Maureen Denton is a religious woman who prayed to spend more time with her son Jack, who had been seriously physically harmed by Kilgrave. She did not realize this and saw most things in life as divine providence, for better or for worse.


Jessica Jones's Visit

Jessica Jones traveled to Denton Residence after learning that an ambulence driver had went AWOL. Before she entered the house, Maureen asked why Jones was at the residence. As Jones explained herself, Maureen expressed displeasure for what the attornies had done to her son Jack Denton, but eventually, allowed Jones inside to speak about him.

Inside, she continued to view her son's reappearnce to be a miracle; she informed Jones that after he went AWOL, Denton was found in an alleyway near death for sacrificing his kidneys. Jones requested for a glass of water, to which Maureen complied. When Denton began to have a tantrum, she asked Jones to leave and tried to calm her son.[1]