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"Look, I know that you think you're just doing your job, but I'm telling you, this case isn't normal. You are walking into some weird-ass shit..."
Jessica Jones to Misty Knight[src]

Mean Right Hook is the second episode of the first season of The Defenders.


As a new conspiracy takes shape, Matt finds old habits are hard to break, Jessica gets in over her head, Luke tracks a lead, and Danny meets his match.


Taking to the rooftops, Matt Murdock surveyed the immediate area. In one direction, he heard young looters raid a nearby business, its employees armed and ready with shotguns cocked. As fast as his feet could move, Murdock scaled across a couple buildings, leapt down from a fire escape and quickly subdued the gunmen, whom showed no interest in lowering their firearms. Afterwards, he walked away from the alleyway.

The following morning, Trish Walker walks to her car, leaving a message for her sister Jessica Jones asking on her condition. Reaching a small crowd and a line of police, she requested to get through but discovers her car is stuck in a cave-in. On Trish Talk, Walker engaged her listener via calls, in which they discussed the earthquake that was centered in Hell's Kitchen. She received a call from a geologist, whom informed her that the quake was no ordinary quake, only happening 300 feet deep beneath the surface. When the call is cut abruptly, Nicole informed Walker that their superiors did not want them to continue the conversation and to redirect.

Meeting her superior Captain Strieber at the scene, Misty Knight is brought up to speed on the situation; he disclosed that they had received a tip by Jones that John Raymond had kept a stockpile of explosives in his apartment. The two briefly commented on Jones' appearance before Knight approaches her, witnessing her make a few rude and nasty comments to an officer. Allowing her to leave the scene, Knight caught her steal a document and tries to catch her, only to be too late.

At Chikara Dojo, Colleen Wing commented that the building was intact, finding no structure damage. She rejoined with a meditating Danny Rand and spoke to him about Shaft; she informed him that despite not knowing Rand, he referred to him as "Iron Fist," cited that their fight was based in New York City, and remembered a specific sword used in their struggle.

In Harlem, Claire Temple provided immediate aid to those injured in the quake, while Luke Cage lifted debris from damaged buildings. The two regrouped, walked and spoke about Cage assisted in helping Cole Miller. Despite informing her that he was doing his best to step away from trouble, Temple informed him that his search for answers would be at Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice instead of Elmore's.

Murdock returned to his apartment, shakened by his encounter in the alley. Though he turned to a first-aid kit, he angrily shoved aside from the table. He, soon, directed his attention to the chest with his Daredevil's Suit before he received a call from Foggy Nelson to meet at Josie's Bar.


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  • Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson meet up at Josie's Bar after the earthquake the night before. They update each other on their lives and Foggy asks Matt about his adventure as Daredevil the night before and offers him cases so that he won't keep seeking out nightly danger.
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