"Relax. This is not on you. It's on our little spider friend. I've got some boys on the outside who would love to meet him."
―Mac Gargan to Adrian Toomes[src]

MacDonald Gargan is a professional criminal and one of Adrian Toomes' potential buyers. In the wake of an encounter with Spider-Man, Gargan vowed revenge against the wall crawler, seeking out new allies to help him kill Spider-Man.


Buying Weapons

Deal with Aaron Davis

"Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with, he's supposed to be doing a deal with him."
Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

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Skirmish on the Staten Island Ferry

"That's Mac Gargan."
Karen to Spider-Man[src]
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Gargan is apprehended by Spider-Man

Mac Gargan met Herman Schultz on the Staten Island Ferry to purchase alien technology. He was unknowingly scanned by the Spider-Drone which relayed information to Spider-Man about Gargan's history. When Spider-Man attacked, Gargan put up a fight, but was knocked off the edge of the ferry by Spider-Man. Despite holding on for dear life, Gargan was later knocked off the ferry by a car that lurched forwards into him, plunging into the water. He was recovered from the water, heavily injured, and arrested by the FBI who had set up a sting operation to catch the black market dealings occurring around the city.[1]

Revenge on Spider-Man

"I've heard a rumor... you know who he is."
"If I knew who he was, he'd already be dead."
―Mac Gargan and Adrian Toomes[src]

After being apprehended by Spider-Man, Gargan was taken to prison. Gargan approached Adrian Toomes who was recently imprisoned reassuring Tomes that the result of their fight with Spider-Man wasn't his fault. Gargan then informed Toomes that his has some friends on the outside who have come across Spider-Man and want revenge on him and that he heard Toomes knew the identity of Spider-Man. Toomes lied to Gargan saying he didn't know his identity, stating that Spider-Man would be dead if he did.[2]


"Take a picture. Slice his throat. Put his head in the dryer."
―Mac Gargan[src]

Gargan is a sadistic and dangerous criminal, being convicted with of multiple homicides. He is shown to hold a grudge, instantly plotting to kill Spider-Man for his involvement in his imprisonment.

Powers and Abilities

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  • In the comics, Mac Gargan was a private investigator hired by J.J. Jameson to learn how Peter Parker managed to get such sensational photos of Spider-Man. He later agreed to become the subject in an experiment which granted him superhuman powers similar to Spider-Man, although it also drove him insane, and brought to became the criminal known as Scorpion.
  • Gargan has a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck, referencing his comic book counterpart.
  • In the mid credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Gargan told Vulture that he knew people on the outside that would love to get their revenge against Spider-Man, this could be a possible reference towards the Sinister Six, a group of villains that team up to take down Spider-Man, which Vulture and Scorpion are both apart of.


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