colon and Tone, and gave them bottles of Ace of Spades. Before Cage could leave, Cottonmouth stopped him and asked why he looked strange, Dillard answered because his suit is too small. He asked Cage what happened to Dante Chapman, the usual bartender, Cage replied that he must have called in sick. Cottonmouth, then, offered him a job that would give him better pay, asking if he had ever held a gun. Cage denied the offer and left the balcony with Miller.

Grabbing a Coffee

Misty Knight Luke Cage

Cage catches up with Knight on the streets

When Cage's shift at Harlem's Paradise was over, he managed to catch up with Misty Knight by the street. He told her where the bus station is, after taking note that she was about to call an Uber. He asked if she was waiting for Cottonmouth, because he already left in his limousine. She asked him if he had anywhere else to go, he replied home with reluctance. Before he could leave, she asked if he wanted to get some coffee. Cage replied that he doesn't like coffee, to which Knight stated that she did not, either.

Cautious Luke

Cage watches Knight leave his apartment

They both ended up at Cage's apartment where they made love. Later that night, after making love, Cage woke up from a nightmare featuring his past at Seagate Prison. He saw that Knight was taking a call; after she was done and started to put her clothes on, she stated that Cage talks in his sleep, stating that he uttered Shades and Comanche. She states that the phone call was her job, when asked what her job was, she stated that she was an auditor. He asked if auditors typically wear dresses on the job, because she could stand out anywhere. He asked if he could call her, but she states that he would need her number for that and that she would find him at Harlem's Paradise. As she left, Cage looked outside his window, to take a look at Knight one more time.

A Sad Discovery

Luke sweeps

Cage sweeps in front of Pop's Barber Shop

One day, Cage was sweeping the front entrance of Pop's Barber Shop, where he stumbled across a newspaper lying down on the streets, with the story of Dante Chapmen's death. Inside Pop's barber shop, Pop and Cage sat down and started reminiscing about Dante, Shameek and Chico. He talked about how he tried to get them on his side by having them either work or hang out of the shop, to keep them away from the gangs. Still in disbelief that Shameek and Chico would kill Dante, he asked Cage if he saw anything. Cage denied what he saw, refusing to tell Pop about Chico and the gun.

Witnessing Shameek

While walking down Genghis Connie's for his second job at Harlem's Paradise, Cage was approached by Zip and his crew. Zip gave Cage one of Mariah Dillard's pamphlets, urging to keep Harlem black. As they left, Cage looked on in suspicion.

As he was cleaning dishes, he stopped Nate and asked where his money was at, to which he responded that he will pay him whenever he feels like it. Then, he noticed Shameek entering the kitchen, being escorted by Tone. He overheard the conversation that Cottonmouth wanted to meet with Shameek, personally. Before leaving the kitchen, Shameek gave one glance at Cage and left. Before Cage started to do something about it, Shades walked into the kitchen, whom Cage immediately recognized, stopping him in his tracks and leave.

Becoming a Defender

Cage began pacing in his apartment, considering to leave Harlem and get away from Shades. However, Cage looks at Reva's book, Invisible Man, and reminisced meeting her at Seagate Prison and teaching her the importance of not living a lonely life. He went into his bathroom and pulled out a picture of Reva, finally making a decision, stating that he was ready.

Cage Approaches

Cage approaches Zip and his crew at Genghis Connie's

Later that night, he entered Genghis Connie's, where he noticed Zip and his crew taunting Connie Lin and her husband, Jin, for more donation money. He went up to the entire crew, stating that they were being disrespectful. Sugar, one of Zip's crew members, assumed Cage wanted to fight, but Cage stated that he can't because most of them would die.

Luke Battles

Cage battles Amos

Zip showed no sign of intimidation, asking Amos to take care of Cage. Amos punches Cage in the face, but his unbreakable skin causes him to break his hand. Amos recoils in pain, to which Cage threw him out of a window. Zip tried to use a baseball bat on him, but that didn't affect Cage, either, as he threw him against the wall. Koko tried shooting Cage, but he grabbed the gun while the gun shot in the palm of his hand. He, then, slammed him down on the ground. Luke showed Sugar the bullet that shot his hand, asking him if he would like to fight, causing him to flee in fear.

