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Full Credits for Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe


Executive Producer

Dave Bushore

Produced by

Brad Baruh


Alexia Necoechea
Corinna Vistan
Jason Hillhouse

Music by

Brian Tyler


Jeff McNeil


Meghan Leon
Jason Hillhouse

Edited by

Meghan Leon
Adam Gallagher
Michael Fallavollita

Audio Mixers

Mark Fleming, CAS
Kenneth Kobett, CAS

Titles and Design

Syndrome Studio

Visual Effects and Animation

Derek Doi
Cafe Noir
Eric Stoiqa
Patrick Conelly


Sean Ricigliano
Jeremy Emerman
Troye Jenkins

Post Production Supervisor

Roman Perez

Post Production Managers

Brittany Parbs
Steve Goldsby

Online Editors

Aeolan Kelly
Jason Moran

Assistant Editor

David Wiese

Production Manager

Allison Dana Meyers

Production Assistant

Jake Andrews

Bussiness & Legal Affairs

Ryan Potter

Clearances Consultant

Ashley Kravitz

Clearances Supervisor

Erika Denton

Thanks and Interviewees

Producers Wish to Acknowledge

Alan Fine
Louis D'Esposito
Kevin Feige
Joe Quesada
Dan Buckley
Megan Thomas Bradner
Jeph Loeb
Jim Chory
Samantha Thomas
Randy McGowan
Andrew Starbin
Andy Meyers
Marvel Digital Support

Thanks To

Robert Downey, Jr.
Clark Gregg
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jon Favreau
Samuel L. Jackson
Scarlett Johansson
Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Jeremy Renner
Chris Evans
Robert Redford
Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie
Hayley Atwell
Emily VanCamp
Dominic Cooper
Maximiliano Hernández
Joss Whedon
Joe Johnston
Shane Black
Alan Taylor
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely
James Gunn
Edgar Wright
Vin Diesel
Chris Pratt
Louis Leterrier
Kenneth Branagh
Mark Ruffalo
Drew Pearce
Jed Whedon
Maurissa Tancharoen
Jeffrey Bell
Ming-Na Wen
Eric Pearson
Geoff Boucher
George R.R. Martin
Tom Morello
Bobby Moynihan
Chris Hardwick
John Pisani
Tommy Harper

Uncredited Interviewees

Stephen Broussard
Axel Alonso
Craig Kyle
Victoria Alonso
Brad Winderbaum
Nate Moore

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