"Where ignorance is bliss..."
"...'tis fooly to be wise."
Howard Stark and Maria Stark quoting Thomas Gray[src]

Maria Collins Carbonell Stark was Tony Stark's mother and Howard Stark's wife. She was assasinated along with her husband by the Winter Soldier under HYDRA orders, making it appear as an accidental car crash.


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Maria married Howard Stark, who became a devoted husband despite being a womanizer during his youth.

Lunch with Anton Vanko

In the 1960s, she and Howard had lunch with Anton Vanko after his defection from the Soviet Union.[2]

Birth of Tony Stark

Maria and Howard Stark had a son together, Anthony Stark, on May 29, 1970.[3] Howard and Tony had a rough and strained relationship throughout the years and were never able to make amends, however Maria and her son had a much closer and caring relationship, built on love.[4]


On December 16, 1991, she and her husband Howard Stark were both apparently killed in a car accident, that in truth was arranged by HYDRA.[5] Maria Stark was severely injured in the car crash but was not killed outright. After beating Howard to death, the assassin called the Winter Soldier strangled her to death.[4]







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