Luke saves victims

Cage leaves after saving Jin and Connie

After the brawl, he went up to Jin and Connie, apologizing for the broken window. Connie gives Cage some money, which he denies stating that he owes her money. Jin states that he made things worst and that Zip and his crew will be back. As Cage left, Connie states that she wants to hire him. Luke states that he is not for hire, but he will defend her. [9]


"You should be more ambitious."
"What if my ambition is to sweep hair... wash dishes... and be left the hell alone?"
Pop and Luke Cage[src]

Keeping a low profile, avoiding altercations that might attract suspicious or police activity and generally remaining as normal a person he can be, Luke Cage tends to be aloof, mysterious and sometimes cold due to having to remain as distant as possible less his tragic and violent past catches up with him in the present. Whilst attempting to lead a normal life, in some situations like running his own bar in Hell's Kitchen or in Harlem, Cage is capable of being sociable and genial but ultimately makes few friends on a whole. Viewing his abilities as a curse, Cage dreads to use his super-strength and durability, that is unless the situation is absolutely necessary, as he only "protects [himself] and what's [his]". This mentality is evident when he fights off several opponents in his bar, unknowingly revealing his abilities to a group of patrons and when he agreed to find Antoine Grier for his sister. Jaded as he is, Cage is a good man at heart and a loyal friend to the few he has.

Cage also loved his wife, Reva Connors dearly as she was the only thing during his time at Seagate that gave him hope and kept him sane. When she was killed, he was said to have become obsessed over discovering how it happened and when confronting the man (who supposedly) killed Reva, Cage, blinded by love for his wife and rage, reveals his super abilities with the full intention of murdering him, although he did have enough restraint to calm himself down from attacking Jessica Jones when it was revealed she was the one that killed Reva but scolded her quite harshly over this confession. Upon discovering that Reva was aware of the experimentation at Seagate and also recommended him to the experiment that gave him super strength, Cage is deeply disturbed, claiming the memory of Reva was now ruined but he still loved the idea of her. He was very protective of his Hell's Kitchen bar, Luke's due to it being the only memory of Reva he had left, keeping it clean and protecting it from damage. When Kilgrave had him destroy his bar and know with no real connection left to Hell's Kitchen, Cage left to live a knew life in Harlem. He has engaged in relationships with other women after Reva such as Gina, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight and Claire Temple but he still loves his wife even after her death.

In battling criminals, Cage is confident and humorous due to knowing that he cannot be injured or killed in combat or by guns. Whilst usually quiet, such as during his attack on Crispus Attucks, he is not above a sarcastic or witty comment. When Zip and several other criminals were holding up the Lin's Chinese restaurant, Cage reprimands Zip for his harsh tone of voice and disrespect towards Connie before fighting them. Similarly when confronting Domingo Colon at his boxing ring and Colon's goons drew their guns on him, Cage only reacts by saying that "[they] hadn't heard of [him]" and stating dryly that "[he] was tired of buying new clothes" after being shot by them.

Due to gaining his powers by accident and doing his best not to use them, therefore not training himself how to use them, Cage does not entirely know the limits of his own abilities which has led him to break bones, throwing enemies in the air and through walls and land almost-fatal punches. Fortunately he has not killed anyone but this is by Cage's own restraint as murder will get him back into the police system, eventually creating a line that Luke Cage is Carl Lucas and will be imprisoned yet again. The one time he was prepared to kill, however, was Charles Wallace whom he thought had killed Reva. His powers and restraint of them appear to be connected to his own emotional state as he lost control of his strength when he discovered that Reva was involved in his experiment and destroyed Noah Burstein's entire barn in distress upon discovery of this revelation. Although not as strong as his half-brother's faith in God, Cage has a religious side to his personality due to his upbringing by a reverend father. Although not outspokenly displayed, his alias of Luke Cage was derived from a bible quote his father taught him.

