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The Matter Phase Shifter is an object of Chitauri origin that, after being modified and improved by Tinkerer, was used by Vulture to steal recovered artifacts from the Department of Damage Control without them being aware of the theft.


Adrian Toomes' Campaign

A Thriving Business

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At some point, Tinkerer repurposed Chitauri technology and built the Matter Phase Shifter. Once, he used it to open a fridge and acquired a beer without opening the door.

Attack on the Damage Control Truck

Vulture traveled to Maryland, tailing three Damage Control trucks driving behind one another on the lone road, and aimed for the last one in order to remain hidden. Using an anchor, he tethered himself to the roof of the last convoy, detached himself from his exo-suit and used four matter phase shifters to create an opening large enough for him to go through. Entering through the intangible opening, Vulture went through the truck's contents, stealing a few items that would make the heist worthwhile but would not be noticed as missing by Damage Control. However, Spider-Man had followed him to the truck, and as Vulture placed the bag of stolen equipment on the roof of the convoy in order to reattach himself to his harness, Spider-Man grabbed the bag away from him, notifying the scavenger that the items did not belong to him.

As Vulture got into his suit, Spider-Man attempted to stop him by firing a web at him, but ended up shooting three strands in separate directions. With his Web-Shooters not on his preferred setting, Spider-Man was knocked by Vulture back into the truck, although his landing caused the matter phase shifters, which were attached to the roof of the convoy, to detach, thereby trapping Spider-Man and the bag of stolen items in the truck. Unaware that the opening had closer, Spider-Man leaped up, hitting his head on the roof and knocking himself unconsciousness, giving himself a mild concussion, while Vulture was forced to fly away empty-handed.[1]

Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane

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