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"Jessica Jones?"
"He's at your favorite restaurant. He said to bring dad or lose all hope."
―McCaffrey and Jessica Jones[src]

Officer McCaffrey worked in the Northeastern Correctional Facility where she was brainwashed by Kilgrave to deliver a message to Jessica Jones.


Officer McCaffrey was a member of the New York City Department of Correction working in the Northeastern Correctional Facility when Kilgrave came to retrieve Hope Shlottman when she was released from prison. Kilgrave enthralled her to deliver a message to Jessica Jones upon her arrival.

When Jones, looking for Shlottman, arrived at the Facility, McCaffrey delivered the message, telling Jones that Kilgrave had taken the released girl to Niku, referring to the place as "her favorite restaurant". McCaffrey then walked away, completing the task.[1]


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