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Full Credits for Luke Cage.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars

Minor Cast

Guest Cast

Episode 1.01: Moment of Truth

Episode 1.02: Code of the Streets

Episode 1.03: Who's Gonna Take the Weight?

Episode 1.04: Step in the Arena

Episode 1.05: Just to Get a Rep

Episode 1.06: Suckas Need Bodyguards

Episode 1.07: Manifest

Episode 1.08: Blowin' Up the Spot

Episode 1.09: DWYCK

Episode 1.10: Take It Personal

Episode 1.11: Now You're Mine

Episode 1.12: Soliloquy of Chaos

Episode 1.13: You Know My Steez

Other Cast

Special Guest Musical Artists


Created By



Executive Producers

Co-Executive Producers

Associate Producer



Director of Photography

Production Designer

Art Direction

Set Decoration




Costume Design


James Lew
Roberto Lopez
Guy Fernandez
Zack Roberts
John McEnerney
Jeremy Sample
Califf Guzman
Brandon McClary
Jénel Stevens
Tim Buchanan
Manny Ayala
David Chen
Jared Blake DiCroce
Haaron Hines
Malcolm C. Murray
R. Marcos Taylor
Mohammed J. Ali
Roy T. Anderson
Andre Da Silva
Aja Frary
Jay Hieron
Niahlah Hope
Lauren Mary Kim
Anthony Mecca
Mark Pettograsso
Panama Redd
Adam Shippey
Derrick Simmons
Anthony Vincent
Johnny Alexander
Demetrius Angelo
Sean Archer
Emmanuel Brown
Dan Dargan Carter
Anita Clay
Christopher Jon Gombos
Allen Holloway
Decater James
Teniece Divya Johnson
Aaron Joshua
Cheryl Lewis
Corey Michael Lincoln
Nnamdi Nwosa
Victor Plajas
Mounir Quazzani
Matthew R. Staley
Valisa Tate
Evan Dane Taylor
Duwaun White
Ramon Aleman
Nitasha Bhambree
Steven Cachie Brown
Mike Burke
Justin Clarke
Gerard Cordero
Michael Armand DeMatteo
Dawn Douglas
Shane Geraghty
Deshane Granger
Roberto Gutierrez
Wendy Gutierrez
Gene Harrison
Greg Harvey
Robert Lee Harvey
Warren E. Hull
Alex Huynh
Todd Ryan Jones
Chad Knorr
Vera Lam
Jonathan Lee
Curtis Lyons
Khalil Maasi
Mitchell L. Mack
Hans Marrero
Adrian Matilla
Femi Olagoke
Christopher Parker
Gary Peebles
Marlon Perrier
Stephon Reynolds
Elliot Santiago
Derric J. Stotts
Kimmy Suzuki
Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie
Michael Viola
Earl Weathers
Jonah Young
Trevor E. Dickerson (uncredited)