Megan McLaren is a television reporter for WJBP-TV.


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New Harlem Renaissance

Megan McLaren was send to the park in front of the Crispus Attucks Complex in order to shoot footage and interview Councilwoman Mariah Dillard about her New Harlem Renaissance project and her plans for the complex. Following the interview McLaren was told that she would always be welcome in Harlem.[1]

Attack on Pop's Barber Shop

Megan McLaren was send to Pop's Barber Shop to report the shooting that happened the night before. McLaren stated that the neighbourhood is still stunned by the death of Pop. The barbershop used to be a gathering place for both the local youth as celeberties, but became something, according to McLaren, familiar in Harlem, a crime scene. McLaren explained what happened the evening before, noticing it came only a few days after the shooting between a black and latino gang at the yunkjard. She ended her report with stating that Pop would be missed in the neighbourhood.[2]

Search for Luke Cage

While visiting the news Megan McLaren talked about a shootout that happened in Harlem the day before. According to witnesses there were two men in the middle of it all. While no one was in custody yet the police were searching for Luke Cage, who was also being connected to the murder of Cornell Stokes. After giving the report she was thanked by the news anchor.[3]


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  • In the comics, Megan McLaren is a news reporter working for WJBP-TV that usually covered news regarding the Thunderbolts.


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