Unlike the rest of New York's vigilantes, such as Daredevil and Spider-Man, he does not have a secret identity or costume and his hero work is seen in the light of day amongst Harlem's citizens. When deciding to keep helping people more, he considers a costume but Claire Temple encourages him to remain in the light as too much vigilantism already happens in the shadows. Seeing a normal man stand up would give hope to its citizens rather than just a symbol of fear for its enemies. With inspiration from his friends, Cage gives up his secretive lifestyle to finally do some good, becoming a "man of the people" figure who isn't afraid to be seen in the light of day, openly fighting criminals such as the like of Cottonmouth and Diamondback.

Powers and Abilities


"You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable."
―Luke Cage[src]
  • Superhuman Strength: During a fight in his bar where different opponents attacked him, Cage effortlessly tossed them aside and overpowers them. He is able to punch and dent the auto body of motor vehicles with his fists. He was able to match Jessica Jones in strength, and push her back when she attempts to subdue him. Cage can tear through steel like tissue paper, punch through solid brick walls, crumple guns in his hands with ease, kick down almost any door and lift massive concrete blocks.
JJS01E13 Luke Cage Hospital

Cage under a drill

  • Superhuman Durability: Cage has extremely durable skin. The durability of his cells can be likened to those found on abalone shells, due to their structure and super elasticity. Cage demonstrates this durability to Jessica Jones by using a circular saw against his own stomach, and he survived both being stabbed in the neck and being shot with a shotgun. A doctor's drill began to smoke when drilling against his skin. Cage's skin is also fire resistant, as demonstrated by him being able to withstand a point-blank explosion and not feel a thing when he emerged, while on fire. Luke has been shown to be shot point-blank with multiple high-caliber machine guns, with the bullets simply ricocheting off of his skin. He even had an entire building fall on top of him, fell from a height of over 30 feet and had a car crash right into him, all of which left him unscathed. The only known thing that able to pierce Cage's skin is the Judas Bullet, and though the bullet would have exploded a normal human, Cage manged to barely survive two of them.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Cage was able to swim from Seagate Prison to shore, without stopping, a task deemed impossible for any man. Cage was able to attack multiple safe houses and in engage in multiple fights, in a few hours, without showing any signs of tiredness. However, strenuous activity and extended use of his powers does seem to cause Luke hunger, as he is seen eating large amounts of food afterward.
"I should be healed up in a couple of hours, right?"
"Sooner than that, Power Man."
Luke Cage to Reva Connors[src]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: The original procedure Cage went under was partially designed to accelerate tissue regrowth in its subjects, as a result Cage's body heal at an accelerated rate. During the experiment, all the injuries he had received in prison, were healed within moments. Cage also healed from two gunshot wounds without retaining scars.


"This nigga's half Houdini, half Ali."
Cornell Stokes[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Due to his time in the marines, police training, and experience in the fighting ring at Seagate Prison, Cage is a highly skilled combatant. He has training in hand to hand combat, bare knuckle boxing, boxing and street fighting. Cage resorts to using his strength while fighting, but he is nevertheless a skilled combatant, using brawling and street fighting techniques, especially when he does not want to injure his opponents.
  • Expert Investigator: Due to his time as a police officer, Cage has expert detective skills. He was able to track down Chico in 4 hours, a task neither the police or Cottonmouth could accomplish. While trying to undermine Cottonmouth's operations, he began taking jobs from the people who Cornell had brought trouble for. Many of these jobs included having to track down missing items.






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  • In the comics, Luke Cage had Claire Temple as a girlfriend, but eventually married Jessica Jones; he founded "Heroes for Hire", a superhero protection agency, with his best friend Iron Fist. He also went under the nickname of "Power Man" for many years before he abandoned the name for a new start.

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