"Alias Investigations. How can we help?"
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Malcolm Joseph Ducasse is a neighbor of Jessica Jones, who suffered from drug-addiction ever since falling under the power of Kilgrave. Once he had broken his connection with Kilgrave with the help of Jones, he set about righting his wrongs by helping others affected by Kilgrave's powers, including Jones.


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"They're idiots and I'm just the only asshole in the world that didn't know it?"
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Malcolm Ducasse grew up in a household that was conscientious toward helping others. His mother said prayers in church for the sick and dying; his father worked on community projects for the poor. These experiences helped to shape an individual who desired to help others and abhorred selfishness.[1]

Saved and Thralled

Ducasse was once a social worker. While out and about one evening, Ducasse was cornered by two thieves demanding his wallet. They beat him up and decided to kill Ducasse before Jessica Jones arrived to stop them. Before she could help him any further, Kilgrave arrived and took off with her.

Once Jones was released from Kilgrave's control, Kilgrave found Ducasse and put him under his control. Ducasse became a junkie and Kilgrave became his primary source of drugs, which the latter supplied in exchange for pictures of Jones. Ducasse spied on her and even moved into her apartment building. Ducasse and Kilgrave met everyday around 10 in the morning at varying locations for the exchange.[2]

Creamy Peanut Butter


Ducasse in Jessica Jones' apartment

"God damn it, Malcolm. You scared the shit out of me."
"What are you doing in my apartment?"
"This is my apartment."
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

One morning, Ducasse mistakenly entered Jessica Jones' apartment instead of his own, went into her refrigerator, and, with a knife, began eating her peanut butter, noting that it was creamy, not crunchy, as he usually had. Jones approached him, causing Ducasse to jump back in shock and ask why she was in his apartment; Jones corrected him. Jones then escorted him from her apartment as a couple knocked on the door, wondering if they had found Jones in order to hire her as a P.I..

A few days later, Ducasse entered the elevator that contained Jones and noticed that she looked disheveled; Jones told him that she was in need of money, so Ducasse offered her a television that he had stolen earlier. Jones refused the offer and rode silently beside Ducasse.[3]


Ducasse heard the arguments of Robyn and Ruben on the floor above his apartment; Ducasse was so high though that he could not distinguish those sounds from his own mental chaos. As he stepped into the hallway, he saw Jessica Jones passing and asked her which was true; she told him both.[4]


"You're a good person, Jessica Jones."
"You're high."
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Ducasse was high one day when he attempted to cross a street; a bicyclist nearly collided with him and fell from his bicycle. Though Ducasse apologized profusely, the bicyclist cornered and lectured him about their differences. Jessica Jones saw the confrontation and grabbed the bicyclist, forcing him to leave Ducasse alone and continue his journey.

Later, Ducasse was hungry and went to the apartment of Robyn and Ruben while she slept to obtain peanut butter. His presence scared Robyn, but Ruben escorted him from the apartment downstairs. As they entered the fifth floor of the apartment building, Ducasse was given instructions on how to walk by Ruben who was holding him upright. Jones came over to assist and placed Ducasse inside his apartment.

Soon after, Jones took Ducasse to a hospital; he did not understand why he was there because he felt that he only needed sleep and he disliked hospitals. Suddenly, Jones pushed him down and he collided with a nurse pushing a medicine cart. Ducasse and the nurse were surrounded by others who attempted to help them. As Ducasse sat with someone assisting him, Jones looked towards him as she left the hospital.[5]

The next day, Ducasse was attempting to enter his apartment, but could not find the right key; he worked on locating the right key on his keychain for almost five minutes. Meanwhile, a woman stood outside the Alias Investigations Office. Jones walked and spoke briefly to the woman before letting her inside. Jones then approached Ducasse and used a key she had to let him inside his place. When Jones asked about his welfare, he wondered why she was asking; she said that she did not want to be his excuse to get high. Ducasse told her that he did not need a reason.[6]



Ducasse was at the entrance of Jessica Jones' Apartment Building when Jessica Jones and Will Simpson entered. Simpson noticed that Ducasse seemed to be observing them and demanded to know what Ducasse was doing. Jones separated the two and told Ducasse to get some sleep; Ducasse noted that Simpson did not like him.

Inside his apartment, Ducasse left pictures of Jones on his printer.[6]


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Saving Himself

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Ducasse returned to his apartment and called Tweaky to bring him a supply of drugs, since he did not get the drugs that Kilgrave usually provided; Tweaky arrived, but became upset upon learning that Ducasse did not have any money. He tried to bargain with the drug dealer, telling her that she could have his television and computer printer in exchange for the supply; Tweaky laughed, citing that she did not need a printer and her television was better. Ducasse became anxious and thrashed his arms; the sudden move caused Tweaky to draw her gun and threaten to castrate Ducasse if he continued to act up. Suddenly, Jessica Jones entered the apartment and disarmed Tweaky. As Jones escorted Tweaky out, the drug dealer taunted Ducasse by saying that if Jones had money, she could buy the drugs for him.


As Ducasse attempted to go after her, Jones proceeded to throw him against his bed; Ducasse told her that she could not save him again this time. Jones proceeded to handcuff Ducasse to the toilet in her bathroom to keep him from attempting to get high. Without the drugs, Ducasse's body began to suffer. Ducasse attempted to convince Jones that he was no longer a good person, pointing out that most of the time he took pictures of her for Kilgrave just so he would supply him with the drugs. Jones then proceeded to explain to Ducasse that during the months that she was enthralled by Kilgrave, that there was some part of her willpower that fought to escape from him and that she was still fighting. She further revealed that if Ducasse gave up on himself, then she will lose as Kilgrave only ruined him so that she would have another death on her hands. Jones presented him a choice: fight the addiction and become an altruistic and kind human being again or take the drugs that she had paid for him. After some initial thought, Ducasse took Jones words to heart and fought his addiction the entire night and threw the drugs away, effectively setting him on the path of getting himself clean through willpower.[2]

John Raymond

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Under Police Protection

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Alias Investigations

Ducasse, once more, stand inside Alias Investigations Office. Standing in a chair, he told Jones that he figured he would try to fix the gunshot patches in the wall, brushing plaster across the holes.[7]


"Malcolm's got a knack for spying. Could be his alt career if Kilgrave doesn't OD him first."
Jessica Jones[src]
  • Expert Spy: Under the thrall of Kilgrave and in his quest to buy drugs, Ducasse had proved to be a good spy, being able to take pictures of Jessica Jones, a master detective and highly observant person, without her noticing. Even when using police surveillance videos, Jones was not able to detect him until she was given other clues. He used the fact that most people ignored or excused him to his advantage. She told Trish Walker that Ducasse could make that a career under different circumstances.
  • Multilingual: Ducasse speaks to the corpse of Ruben in Haitian Creole before disposing of it.



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