"You know the rule, baby. Family first."
―Mama Mabel to Cornell Stokes[src]

Mabel Stokes, often known by her nickname Mama Mabel, was a crime-lord and a powerful figure in Harlem. As the head of the Stokes family, Mabel taught Cornell Stokes how to become a cold hearted killer while attempting to keep Mariah Dillard out of the crime business. Once Mabel died, Cornell took up her mantel, taking over Harlem's Paradise while Dillard did all she could not to follow in her footsteps and become a politician instead.


Running Harlem

Raising the Stokes Family

Mama Mabel along with her husband Buggy Stokes and brother-in-law Peter "Pistol Pete" Stokes built a criminal empire in Harlem through gun running, prostitution, and other activities — but refused to get involved with drugs. Eventually, Buggy died, leaving Mabel in control of the Stokes family business, with Pete as her right hand.

Mabel chose her grandson Cornell Stokes to be her successor; although Cornell wanted to pursue a career in music, Mabel groomed him to rule the streets instead.[1]

Donnie's Mistake

One night she forced Cornell to kill a young thug in the basement for dealing with drugs outside of her mob. He returned upstairs from the basement with blood on his hands where he returned to his piano. Mama Mabel comforted him with a hug as she put her hands on top of him.[1]

Executing Pistol Pete

Next, Mama Mabel confronted Pete for making a deal with the Puerto Rican mob. She forced Cornell to lead him outside at gun point. Mariah came out and started shouting at Uncle Pete, until Cornell shot him twice, killing him.[1]


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  • Mama Mabel's outfit and appearance are similar to the comic-book version of Black Mariah.


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