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The Malick Mansion is a mansion owned by the Malick family.


Paradise Lost

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The Loss of a Father

In 1970, the visitors of the funeral service for Gideon Malick's father gathered at his mansion. When the last visitors left, Nathaniel Malick was told that he and his brother had to come with them to visit Daniel Whitehall at prison. At first Gideon was unwilling to come, since their father never believed in Whitehall, but the brothers eventually obeyed.[1]

Coming of Age

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Hive's Visit


Hive promises to reveal his true form

"This body is only a vessel, one of many who gave their life so that I could survive. As promised, all of the travelers, the brave men who sacrificed for me, have finally returned thanks to the Malick family. You'll all get what you deserve, and for those of you still having doubts, see and believe."

Arriving at the mansion after Battle at the Transia Corporation Building and considering the vision that Charles Hinton had shown him of his own horrifically painful death, Gideon Malick was greeted by his daughter and then by Hive who had arrived earlier. Hive stated that he had come to the mansion so he could reveal his true self to both the Malick family and the other members of HYDRA's inner circle.[1]

Real Form

When the heads of HYDRA arrived at the estate, Hive greet them and explain that he had finally returned from Maveth thanks to their assistance.Kirk Vogel however expressed his disbelief that Hive was not truly who he said he was and was in fact Grant Ward. Hive proceeded to explain that he was Ward, and all the other sacrifices that had been sent to him over the thousands of years alone on that distant planet.

Seeing that Vogel and several other HYDRA leaders were still skeptical about his identity, Hive told them to watch and believe before allowing Ward's skin to fade away into dust. Malick and the other gathered looked on horrified when they saw that Hive's true form consisted of with tentacles coming from his flesh.[1]

True Sacrifice

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Behind the Scenes

  • The mansion's exterior is the same that was used in the 1960s live action Batman television show.