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Full Credits for Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop


Emily VanCamp


Stan Lee
Alan Fine
Nicole Perlman
Jimmy Kimmel
Gerry Conway
Seth Green
Brian Michael Bendis
Ming-Na Wen
Ralph Macchio
Tom Brevoort
Joe Quesada
Hayley Atwell
Louis D'Esposito
Kevin Feige
Kurt Busiek
Patton Oswalt
Todd McFarlane
Kevin Smith
Axel Alonso
Jeph Loeb
Peter Sanderson
Fabian Nicieza
Neal Kirby
Jim Steranko
Larry Hama
Denny O'Neil
Jim Shooter
Sana Amanat
Jim Starlin
Steve Englehart
Dan Buckley
Len Wein
David Maisel
Clark Gregg


Executive Producer

Zak Knutson

Executive Producer

John Cerilli
Matthew Perniciaro
Michael Sherman

Produced by

Harry Go

Associate Producer

Matthew Mandarino

Production Supervisor

Andre Canaparo

Narration by

Laura Shields

Music by

Lauren Pardini
Daniel Sternbaum

Cinematography by

Austin Nordell

Film Editing by

Scott Mosier

Visual Effects by

Joe Vaccarino

Editorial Department

Dustin Chow

Additional Editors

Kathryn Robson
Dustin Chow
Sean Jarrett
Wentao Wang

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects by

Stellar Hawk

Lead Animator & Designer

Christopher Dye


Mickey Dwyer
York Capistrano

Assistant Animators

Sergio Molina
Kenneth Lopez
Sara Galvis

Additional Graphic Design

April Scarduzio
Simon Stutts


Andrew Siegman

Assistant Editor

Amy Glickman Brown

Clearances Consultant

Cheryl Johnson

Sound Department

Doug Beatty
Zach Martin

Camera and Electrical Department

Colleen Marshall
Cameron Radice
Tyson Smith
Mic Waugh

Music Department

Dean Menta

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