"For her, there was never going to be any tomorrow, see... The last time I'd see her, I'd be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place that her face used to be."
Frank Castle to Daredevil[src]

The Massacre at Central Park was a failed attempt by Cerberus Squad to kill Frank Castle and by Samantha Reyes to arrest the Blacksmith via a sting operation.


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In 2015, a mysterious individual known as the Blacksmith rose through the ranks as one of New York City's most powerful drug lords. Despite efforts to track him, the Blacksmith proved to be elusive.

Eventually, an undercover agent learned that the Blacksmith had arranged a meeting in Central Park between the Dogs of Hell, the Kitchen Irish, and the Mexican Cartel.

District Attorney Samantha Reyes set up a sting operation but did not clear the park of civilians due to fear of showing their hand.[4]


"We knew exactly where you'd be. Exactly where to go to get you. You bored your squad shitless talking about your homecoming tradition. Picnic in the park, Frank? You really were your mama's little apple pie, weren't you?"
Carson Wolf to Frank Castle[src]

When the Blacksmith failed to appear and gangs grew eventually learned the agent's true identity they started a firefight. Using this as cover Cerberus Squad opened fire on Frank Castle, who was spending time with his family after returning from Afghanistan. Castle was shot in the head but survived. His wife Maria, daughter Lisa and son Frank Jr. all lost their lives.[5]


"Anybody that had anything to do with what happened to Maria and the kids are dead. Mission accomplished. [...] But that was months ago. Now the only person you're punishing is yourself."
Curtis Hoyle[src]

Determined to protect her reputation, Samantha Reyes coerced physician Gregory Tepper into identifying the undercover agent as a John Doe and kept news of the massacre from leaking for a week. Reyes also placed a "do not resuscitate" order on Frank Castle in an attempt to ensure his death.

Although Castle flatlined, he came back to life and escaped the hospital, intent on punishing those responsible for his family's death.[5] Castle's mission was successful, leading him to learn that his former C.O. and mentor Ray Schoonover was a cause of his families death, eventually killing him.

Castle eventually joined forces with David "Micro" Lieberman, an NSA analyst who was deemed dead and framed a traitor after surviving a assassination attempt by William Rawlins. Castle learned that his past operation in Afghanistan was also a force behind the massacre.[6]


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